Shenmue Dojo Show - Episode 5: Exploring the Timeline

James Brown

Jul 23, 2018
Join James and Matt for a thorough Shenmue history tour as they read through the entire Shenmue 3 campaign timeline, which details major points throughout 20 years of Shenmue's history from 1998 all the way to 2018! Check out the timeline whilst we discuss over at

View the timeline here:

Like usual, we cover the latest Shenmue news, a little bit of E3, and music segments throughout. Please let us know if you are enjoying this super long form Shenmue Dojo podcasts :) many thanks!

Intro: 00:00:00
E3: 00:01:00
VF5: 00:13:04
SEGA Lounge: 00:14:52
NEWS: 00:16:12
Main Discussion: 00:46:28
Outro: 03:15:40

SEGA Lounge Eric Kelso:
Ryo Tubbz Duck:
Wayo Music Box:
D&P Dev Log:
Suka Pass:
Esra Krabbe Interview:
Shenmue World Issue #1:

Dawn (Intro)
Xin Bao Theme (Kitchen Bro's)
Daily Agony (Richard Cartlidge)
A Lovely Girl (Shenmue 2)
FREE 11 (Richard Cartlidge)
Long For Home (Shenmue 3)

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Project X Zone Footage: MegamanNG
GDC A Novin Shenmue Fans
SkillJim Suka Pass
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Shop Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Footage: FlyingAceSonic
Dobuita Street Footage:
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