[RELEASE] Shenmue Audio Restoration Project - Shenmue English & Japanese Dub - Shenmue II English

Hi, new to modding Shenmue. I'm trying to get the download for Shenmue II English, but the MEGA link on Nexus Mods says it is no longer available. The English link for Shenmue I still works. Is there another place I can download Shenmue II English?

Thank you

-- nevermind, I found the direct link on Nexus Mods
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So is this project dead? Is Japanese Shenmue II going to happen still?
So is this project dead? Is Japanese Shenmue II going to happen still?
It's not so much that it's dead. Japanese Shenmue II -IS- still on my list of things to do... but it's probably not going to happen any time soon. I'd like to repackage the whole thing, actually, into a much more user friendly format that isn't dependent on Forklift.... it's just really hard to build up the will to do that when the Dragon & Phoenix Collection is a thing I've been involved with for the past few years. I've already got all the dialogue in Unreal Engine. I'm sure you can understand how lazy and "I know this far superior solution will be done at some point in the future" can work together to make one a little.... idk... unwilling, I guess, to work on this. That being said, I did see someone did something similar for S2JP at some point; I can't find the thread right now, so I'd say it's probably best to use that if you can; until the Dragon & Phoenix Collection is out (whenever that is. Honestly wish I could give an estimate)
Heya. I'm guessing this project is long dead now but I felt strongly enough to ask. For this mod, is it possible to remove the pop sounds that come at the end of at least half the NPC sentences in this game? It's distracting me a lot, personally.