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Episode 2 of our Shenmue 2 stream will commence shortly

Alright, it's time for us to air the books out, you better not procrastinating right now! ?

Think the time has come for me to hang up the camera and take a bit of a break from the weekly streams, but of course, I would love to the channel to live on. If anyone would be interested in playing Shenmue live on our channels 1 night a week, drop me a PM and we can have a chat!
Heya it'z ya samurai boi Ryo Hazuki, just arrived in Kowloon!
Sure looks safe and cozy here xD
Wanna play a game of lucky hit? It's 500 yen a game and...

It's time to take one last stroll down Guilin with Peter before Shenmue 3 releases ? :

Okay everyone, it's time to air out the books once more with feeling before the release of #Shenmue3! ? ? LET'S GET SWEATY!