Shenmue 3 Demake

For some reason I always thought the dreamcast bailu village material was from the canceled S3, rather than cut content from S2.
Jeez, how big was S2 supposed to be?
What are these? I don't understand.
Those are cut content from Shenmue 2 from a place called Miao Village. It is thought this was a village between Bailu and Languishan all those years ago.

Some even thought it was Bailu back in the day and you can certainly see some comparisons.
Seeing the game reskinned with DC-era textures, with the same resolution and colour restrictions, would be pretty cool. Of course, being realistic with the approach would mean replacing all models with low poly versions, adding in fake load screens, etc. -- still an insane amount of work -- but hey, someone's making Bloodborne for PS1 lol
Yeah, and even that is just up to the first boss, and scaled down.

A project of this magnitude would be an incredible undertaking, and Shenmue just isn't big enough for something like that. This would be an insane amount of work.
I would love to see a version of Shenmue III on the DC. But it definitely would take a lot of manpower and resources just to get it off the ground.

Slightly Off Topic: I think it would be more feasible if someone really wanted to port RGG1 and 2 to the Dreamcast as I think Shenmue 1 and 2 actually is the better looking game visually. In a perfect world, we would have been able to enjoy 1 year of Shenmue and the next year of Yakuza for a good decade or 2 on Sega consoles.

I'm actually kinda surprised no one has tried to make a Dreamcast port of Yakuza 1 and 2.
I do believe Cedric Biscay was once asked by a fan about the possibility of a Dreamcast version of III, but the cost would have been astronomical.