PSA - PSN Sale on Shenmue 3 DLC.


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Jul 27, 2018
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Hey guys, Shenmue is on sale... not just the games, which I assume everyone here has, but the DLC, which I assume not everyone here has.

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Some pretty good deals. I'll be snagging the Complete DLC Collection as I've yet to try any of the DLC.
Shenmue HD also on sale there on PS4, as well.
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are the shenmue 3 dlc even really worth it?
I liked the Story quest and Battle Rally/Bailu chan are really good.

Boat i'm neutral on, it is nice for extra gambling and gachas.
Shenmue HD also on sale there on PS4, as well.
i bought shenmue HD and S3 on psn today. planning to give all 3 games another go in english. ( i never played s2 or s3 in english)

the sale price seems really good but i don't think i will buy the dlc.

just a heads up, psn sale ends on the 22nd dec.