Questions for a Potential Yu Suzuki Written Interview

The claims on this board that he designed the greatest game of all time are false. It was Curt Johnson and Robert Donner. I don't see why people persist with the lie, he's never even appeared in the credits, nor is it listed on his Wikipedia page.
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my questions for Yu:

1-In your opinion, Shenmue 2 used 100% of Dreamcast resources?

2-If possible (Sega license etc.), would you like to have the Virtua Fighter engine back for Shenmue 4 and 5?

3-if not, can we expect some improvements to the current fighting engine, like the addition of the "high ground" system and (of course) throws?
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In the Sega Saturn build did it have the virtua fighter engine in battles if there were a battle engine built at that point?
1. Can he explain the progress of Virtua Fighter 3 on the Saturn as it would have been in development around the same time Shenmue was on the Saturn.

2. Was there ever any planned Shenmue content to be included in Fighter's Megamix?

3. Which new songs in Shenmue III were holdover's from the Dreamcast Era that didn't make it's debut until the 3rd game?
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A new question:

1- Although they turned out great, the characters of Joy and Fangmei in Shenmue II didn't appear on any of the abundant pre-release material. Were they actually conceived afterwards (after the first game was completed)? If that was the case, what did you want them to add to the story?
2- Is there information about which musician composed every particular song? Could that info possibly be released at some time? (it would be of great interest to longtime fans)
3- Aside of the two main music themes (Shenmue and Shenhua). Do you have any personal favourite song? Or one that specially surprised or moved you at first listen during development?
Q1. In a kickstarter shenmue 3 update video, Masahiro Yoshimoto speaks about working on shenmue 3, however he is not credited as a writer for Shenmue 3. Was he a writer for Shenmue 3 and if not, why?

Q2. Do you completely rule out further updates of Shenmue 3, even if only the addition of throw moves was the update?

Q3. Do you have any major regrets concerning any of the Shenmue games?
1. Will development of Shenmue IV be quicker/easier now that you've got everything coded up for Shenmue III?

2. What was the most challenging part of developing Shenmue III?

3. Where did your interest in China come from? Any travel tips for a post-COVID world?

4. Any life tips you can share for resilience? You kept a dream alive for 20 years and (in my opinion) copped a lot of unfair criticism for Shenmue III, which is some people's favourite game in the series. How do you stay positive and keep looking like you're 30?
I apologize for the issues I caused last page.

I didn't mean to come off as being controlling. I was just worried about how some of the questions relating to S3's unused content felt, tone-wise. (Like the one asking about why certain developers who were mentioned in the kickstarter weren't as involved in S3's final development as previously suggested.) A lot of them came off as being judgemental to me.

But I can see now that the motive was far from being born from malice. Perhaps more concern or worry. Either way, pointing fingers at questions about "cut content" was a mistake, as it's hardly the source of my issues with the questions I found to be badly phrased.

I hope no one felt too intimidated to ask questions by my approach, and I strongly apologize for any trouble that occurred because of it.
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I got alot of questions.

1. In the creation of Shenmue, you had this long build to the conclusion planned. And, word has it you had to cut down events or chapters. Would it be possible after the conclusion of the story you could share fully with us the entire creation/storyboard ideas In some form of medium (like a book, or DVD etc) so we the fans can view it?

2. How many chapters aside from the boat chapter between 1 and 2 have you actually cut out in the creation of S3?

3. What was your main inspiration for the creation of the Shenmue storyline? Does it mirror a love for a medium you had growing up?

4. This does not seem like a question. But, it does lead to a question. Yu Suzuki, I am very happy I have got to experience this amazing series. Does the creation of Shenmue 4 become hinged on the success of the coming Shenmue anime and will it profits go toward (along with any of the profits from the Shenmue 1 and 2 games) along with three toward the pool of Shenmue 4?

5. And, would you be willing to again Kickstarter Shenmue 4 seeing as I can tell you without a doubt. With the knowledge of the answers to the previous questions being favored, that we'd all do it again. Is it an option still available?

6. Is there an update on Shenmue 4 that you can share?
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will you be using the same engine (ue4) for shenmue 4 or update to ue5?

how will the ending of shenmue be like (happy, sad, bittersweet etc)?

how many chapters will s4 cover?