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Shenmue Dojo Show - Episode 1: Series Overview (Radio SEGA WinterFest 2020)

James Brown

Jul 23, 2018
Welcome to the very first episode of the Shenmue Dojo show!

This show was originally broadcast on Radio SEGA, as part of their WinterFest 2020 event. We were honoured to have been asked to record a special show for this event, and we enjoyed recording it so much we decided to create our own Shenmue podcast.

Episode 1 features a brief news segment about the Shenmue Dojo's 20th anniversary, followed by musical interludes, special guest messages from some big names in the Shenmue World, and a brief look through the entire Shenmue series!

Special Guest Features:
Ryan Payton (00:03:35)
Bloodhound Town (a Shenmue fan recreating the original game in Dreams on PS4) (00:17:57)
Eric Kelso (00:31:00)
Adam Koralik (00:56:16)
Corey Marshall (00:58:03)
David 'KC' Luis (from SEGA Lounge Podcast) (01:11:31)
Cedric Biscay (01:19:35)

(00:00:03) - Opening Theme: Dawn
(00:13:50) - Shenmue Orchestra: Everlasting World
(00:27:12) - Shenmue: Memories of Distant Days
(00:38:12) - Shenmue Orchestra: The Initiator
(00:51:54) - Shenmue 2: Guilin Arrival
(01:06:50) - Shenmue 3: Flow of the Lijian River
(01:32:33) - Shenmue Online Piece of Music
(01:56:07) - Christmas on Dobuita Street
(02:04:35) - Shenmue Original Theme - Sedge Tree

Special thanks to Radio SEGA, for inviting us to create this podcast for their special WinterFest 2020 event! Check out the Radio SEGA website and listen to SEGA music and SEGA shows 24/7: https://www.radiosega.net/

This jam-packed episode is also available as an audio podcast, download wherever you normally grab your podcasts from, just search for "Shenmue Dojo'.

Video usage credit:
Dreamcaster's Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSpacechannel5
Joshiball: https://www.youtube.com/user/Joshiball
Digital Foundary: https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalFoundry

Thanks everyone!