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What are you playing?

I'm currently playing a lot with different people (I'm not as sociable as that sounds :p)

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - Me and my friend have been playing through the Resident Evil series because sadly there jsut arent'y that many couch co-op games to play right now... We just beat the RE3 remake which he loved but before continuing on or jounrey I thought it was important to play the original as it differs heavily. I haven't played this one in year sand I'm already enjoying it but it is trange how there was only an Easy & Hard mode.

Terminator: Resistance - Enhanced (PS5) - I've not been fond of the Terminator franchise beyond T2, Salvation is possible one of the worst films I've ever seen. But this game is meant to present the War sections shown in the previous films so it is a point of interest. I've only just started but gameplay seems decent enough.

It Take Two - Yes! A co-op game! I'm actually playing this on my PS5 with someone who has a PS4. It's very charming so far! Never a dull moment and with a generation lacking on decent platformers this is a must play! I also enjoedy their other game A Way Out.

Chrono Trigger - Now onto what I am actually playing :p I've wanted to play more retro games this year, especially JRPG's as there are many classics I haven't touched. I've heard so much praise over CT that I felt it was time. I'm about 4-5 hours into it and yeas enjoying it. I'm trying to look past the silent protagonst which is a big deterrence but luckily the pacing for the game is very good so there is always something going on.
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Finished Triangle strategy, loved it!

Idk what to play, I'm gonna try Ghostwire Tokyo. I wanted it to play it badly but some reviews took me off it, but lets see whats this...
I also just finished Triangle Strategy's new game+, got the real ending this time. Absolutely fantastic game, up there with FF Tactics when it comes to strategy RPGs imo.
I also just finished Triangle Strategy's new game+, got the real ending this time. Absolutely fantastic game, up there with FF Tactics when it comes to strategy RPGs imo.
I got the
Fredericka's ending, was the fairest imo. Then I saw how it was the golden ending. Still maintain mine lol, it was a bit more realistic. You got something, but it has a cost. I liked that
I got the
Fredericka's ending, was the fairest imo. Then I saw how it was the golden ending. Still maintain mine lol, it was a bit more realistic. You got something, but it has a cost. I liked that
That's the one I got the first time around. It just didn't seem fair to leave those poor Roselle suffering in slavery.
i'm playing and want to complete the streets of rage 4 (story mode) before it leaves xbox game pass. luckily for me the story is apparently only a few hours long.

i also started halo 1 again (game pass).. its gonna be a little bit of a chore for me as i played all the xbox 360 halo games back in 2020 but i feel it's probably best to play 1-5 before halo infinite.. then i will probably wont touch any halo game for a long time. the free halo infinite multiplayer on the series s, is fun and "ok" but not amazing. fortnite is better.
I'm really liking Ghostwire Tokyo. Catching souls its too adictive.

I'm in the 75% of the main story I think.

Postal 4: No Regerts. I paid $1 so I have no regerts about buying it, but if you pay more than $5 for this game its not very good from a technical standpoint and certainly isn't worth the $40 the developer is charging. Postal 2 was a classic and is much better and can be purchased with all the expansions for $2 on sale.
I finished Cyberpunk so looking for my next game. Probably a little open world fatigued so may get the new Life is Strange or Sifu next ahead of Forbidden West.
Was always interested in that, but how does that work practically?

Really simply. You run through game and let’s say you need direction or quest marker, just tap the touch screen once and it will bring up HUD/ UI elements. After 5-7 seconds it fades.

Also without ugly HUD elements, it actually helped me appreciate environments more and learn to read where I was based on landmarks around the world.
Im playing the PRE-FPS versions of GTA 5, on the xbox 360, bro the game has changed alot from those days... Anyone else with me on this one LOL.

Also I'm playing TES4 Oblivion on pc, bought it on microsoft store and OMG it has aged as bad as spoiled milk, not to mention the memes, bro
Been going back and forth between replaying Saints Row 2 and GTA4. These PC ports don’t seem very good tbh, sadly. GTA definitely is the more stable of then, with SR having given me crashes and visual bugs galore, especially in cutscenes, which really sucks.

Got Neptunia X Senran Kagura on Switch. It’s been fun so far, but definitely not quite what I’m used to. Maybe I was expecting too much on the SK side but yeah, not mowing down tons of enemies for very long, but there is a little more nuance to some of the bosses at least. Have never played a Neptunia game before so I’m not sure how much is from that series here. The story segments are a bit lengthy for my liking, however it does a good job at being interesting and setting the tone.

I replayed Mario Galaxy for the first time in many years. It’s just as good as I remembered it, although also much shorter…but maybe that’s because I’m better at it now and not going for everything lol. I got pretty much 100% once and I was proud of myself, but I no longer have the patience to do stuff like the purple coins or daredevil runs.

Supposed to be getting the K-on game for PS3 in the mail today so we’ll see how that goes. And there are a few I’m looking at coming out in a few days on Switch, namely Seven Pirates H? I think it was called.
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i'm playing halo 6 on the series s. great game.

graphically the game looks good the only thing i noticed is the draw distance. if you use a sniper rifle and look in to the distance on the map. the building details look really terrible so i've stopped doing that lol.

gotta be one of the best fps open world games i've played. everything is super cool about it.. definitely not some dumb fps shooter. for me i'm playing on hard and it's perfect. in some fps you can feel like your cheating if you have a powerful weapon or a sniper rifle and shooting from a distance but in halo infinite, the enemies are so well balanced, unlike older halo games, straight forward shooting isn't enough, they will kill you if your not using a little bit of strategy to defeat them ( ie using cover / using the correct weapons / grenades etc).

..they also fixed one of the main problems with halo - being able to start and finish a mission with human weapons. i love using the unsc machine guns / weapons but once the ammo would run out you would be stuck with alien weapons, now there is ammo reload boxes, which is great.

the sound effects are also amazing. the explosions, gun and other sound effects are on par with AAA movies.

i thought the grapple hook might ruin the game but it's perfect.

the game has tones of room for creativity. one thing i like to do is, when an enemy drop ship comes in, shoot off one of the 2 plasma cannons, then use that in battle.
Aaalright finished Ghostwire Tokyo. A solid 8 imo, Idk why the critics. I see it more like a suspense videogame, maybe marketing failed to communicate the genre. I think people who expected horror has to be realistic, you can't do it in a semi-open giant world like this. You're running through streets, you cant get scared every 15 seconds.

Ending was much wholesome than expected.
So I played through the K-On game…I’m really unsure whether I finished it, kinda hard to tell with it in Japanese. It would seem like I’ve got all the songs, but my save file says I’ve only done 28-30% so either I’m missing something or there’s just tons to collect. I haven’t finished every song on hard, nor with every character, and my rankings on the later half are pretty low…plus it seems I’m missing a ton of costumes, accessories, and decorations for the club room. I’lol probably go back to it soon.

In the meantime though I’ve just learned of a classic Zelda-like called Tunic. I’m only an hour in but so far it’s pretty neat and definitely has a lot of new ideas to put into this genre. Kinda brutal but I think I prefer it this way to being too easy. Definitely reminds me of 3D Dit Game Heroes, but I feel like this is much more fluid and thought out.
i skipped #1 and i started playing psychonauts 2 on the series s (gamepass).

graphically, the game looks amazing. it's very wacky.

i'm enjoying it but the plot is a little hard to follow but having said that, i'm only an hour or so into the game..i guess it will make more sense as the game goes on lol.

- i'm quite liking the xbox series s. it's not a bad console. i only paid £140 (secondhand) for mine, so it was a pretty good deal.
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Finally got around to playing Sifu. I was waiting for the physical release to drop. I was a bit skeptical upon seeing the previews for it. I thought the obvious movie homages looked cheap, the combat looked too similar to Sleeping Dogs, and was put off that this was only a arthouse brawler. Then I realized that, aside from free-roaming exploration/light RPG elements, an arthouse brawler is right up my alley.

When I first played it, I damn near threw my controller at the screen. I preferred RGG Studio fighting systems too much to even think that other games could expand on the brawling genre. I kept dying and dying. I thought the “death counter” thing was useless, along with all the other upgrades and their explanations. And I hated how “video gamey” the boss fights were (learning patterns and such).

A few more days into it and I’ve still yet to beat the game. But I’m almost totally in love with it now. This fighting system is cinematic, complex, challenging, and damn fun to play. In my opinion, this is the direction that future Shenmue games should take their fighting in. The death counter encourages practice, and embodies the whole spirit of martial arts. I’m still not very good at the game, but I found myself getting better at it the more I died, went back to train, and then played the levels over. I still don’t like the boss battles as I find them more frustrating than fun. The group battles and one-on-one encounters with tougher enemies are way more fun for me. I find myself saying I hate this game and love it at the same time, but all for the same reasons. It’s weird. But it’s incredible.

The sections towards the finale of the Museum level might be some of my favorite sections in any game ever. I just wish this was Ryo Hazuki that I was playing as. If the brawling system was like this in Shenmue III, that would’ve saved the entire game for me.