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What Movie Are You Watching?

Have to still see NOPE: Keanu was so much fun that my wife and I went to opening night for Get Out and it was SO phenomenal, that we also went opening night to Us. Still a superb film, not as good as Get Out (and it too is just so bleak and depressing, I hate watching it), but worth it.

With a baby though, we're unable to get to a theatre to watch anything, so the... 7 or so films my wife and I would have seen this year, we haven't :( (NOPE being one of them).
Watched "Werewolf by Night" on Disney Plus. Glad to finally see that character and
in the mCU, but like many of their comic book counterparts, he seems to be relatively nerfed
Continuing my recent month focus on horror movies, I've recently watched Terrifier, Terrifier 2 and Barbarian. Skip TERRIFIER 1 as it has low production value on all fronts. TERRIFIER 2 on the other hand is worthwhile specially if you are into gorefest. It pays homage to 80s horror movies and it has that vibe from beginning till the end of the movie, soundtrack included. It got amazing use of practical effects if you must know and got the stomach to watch them. It's definitely the most graphic horror movie I've ever seen, though I found it less disturbing than RAW. And lastly for BARBARIAN, I highly recommend it. Its masterful premise and setup is so relatable that most people will likely click with the characters from the get go. I genuinely don't recall a horror movie making me be on the edge of my seat as much as this one or go WTF at every 15 minutes of the movie, even when the movie gives some "breathing" time to the viewer, since something like THE DESCENT. The final segment might be lacking to some, but if you ponder about the nature of evil according to the movie, it might turn out to be as poignant as anything Jordan Peele put out. Anyway, even you happen to not like the movie in its entirety, I guarantee you'll be very entertained by it.
Alrighty...time for a check in

Decision to Leave (2022) - 4.5 out of 5 // The new film by Park Chan Wook. One of my favourite films of the year. An absolutely riveting neo-noir romantic mystery. Park very rarely does wrong by me and this is no exception and is further proof why he is still one of the best filmmakers working today.

As such, I went back through all of Park's prior films after seeing Decision to Leave

JSA - 4 out of 5

Sympathy for Mr Vengeance - 4.5 out of 5

Oldboy - 4.5 out of 5

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - 4.5 out of 5

I'm a Cyborg But That's Okay - 3.5 out of 5

Thirst - 5 out of 5

Stoker - 4 out of 5

The Handmaiden - 4 out of 5

I would say his weakest would have to be I'm A Cyborg but even then, his weakest is still better than most other film makers weakest. Of the Vengeance trilogy? I adore all 3 of those films so much that it really is hard to pick a favorite anymore. And The Handmaiden is even better on second viewing.

As for Thirst? Fuck, that is a truly fantastic vampire film that gets better with every rewatch for me and just might be my personal favorite of all of Park's work. It just hits every note so perfectly for me and tells one of the most compelling vampire stories I've ever seen.

Let the Right One In - 4.5 out of 5 // It's a film I watch at least once every year and it felt appropriate this month since I've been watching the TV series and just got around to seeing the stage show here in Sydney. I truly adore this film with all my heart and it is easily in my top 10 of all time. Gets better with every re-watch for me.

Let Me In - 3 out of 5 // I decided to give this another chance since I hadn't seen it since it first came out. I remember seeing it when it first came out and thinking it was a shitty, loud and pointless remake. Time has changed my opinion on it a little. It's not a terribly made film but it does still feel a little pointless to me. It's just so on the nose with some of its decisions.

If the original film was best described as quiet and suggestive, the remake could be best described as loud and clumsy. But at the same time, its heart is in the right place. I just think it's a little too willing to over explain its every plot detail. For me, I just prefer the quiet suggestive nature of the original Swedish film so much more. I would say it's on par with the American remake of The Ring. Overall well made but a little redundant.

Kick-Ass 2 - 3 out of 5 // Another one that I decided to re-evaluate. I think it's a little underrated. Given the source material they had to work with, I think they did the best they could with it and I think it's mostly enjoyable for what it is. Warts and all.

Bedazzled (2000) - 3 out of 5 // Been in a bit of a Brendan Fraser mood since all this talk and buzz regarding the new Darren Aronofsky film The Whale has been making the rounds. I like the Bedazzled remake. I've always thought it was just a fun light hearted coming of age affair. I think Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley have great chemistry in this movie and play off each other really well. Always enjoyed it for what it was.

Speaking of The Whale...I'm very keen to see that movie when it comes out. I'm really glad Fraser is getting a comeback story as I've always genuinely liked him. He's not a hard guy to like.

George of the Jungle - 3.5 out of 5 // Fun! End of story. A really fun tongue in cheek comedy that never ceases to put a smile on my face whenever I watch it.

Halloween Ends - 2.5 out of 5 // Well...that was pretty fucking shit. But tbf, I really wasn't much of a fan of this new Halloween trilogy to begin with. So I really haven't had a favorable view of this trilogy.

Bros (2022) - 2 out of 5 // It's funny...I went and saw this with a friend of mine who is gay and his reaction was kinda telling to me. "It's too stereotypical for me to enjoy and too straight bashing for straight people to enjoy. No wonder it flopped." Speaking as a straight man? I just thought it was an incredibly weak comedy. I had some hopes given it was directed by Nicholas Stoller - who made one of my favorite romantic comedies in Forgetting Sarah Marshall - but yeah, I just thought the material here was very weak.

The Bride With White Hair - 3.5 out of 5 // Enjoyed it well enough.

Cure (1997) - 4 out of 5 // First time I've ever seen it. A very strong Japanese psychological thriller. Quite liked it.

The Exorcist - 4 out of 5 // Haven't revisited it in a while. Still holds up incredibly well.

Carrie (1976) - 3.5 out of 5

The Wrestler (2008) - 5 out of 5 // Again, all the buzz for The Whale made me want to revisit this. Still my personal favorite of all of Aronofsky's films to date. So incredibly raw and human. Not only is it a great wrestling film but it's also a genuinely great character study of what becomes of an artist when they can no longer do what drives them. Truly a fantastic character piece all around and still the best film Aronofsky has made so far.
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Great stuff, Dan.
Still have the Wrestler sealed, sitting on my shelf: going on 11 years since I got it and still haven't watched it :( Jim Cornette's hate of it has made me want to watch it even more lol, but still haven't.

I need to sit down and watch a bunch of films in my backlog, like I did last year over a weekend.

GotJ is still one of my favourite films to date and definitely one of my 3 favourite children's/childhood films. I sat down to watch it in 2020 with my wife and she was having none of it, even though I told her, "IT'S A CHILDREN'S FILM!" Almost ruined the night :(
Great stuff, Dan.
Still have the Wrestler sealed, sitting on my shelf: going on 11 years since I got it and still haven't watched it :( Jim Cornette's hate of it has made me want to watch it even more lol, but still haven't.

I need to sit down and watch a bunch of films in my backlog, like I did last year over a weekend.

GotJ is still one of my favourite films to date and definitely one of my 3 favourite children's/childhood films. I sat down to watch it in 2020 with my wife and she was having none of it, even though I told her, "IT'S A CHILDREN'S FILM!" Almost ruined the night :(

I can understand Corny’s hate of it. He genuinely loves the business and let’s face it. It doesn’t paint the best image of the industry at times seeing that the only successful character in it is a guy who owns a used car lot in Phoenix. Still, I respect Corny. Say what you will but the guy has a genuine love for the business and really does have its best interests at heart. Which is why he gets so fucking mad about the garbage out there today. 😂

But yeah, I can understand why he hated the movie.

I personally love it and see it for what it is. It depicts a side of the business that is all too true no matter how painful in reality it may be. I just think it’s an incredible character study of what happens when an artist can no longer do the thing they love and how they struggle to deal with the reality of life versus the heightened reality they depict in front of the audience.

Great film with a great performance from Mickey Rourke.

Really? She didn’t fall in love with the sarcastic narrator in George? I’m in my 30’s and that shit still makes me laugh. Or John Cleese as an Ape named Ape. What always surprised me about that movie is that it’s smarter and wittier than it had any right to be.
is anyone here actually waiting to see avatar 2?

i liked the first one but i'm not sure if i'm interested in the sequel, maybe i'm too old for these completely cgi films? lol .. imagine if avatar 2 is a flop, they are working 3 further films 😬
Caught Wakanda Forever over the weekend. It wasn't perfect but I loved the film. It probably had some of the best acting in the entire MCU from both Angela Bassett and Letitia Wright. Just remarkable performances. Also, Ryan Coogler just has an ability to make me tear up.

A lot of people are probably going to put the 1st Black Panther over this, but for me, even though Chadwick is missed, I personally prefer Wakanda Forever overall. Not as tightly focused, however a better looking film, more emotional, better acting, and the action was better.
Saw Wakanda Forever yesterday morning. I have been wanting to see Namor/The Sub-Mariner on the screen for YEARS and people have been trying it LONG BEFORE any of us were born, but finally, we have him. I welcome the changes to his character of making him Mayan in origin and still make it consistent to his comic counterpart. If you were to do the Silver Age version of him, he'd pretty much be an underwater Thor with his speech patterns. I like how his aggression is more aligned with his Golden Age debut. Huerta was the perfect man for the job and I love his accent. I would love to see how the MCU goes forward with him. Will he be in future installments of Fantastic Four?
As I was playing chess and watching MNF, my wife got all, "lemme see what's on TV!" so I forfeited the remote and even though it was 15 minutes in, we took in...

Jersey Girl (2004):

(I did miss about 6-7 minutes as I went for a quick shower, after the, "We Want Fresh Prince!" scene)

Ben Affleck's wife Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez) dies while giving birth to their daughter (named Gertrude as well, in honour) and this, coupled with the stress and fallout of his wife's death, causes Affleck to be super-stressed in his job as a publicist and when he trashes Will Smith (the above scene mentioned), he gets fired and has to work as a municipal worker in New Jersey. The film then fast-forwards 7 years and Affleck must (basically) choose between his career and his daughter, for the betterment of himself and those around him.

I had 0 clue this was a Kevin Smith film lol. Seeing the lowish score on IMDB and then reading critic reviews and the like, Smith was right in that a lot of the focus was on trashing Bennifer and not on the merits of the film itself, which is actually quite strong (blame Gigli for that). Affleck is his usual strong self, while Liv Tyler gives an up and down, but generally ok performance. The supporting work by Stephen Root (have liked every role he's ever done, so enjoyable) and Mike Starr is excellent and the work of Raquel Castro is superb; though she hasn't exploded, a bright future was indeed in store for her, after this film.

But the best performance of all is George Carlin, who plays... himself, basically lol. His comedic timing and demeanor was just phenomenal for a role like his and he truly was a great ambassador for the comedy genre.

And the end of the Sweeney Todd performance is so. damn. funny. Smith really knows how to make people laugh :D

New update (and more timely this time!) Films in bold = <3

New films
1) Hollow Man / Paul Verhoeven / 2000 / 2/5
2) Knock Knock / Eli Roth / 2015 / 3/5
3) The Adventures of Tintin / Steven Spielberg / 2011 / 3.5/5
4) Armour of God / Eric Tsang & Jackie Chan / 1986 / 4/5
5) Ninja Dragon / Godfrey Ho / 1986 / 1/5
6) Edward Scissorhands / Tim Burton / 1990 / 4/5
7) Amsterdam / David O. Russell / 2022 / 4/5
8) Super / James Gunn / 2010 / 3/5
9) Interview with the Vampire / Neil Jordan / 1994 / 3/5
10) Sleepy Hollow / Tim Burton / 1999 / 3/5
11) Dark Water / Hideo Nakata / 2002 / 3/5
12) Doom / Andrez Bartkowiak / 2005 / 2/5
13) Kill List / Ben Wheatley / 2011 / 4/5
14) This Much I Know To Be True / Andrew Dominik / 2022 / 4/5 (Documentary)
15) Halloween Ends / David Gordon Green / 2022 / 2/5
16) Benedetta / Paul Verhoeven / 2022 / 3/5
17) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves / Kevin Reynolds / 1991 / 3/5
18) Love Like The Falling Petals / Yoshihiro Fukagawa / 2022 / 4/5
19) Drifting Home / Hiroyasu Ishida / 2022 / 2/5
20) Terminal Island / Stephanie Rothman / 1973 / 3.5/5
21) The Banshees of Inisherin / Martin McDonagh / 2022 / 4/5
22) Cow / Andrea Arnold / 2022 / 4/5 (Documentary)
23) Walk East on Beacon / Alfred L. Werker / 1952 / 2/5
24) Coldplay: Music of the Spheres - Live at Buenos Aires / Paul Dugdale / 2022 / 5/5 (Live concert)
25) Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy / Ryusuke Hamaguchi / 2022 / 4/5
26) The Notoroius Bettie Page / Mary Hannon / 2005 / 3/5
27) Decision to Leave / Park Chan-Wook / 2022 / 3.5/5
28) Red Sonja / Richard Fleischer / 1985 / 2.5/5
29) The Souvenir: Part II / Joanna Hogg / 2022 / 4/5
30) Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood / Richard Linklater / 2022 / 2/5
31) Shenmue I: The Gang Edition / Mike Paprocki / 200x / 4/5
32) Tears of the Sun / Antoine Fuqua / 2003 / 2/5
33) Everybody in the Place / Jeremy Deller / 2018 / 4/5 (documentary)
34) Opera / Dario Argento / 1987 / 4/5
35) Climax / Gaspar Noé / 2018 / 5/5
36) The Asphalt Jungle / John Huston / 1950 / 4/5
37) Pushover / Richard Quine / 1954 / 2.5/5
38) Love Affair / Leo McCarey / 1939 / 2.5/5
39) A Page of Madness / Teinosuke Kunugasa / 1926 / 3.5/5
40) Living / Oliver Hermanus / 2022 / 4/5
41) Violence in A Women's Prison / Bruno Mattei / 1982 / 2/5
42) Asako I & II / Ryusuke Hamaguchi / 2018 / 3/5
43) The Marriage Circle / Ernst Lubitsch / 1924 / 1/5
44) Nanook of the North / Robert J. Flaherty / 1922 / 4/5
45) A Bullet Is Waiting / John Farrow / 1954 / 4/5
46) Armageddon Time / James Gray / 2022 / 4/5
47) Radiance / Naomi Kawase / 2017 / 3/5
48) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever / 2022 / Ryan Coogler / 2/5
49) The Thief of Bagdad / Raoul Walsh / 1924 / 5/5

Rewatched films
1) Kiki's Delivery Service / Hayao Miyazaki / 1989 / 5/5
2) Harry Potter and the Chamebr of Secrets / Chris Columbus / 2002 / 3.5
3) Scream, Blacula, Scream / Bob Kelljam /1973 / 2/5
4) The Mighty Peking Man / Ho Meng-Hua / 1978 / 3/5
5) Jarhead / Sam Mendes / 2005 / 3.5/5
6) City Heat / Richard Benjamin / 1984 / 2/5
7) Cross of Iron / Sam Peckinpah / 1977 / 3/5
8) Pale Rider / Clint Eastwood / 1985 / 4/5

Short films
1) The Bones / Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cocina / 2021 / 5/5

2) Commotion on the Ocean / Jules White / 1956 / 2/5
3) Blunder Boys / Jules White / 1955 / 3/5
4) The Yoke's On Me / Jules White / 1944 / 3/5

TV shows
1) Cardcaptor Sakura / 1998 / Morio Asaka / 5/5

2) Resident Evil / 2022 / Who cares / 1/5

So Armour of God is classic Jackie Chan; the whole thing just put the biggest smile on my face. I watched the english dub with friends (as they prefer crappy 80's dub), but my OCD meant I had to rewatch the regular HK longer edition the very next day to see where the extra 8 minutes of footage came from. It meant that I didn't like it as much as I don't have the ability to rewatch something so quickly again.

Edward Scissorhands is one of those omnipresent films i've shamefully never seen as it's always one where I think "oh I can watch it whenever". What a shame it took until now to watch it, because it's absolutely gorgeous. Such a gentle dream of a film.

Gaspar Noé is a brilliant filmmaker, but his films are nihilistic and sad so even though I love them, I can't *love* them if that makes sense? That said, Climax was an absolute feast for the eyes and ears. Probably his 'easiest' film to watch, it's still a gruelling experience. If you have a strong stomach, I strongly recommend it!

It's interesting that I watched the new Black Panther and The Thief of Bagdad so close together. The former was overlong and boring (i'm bored to death of Marvel; Spiderman aside, phase 4 was more or less crap and they should've finished with Endgame) whereas the latter was overlong, but felt like magic. Made in a time when computers didn't exist, this 98 year old film made me gasp with wonder. Silent films are tough to watch (It took 4 nights to watch it), but when they are at their best, it's just glorious. It's up there with Metropolis. It's that good.

The Bones is only 15 minutes long and I've no idea what went on, but I have such a soft spot for stop-motion animation. As just mentioned, CGI bores the hell out of me, but making things with your hands takes such craft and that home-made feel reeks of love...even if this film was sad and depressing. What a complex film!

I had difficulty adjusting to my new house, so I needed something to calm me. So I made sure the first film I watched in my new home was Kiki's Delivery Service; my joint all time favourite film. It's balm for the soul. It's been over 4 years since I last watched it. Last time it was in a cinema with my girlfriend. This time it was alone in a new and strange place. It's not the same, but the film continues to warm my heart. I'm so glad to be alive to watch such beautiful art.

Finally, after 20 years, it was an absolute joy to watch Cardcaptor Sakura the way it was meant to be. It took 4 months (an episode each weekday before work) and whilst it's hard to keep the quality up for 70 episodes, it looks beautiful on blu-ray and brought a little joy each morning. Conversely, it took 4 months to watch 8 episodes of the Netflix Resident Evil show. Apart from a couple of good bits here and there, this show was absolute bollocks. It made me angry watching it. Almost all of the characters were unlikeable and I didn't care if they died or not (are teenagers really like this these days? If so, that's so sad). The acting is atrocious (and I adore the wonky charm of the old games) and it just felt like misery porn. The recent reboot was a bit naff, but there was such love crafted to it I get a kick out of it and - hell - I will defend the Paul W.S Anderson films, because they were F U N. Honestly, the Netflix show felt like pissing on the legacy of Resident Evil...and that's saying something considering the world gave us Resident Evil 6.
New update (and more timely this time!) Films in bold = <3

New films

8) Super / James Gunn / 2010 / 3/5
17) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves / Kevin Reynolds / 1991 / 3/5
35) Climax / Gaspar Noé / 2018 / 5/5

Man, I haven't seen that movie since I was like 7 or 8 years old. I know Arrow Video just put out a 4K edition. I was considering grabbing it to revisit it. Maybe after Christmas. Don't know if it will hold up or not. As a kid, I remember liking it. But I know a lot of people like it in an ironic sense. Yeah, I might pick that one up at some point from Arrow.

Yeah, I would say Climax is probably Noe's most re watchable film. I think that's mainly due to Cabin in the Woods/Horror structure it kind of has about it. The dance scenes are phenomenal in that film though. And when the shit hits the fan, boy does it get dark. Some of the self mutilation scenes still make me wince hard. I would still say that maybe Irreversible or I Stand Alone are still my two favorite Noe films but Climax is up there as well. The soundtrack is also pretty great on that movie. I have it in my vinyl collection for a reason.

I haven't seen Super in a while but I still very much love that film. For me, it was the film I wanted Kick Ass to be. Which is ironic because the Kick Ass comic is much closer in tone to Super in terms of not downplaying the insanity of its main characters. Also, I really love Michael Rooker's small part in Super. For some reason, Michael Rooker always stands out to me in that film.

Good list of stuff in general.

Alright, my update time. Not that I've seen much to update on, but here goes.

Rageaholic (Gekkido) // 3.5 out of 5 - A Japanese film made by a friend of mine (Yoshiki Takahasi). He sent me a screener since he knows I probably won't get to see it for a long time. It's currently screening in Japan so it was nice to watch a screener of it as I've been following it on social media since the guy is a friend of mine. For note, Yoshiki is the tattoed guy that was featured in that Battle Royale documentary on the latest Arrow Video release. How would I best describe Rageaholic? It's kind of like a Japanese Demolition Man crossed with elements of Yakuza 7. (believe it or not)

A lone renegade Japanese detective known for his violent outbursts makes the mistake of killing a bystander in a hostage situation and is sent to a medical facility in New York for anger management. 3 years later he returns to his hometown in Japan only to find the place has changed drastically as the overbearing local Community Watchdogs now play judge, jury and executioner as they seek to eradicate the town of the so called "dregs of society." The detective tries to play nice as he attempts to tow the line, but he is eventually pushed to his limits resulting in a bloody showdown between the community fascists and the "dregs of society."

A fun low budget affair. It's well paced and wastes no time making its point. Something I really appreciated as I have sat through way too many bloated films lately. It's low budget so some of the effects work is a bit on the nose. But there are some inspired physical gags towards the end that really made me laugh. It does a good job building to the violent outburst at the end.

It reminded me a little of Yakuza 7 in the sense that the community watchdogs reminded me of the Bleach Japan movement. Anyways, it was a fun watch. Not a bad effort for a first time Director. It's only hurt by the low budget as some of the gore effects leave a little to be desired at times. What can I say? I'm not a big fan of CGi blood but I get it, it's a low budget film. What can you do? But given its budget, I thought it was very well shot and was just a fun satire in general. I had a good time with it.

Smile // 3 out of 5 - It's The Ring all over again. It's really hard not to see the Ringu influence in this. But I did enjoy it. Even if it was highly derivative.

Bullet Train // 3 out of 5 -- Fun. Not much else to say, really. It was just fun. Didn't blow me away but I wouldn't say it was forgettable either. It was just a fun movie and nothing more.

The Menu // 4 out of 5 - I knew absolutely NOTHING about this going in. All I knew is that it was a horror comedy. Didn't read a single review, didn't watch a single trailer, had no expectations whatsoever. I actually really enjoyed it. It's a really tight, well paced dead pan/dark horror comedy. Probably one of my favourite films I've seen this year as it was very up my alley.

Ransom // 3 out of 5 - I've seen this before but it was on late night TV and I ended up watching it again. Very well crafted thriller that loses steam in its final act. I feel like the plot wheel plays it hand one too many times. Say what you will about Mel Gibson and his crazy ways, but man, the guy can act. He and Gary Sinise really are the two best reasons to watch this as they play their deadly game of cat and mouse.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles // 4 out of 5 - Still my favorite John Hughes and John Candy collaboration.

Home Alone // 3.5 out of 5 - It's that time of year again and my nephew is now at the age where he has first discovered Home Alone. Christ, I feel old. I remember going to see it when I was his age in a cinema with my family. Now I'm in my 30's and I'm watching my Nephew discover it. Way to make me feel incredibly old :LOL:

It's still very charming in its own right. I always revisit it once every Christmas as is and it was fun to watch my nephew cracking up at it for the first time. As I get older, it really is Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and the rest of the adult cast that really steal the show for me. Culkin is cute and all, but I really do appreciate the adult cast more and more as I get older. John Williams score is still beautiful in that film. I really have to get around to buying that soundtrack on vinyl someday. And the scene with the old man in the church hits harder every year I get older. It really is a wonderful little Christmas film when you sit back and look at it.
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because of different streaming services the list of newer movies i intend and need to watch are getting longer and longer lol, but the most recent movies i saw were, tenet and the unbearable weight of massive talent.

i think the trailers for both movies over sold the films. they are "ok" but could not amazing. the unbearable weight was entertaining, while tenet is just... silly. i normally love time travel shows and movies but tenet didnt work for me.
Old (2021)

i liked it. the film had some xfiles / lost (tv series) vibes. if your into creepy sci-fi, your like this film.

Old (2021)

i liked it. the film had some xfiles / lost (tv series) vibes. if your into creepy sci-fi, your like this film.

I loved
the mental breakdown of the doctor based on a movie with Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson... BOTH!
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Alrighty, it's that time of year again where everyone makes Best Of lists. And since I saw quite a few films from 2022, here's my entry into that "who gives a shit" list making vibe :ROFLMAO:;)

10.) Jackass Forever (Dir: Jeff Tremaine) - No matter how much older I get, these guys still manage to make me laugh. The secret to Jackass has always been just how likable these guys (and girl) are. They really are just likable dudes that have this real sweet, endearing, if not sadomasochistic friendship. Even in their 50's, they're still making me laugh, wince and cringe with this shit. That's something!

9.) RRR (Dir: S. S. Rajamouli) - In a word? Epic. Epic as all fuck!

8.) Everything, Everywhere All At Once (Dir: Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) - Quite possibly the best cinematic depiction of ADHD that I've ever seen.

7.) Licorice Pizza (Dir: P.T Anderson) - I'm a sucker for P.T Anderson and anything evokes the spirit of Harold and Maude to some degree is A-Okay by me.

6.) Rageaholic (Dir: Yoshiki Takahashi) - It's a Japanese Demolition Man. That alone won me over!

5.) Vortex (Dir: Gaspar Noe) - Quite possibly Noe's most sober film since I Stand Alone. At least in terms of keeping the camera stationery that is. There are no wild, drug addled camera tricks here. Just a simple split screen technique telling the story of two elderly folks in their last days as dementia eats away at them. This film has lingered with me all year and made me realize the true fear of growing old is not dying. Rather it's the fear of losing ones mind before one leaves.

4.) The Menu (Dir: Mark Mylod) - Deliciously twisted in every sense of the words. A pitch black wry dark horror-comedy that was totally up my alley. Bon appetit!

3.) The Whale (Dir: Darren Aronofsky) - I got a chance to see an early screening of this. Very early considering it doesn't come out in Australia until February next year. This is easily going to be the most divisive film of the year, but man, did it resonate with me. Speaking as someone who is on a lifestyle change and trying to lose weight, this film really hit me on a personal level. It's right up there for me with The Wrestler in terms of Aronofsky's body of work. In fact, it's a great companion piece to The Wrestler, I feel.

Brendan Fraser gives an incredible performance in this and is well deserving of the praise he has been getting. This is a film that will definitely evoke a reaction. Be it negative or positive. But for me? I thought it was surprisingly compassionate more than not.

2.) Decision to Leave (Dir: Park Chan-Wook) - Park Chan-Wook returns with a slightly different beat. This time out he gives us a Neo-Noir Romance. The response to this film has been a bit tepid, but I really loved it. It's a slight change of pace for Park but I enjoyed the more low-key nature of this quite a bit. Tang Wei and Park Hae-ill are both incredible this film. I was absolutely entranced by this and loved every moment of it.

1.) Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe (Dir: John Rice, Albert Calleros) - What a fantastic year it's been for B&B. Between this and the new series (which was equally hilarious), I thought it was a great return to form for B&B and Mike Judge. Smart Beavis and Butthead were a fantastic addition here. "Droll, very droll." Not to mention that wonderful and hilarious scene where Beavis opens up to Siri as if she's a real person. I had a fantastic time with this.

I thought it was an excellent sequel to Do America and I really wish they had given this a slightly bigger budget and put it out in theaters. I totally would have paid to see this in a cinema. I thought this was an excellent return to form. And much like Jackass Forever, no matter how much older I get, these two morons still make me laugh my ass off.

For those maybe interested. I did write a very personal piece regarding The Whale. Potential spoilers ahead. I did try not to spoil the film too much but given the nature of what I'm talking about, it was unavoidable. For those interested, feel free to give it a read.