My upcoming game inspired by "shenmue" and "yakuza".


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Nov 11, 2019
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hi everyone, i hope you're all doing good. In this post i will be talking about a game i have been developing for over a year now. i dont speak english very well as you can see but i hope everyone will be able to understand me.(the game will be fully translated in English of course). the game is called "Hood story: Kaito Yamazaki" in this game you play as a young Japanese delinquent who grew up in an underprivilage area of Kamagasaki, nishinari-ku in osaka. He is the leader of a gang of delinquents in his neighborhood.

in the middle of a war between 2 rival neighborhoods of nishinari-ku, kaito wants to become a good person. but his destiny is up to the player the game will have several endings depending on the player's choice.

the game has some "shenmue" inspiration but it is mostly inspired by "yakuza" "river city ransom" and "the friends of ringo ishikawa" even if the game is somewhat different from these games.

I made a gameplay video to show some mechanics of the game, like the day night system, the open world , fighting against rivals or the arcade mini games (the game also have a weather system but infortunatly we don't see it in this video because the weathers didnt change) .

if you have any advice or suggestion I am interested and I thank you in advance.

i don't know If this kind of post is authorized here. if it's not the case then delete it and sorry.
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not a bad start for a project. You should make builds to get some free beta testing and polish it base on more direct feedback.
Thanks , Its a good idea , i'll probably wait until i have a little story set up in the game so beta testers will have something to play for because fighting against npc and playing mini games is not enough I suppose.
You're making excellent progress Kenzo! Keep it up!
haven't checked on this for awhile now any new progress recently made to share?
Yes, I have added a lot of things to the game since my last video, I will soon make a new video and I will post it here.
After definitely. It gives it a very unique look.

Looking really good brother
thank you very much bro, you're feedback help me a lot
lookin good. Is there any gameplay build to sample out yet?
Thank you so much , not yet but I will be doing a test build very soon, I just need to work a bit more on the optimization and the new graphics using these new post-processing effects.
Heat Actions yakuza style (sort of), there are 12 different animations at the moment, but unfortunately we can only see 5 different animations in this video.