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Jul 24, 2018
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Close 9th September
A few off the top of my head!

1) When will there be a Shenmue meet up? ;) (I know a few of us are meeting at the Sonic Symphony so that'll be cool!)
2) I would also ask for an update on Shenmue World #3, but know that real life is getting in the way of that (and totally respect that!)
3) Aside from the Shenmue Tweet day on the 4th, what more do you think we can do to help promote the need for a new Shenmue?
4) Finally, if i'm allowed to be cheeky and ask a detailed question, i'd love to know your thought process for the Shenmue Show; how to decide on what topics to talk about and whether there's anything you'd love to cover that you have yet to do.

Many thanks!
-Do you think it is possible to make collaboration with other youtuber, like Happy console gamer or dreamcast guy to bring more light on Shenmue?
-It would be cool to talk about other game more or less like shenmue (friends of ringo ishikawa, sword and fairy 7, Kingdome come delivrence for exemple ..)
I want to ask the show hosts what they think about the Shenmue DLC in other SEGA games.

There have been several such DLCs so far. The most popular are for Sonic and sega all stars Racing. The game Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit' has DLC that contains stuff from sega and shenmue. SEGA Heroes mobile game has some shenmue characters. Project X Zone has ryo hazuki. If my mind doesn't do tricks on me, I've seen that Eastside Hockey Manager has some hidden sega and shenmue characters too. In Yakuza Dead souls you even move crates with a forklift in a side mission.

My question is, what is the chance of seeing any new SEGA games with Shenmue hidden characters/items/costumes or dlc in the near future? What do you think is the reason SEGA doesn't make these for Phantasy Star Online 2, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, yakuza, etc.?

If you could choose... In which game (regardless of Publisher) would you like to see Shenmue fan service in the form of outfits, characters, collaborations, and even minigames (forklifts, lucky hit, etc.)?