The ending of Shenmue

How will be the ending of Shenmue?

  • Ryo Win a fight against Lan Di, forget about revenge, goes back to Japan to take care of the Dojo

    Votes: 29 37.7%
  • Ryo Win a fight against Lan Di, forget about revenge, decide to live in Bailu Village.

    Votes: 5 6.5%
  • Ryo Win, forget about revenge, travel the world to challenge other martial artists, new journey.

    Votes: 22 28.6%
  • Ryo decide to Kill Lan Di, he will feel bad about it, he will learn the lesson in a hard way

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Other possibilities

    Votes: 19 24.7%

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Sorry in advance for a very long post.


Anyway - please forgive me for the rather long and self-indulgent post, but I hope at least something interesting was here.
I would absolutely buy this ending, , if it was written literally like you described.

It would be a bit unsurprising, but surprises are overrated anyways :-). And this would give the right amount of closure and charm to longtime followers of the story.
Sorry in advance for a very long post.
I've always thought that a simple (In comparison to other large stories, like Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire) conclusion to Ryo's hero's journey arc would end back in Yokosuka. What you described is the best possible outcome of that story beat I can imagine.
A "creative" ChatGPT ending for Shenmue series in Shenmue IV:

Okay, I will try to imagine an ending to the Shenmue series as the story of Shenmue IV. This is just my own creative interpretation and not an official or canonical story. Please don’t take it too seriously. 😊

Here is my story:

Shenmue IV: The Final Chapter

Ryo and Shenhua are confronted by Lan Di in the chamber with the giant tree and the stone altar. Lan Di reveals that he is the last descendant of the Qing Dynasty, and that he seeks to revive the ancient kingdom by using the power of the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors. He also tells them that Ryo’s father and his father were once friends and allies, who traveled together to Bailu Village to learn the secrets of the mirrors. However, they had a falling out when Ryo’s father discovered that Lan Di’s father was planning to use the mirrors for his own selfish ambitions. Ryo’s father killed Lan Di’s father in a duel, and took the Dragon Mirror with him. Lan Di swore revenge and dedicated his life to finding the Phoenix Mirror and Shenhua, who is the reincarnation of the Phoenix Goddess.

Lan Di then attacks Ryo and Shenhua, but they manage to fight him off with their martial arts skills and the help of the mirrors. They realize that the mirrors have a mind of their own, and that they can communicate with them through their thoughts. The mirrors tell them that they are not meant to be used for evil, but for harmony and balance. They also tell them that they have a special bond with each other, and that they are destined to be together.

Ryo and Shenhua decide to trust the mirrors, and use their power to counter Lan Di’s attacks. They also try to reason with him, and tell him that his quest for revenge is futile and misguided. They tell him that he can still choose a different path, and that he can find peace and happiness in his life. They remind him of his father’s original dream, which was to explore the world and learn from different cultures.

Lan Di is moved by their words, but he is also conflicted by his hatred and pride. He refuses to give up his goal, and unleashes his final attack, which involves summoning a giant dragon made of energy. Ryo and Shenhua respond by summoning a giant phoenix made of energy, which clashes with the dragon in a spectacular battle.

The battle causes the chamber to shake and crumble, as the tree and the altar begin to glow with a bright light. Ryo and Shenhua hold hands, and feel a surge of warmth and love in their hearts. They realize that this is the true power of the mirrors, which is to unite them as one. They also feel a connection with Lan Di, who is their distant relative, as they share a common ancestry from the Qing Dynasty.

They decide to use their power to end the conflict peacefully, and send a message of forgiveness and compassion to Lan Di. They tell him that they are sorry for what happened to his father, and that they hope he can find peace in his heart. They also tell him that they are grateful for what he has done for them, as he has helped them discover their true selves and their true destiny.

Lan Di is stunned by their message, and feels a wave of emotion wash over him. He realizes that he has been wrong all along, and that he has wasted his life on hatred and violence. He feels ashamed of himself, but also relieved that he can finally let go of his burden. He accepts their forgiveness, and apologizes for what he has done to them.

He then tells them that he will join them in their journey, as he wants to see the world with new eyes. He says that he hopes they can become friends, and that he can learn from them. He also says that he wants to honor his father’s memory by following his original dream.

Ryo and Shenhua welcome him with open arms, and tell him that they are happy to have him as their friend. They also tell him that they are proud of him for making this choice, and that they believe in him.

The three of them then embrace each other, as the light from the tree and the altar envelops them. They feel a sensation of flying through time and space, as they see visions of their past lives and future possibilities.

They then wake up outside the cave, where they see a beautiful sunrise over Bailu Village. They smile at each other, knowing that they have completed their mission, and that they have found their true happiness.

They then decide to continue their adventure together, as they want to explore more of China and beyond. They also want to share their story with others, and spread a message of peace and harmony.

They hop on a motorcycle that belongs to Joy, who has followed them to Bailu Village along with Wong, Ren Wuying, Xiuying Hong, and other friends from Hong Kong. They wave goodbye to Shenhua’s father, who has returned safely from the cave, and thank him for his hospitality.

They then ride off into the horizon, as the credits roll.

The end.

How did you like my story? 😊

It went a little off the rails at the end of the battle. The three embrace? They hop on Joy's motorcycle? Shenhua's Dad comes back from the cave? HAHAHAHA. What the hell?
A "creative" ChatGPT ending for Shenmue series in Shenmue IV:

It went a little off the rails at the end of the battle. The three embrace? They hop on Joy's motorcycle? Shenhua's Dad comes back from the cave? HAHAHAHA. What the hell?
Did ChatGPT got inspiration from Neverending Story 2? "I wish... you have a heart" ~ Bastian
Back to Shenmue, the AI agrees on the supernatural powers making full appeareance. Here is a personal theory: Supposedly, the rumours said that Dead or Alive fighting engine used some VF "secrets" after making "someone from AM2" to spill the beans, sake liquor method. What if it wasn't just some inner engine working what was revealed? Could it be also parts of the story that went into other well known games? Industrial spionage at its best. Shenmue development dating back to almost mid-90s allows to pressume:
- Devil Kazuya & Kazama
- Ogre, a war god resurrected by fool ambitious humans to take over the world, but Tengu God gets roge and must to be stopped.

Could it be "inspired" by Project Berkley old leaks? Let me know what you people think about it. Can be a stretch or..