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[RELEASE][Shenmue III] Eric Kelso As Ren & Paul Lucas as Lan Di

Even without any changes to the actual content, Paul Lucas voicing Lan Di makes the game's ending infinitely more satisfying to me. And while I didn't really have a problem with Ren's new actor, hearing all these lines spoken by Eric Kelso just sounds so much better.
That's exactly it! Even though Greg Chun was fine, with Eric's voice it feels like Ryo and Ren have known each other forever, there's a chemistry there. The first encounter with the new Ren feels like bumping into an acquaintance rather than someone you've been to hell and back with. Putting Eric in that scene changes the whole dynamic.
Excellent work to everyone involved with this mod!

One of the most jarring aspects of Shenmue 3 during my first playthrough were the unfamiliar voices of the recurring characters, especially during the phone calls that were clearly meant to evoke some nostalgia. It's hugely rewarding to have that continuity back now.

It seems crazy that Paul and Eric - who clearly handled their roles brilliantly in this mod - weren't officially called back in to reprise their characters despite being willing and able. Hopefully they're asked back in a more official capacity later on. I'm looking forward to Paul's Chai.

Is there any chance that some of the other phone characters like Nozomi can be reprised? IMDB says she was portrayed by Ruth Hollyman, but she's been MIA since 2000.

Thanks to the modding community I'm more convinced than ever that Shenmue 3 needs a directors cut/re-release with all the new improvements included, as there's a great game hidden behind some strange choices.
Wow this is cool. I might have to check out the pc version just for this
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Absolutely loving it. The nostalgia hearing fuku-san and guizhang with erics voice is so heartwarming.

But i have a little issue: the phone calls seem kinda quite compared to ryos voice. Can i somehow fix this? I downloaded the complete version of the mod. Thanks in advance.
Just did the Shiling Side Quest and noted, that Rens Lines of dialog werent voiced by eric. Did u miss this sidequest to dub?
now we need a "Ruth Hollyman as Nozomi Harasaki" mod. im joking i know its impossible but that new nozomi voice actor is so bad