Shenmue 3 music Similarities/Inspirations?

Dec 2, 2018
Alright I have said it before in the Dojo and I have seen a lot of other people talk about it but the Bailu Village theme starts off a lot like the Willy Wonka theme before becoming its own theme.

But I found another one way later in the game. I ended up having to do something on my computer so I paused the game, note my tv is right next to my PC; and while the music continued to play in the background. All I could think about while typing away at my computer was that I've heard that song or something super similar to it before and it bugged me as I listened to it play in the background. Then it dawned on me I have heard it before in a game called Torin's Passage an old point and click adventure game that came out just as the point and click adventure genre was loosing steam...

I'm not saying its copied or inspired just that it sounds very similar, I'm not a music junkie able to think in terms of music theory so I might be crazy making this comparison and I could just be hearing something that is not there? Which is why I'm posting I just want more opinions on this.

However at least to me it conveys the exact same feeling since both music tracks are played when the main characters find themselves in similar circumstances Ryo just heads out to the old castle to confront the Red Snakes on the other side of the river; Meanwhile Torin finds himself on the last leg of his journey in the lands below, and both tracks convey an almost ominous aura of what can I only described as "I'm finally here! but I don't belong here?"

Al Lowe knows how to make some good music, and Leisure Suit Larry 7 has some of the greatest Jazz in gaming history and the sound track for Torins Passage is no joke with an almost new age/fantasy feel to it.

Side Note just I changed my Avatar to Torin, I've been thinking of changing it for a while, and come to think of it Torin may have been my old avatar back in the old Dojo but I can't remember.

If you can think of others example let me know.
Aug 8, 2018
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Rather an unusual tone from one of the main composers of Final Fantasy series and Square Enix.
Mar 11, 2020
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Rather an unusual tone from one of the main composers of Final Fantasy series and Square Enix.
I didn't realize Hitoshi Sakimoto did the soundtrack for Valkyria Chronicles. He's really only affiliated with SE because he's worked on almost all of Yasumi Matsuno's games. That sounds exactly like a lot of his work always has, though:

Probably my favorite composer for video games. Serious genius. Helps that he's a fan of YMO, too.

How about a little more Sakimoto, for fun:

Actually not totally sure those aren't Iwata. I don't really know whose tracks are whose on those two.