What YouTube Channels are you Subscribed to?


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Aug 1, 2018
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In light of all the "whatcha upto?" type topics I thought it's about time YouTube channels get their own topic.

Now before I get into this I wanna make it abundantly clear that I detest most YouTubers, and if I had it my way they'd all be sent to a Canadian happy camp...

That said, here's my list:

Alan Gogoll This guy's a guitarist on another level. Give him a listen. I recommend Mulberry Mouse!
AsapSCIENCE Short clips that explain science with drawings for simple people like myself.
Beady Eye I should probably unsubscribe, can't really see anything being added to this channel...
BDMods Showcases for small Skyrim mods.
Brodual Showcases and demonstrations of medium to large Skyrim mods by a guy with an oddly soothing voice.
Casually Explained Most of you probably already know. Crude MS Paint images sarcastically explain just about anything.
CGP Grey Informative videos with pictures. You've probably guessed by now that I don't read too much.
gallagherontalksport Recordings of Dr. Octagon (a.k.a. Noel Gallagher) appearing on Andy Goldstein's SportsBar on TalkSport.
How It Should Have Ended Humorous animations of how films should have ended if all the characters knew everything about everything.
Ian Cheeseman - Forever Blue Journalist and former commentator Ian Cheeseman's matchday vlogs at every City match (sometimes even the youth and women's teams)
Jim and Burns (and Dave) Jim Trinca and Steve Burns from VideoGamer's non-starter of a YouTube channel. Also there's a guy called Dave, coz there's always a guy called Dave.
Liam Gallagher Greatest Rockstar of all time.
Man City The best team in the land and all the world!
Mickey Mouse Genuinely great short cartoons. Seriously, watch them!
The Miller Report Simon Miller - also from VideoGamer (and WhatCulture) - started his own channel too. Not as good as his older content, but it's still worth a look when Millbob, Cranst, and Simon "The Miller Report" Miller show up.
Mr. Sunday Movies An Australian said to look like a goat despite not looking like a goat talks movies, comic books, TV shows, and even plays video games. Sometimes joined by an other Australian called Nick Mason. Both are funny as fuck.
Noel Gallagher God-like genius is a bit of an understatement tbh.
Oasis Best band that there ever was and ever will be.
Oasisf1 Some pretty rare Oasis songs/instrumentals.
Outside Xbox Three surprisingly funny (at times) presenters do lists and cover games, occasionally joined by two others who try far too hard to be funny. Supposedly just cover Xbox games, but their lists are littered with non-Xbox games, so they're not to be trusted.
Outside Xtra The two unfunny ones from the previous channel are occasionally joined by the three funny ones to cover non-Xbox games.
PlayStation Access The PlayStation equivalent of the previous two, with a slightly more shamelessly nerdy approach. Still proper entertaining though, and don't have a single annoying presenter.
Shenmue Fans The former Dojo YouTube channel run by Ziming/Hellraiser.
Simon's Cat Don't really watch these anymore, but they're animated shorts about a guy's cats that began as a series of books (no, not the cats you bellend).
SinglePlayerGamer @Mr. OL's YouTube channel that he should really start adding new content to instead of rarely posting on here and never posting on Facebook.
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I am subscribed to:
The Gaming Historian
Marc Rollan (that one is in Spanish but he is doing an amazing Yu Suzuki bio video series)
Not a bad topic idea. Since I am bored in work I will give this a go:

AdikTheOne - good reaction videos
AngryJoeShow - Watch the odd review
Blake Dale - more reaction videos
BlueMue - good rare Shenmue content
Doctor Who - slag it and you die
DynamiteHeaddy - Good UK channel for episodes of Crystal Maze, Knightmare, and Gamesmaster
Easy Allies - used to enjoy their GT content, but not a fan anymore
Easy Allies Plays - as above
FauxPop Media - production company working with Adam on the Shenmue doc
Infinite Medium - stream regulars channel. Good gaming & pop culture videos
InternetFails - Twitch fails mostly
Jibmue - Shenmue community content
Jim Sterling - what can I say, I like him in terms of his criticisms of the industry.
JustAlexHalford - great guy for Vegas Pro and Photoshop tips and tricks
Kyle Bosman - same as the EZA issue above.
MarleyThirteen - COD related channel, and home of the Scottish COD players videos
moose2 - cool streamer
Phantom River Stone - Shenmue community content
Shenmue 500K - Shenmue community content
Shenmue AM2 Podcast - Shenmue community content
Shenmue Dojo - Shenmue community content
Shenmue Forever - Shenmue community content
Shenmue Lounge - Shenmue community content
Stop Skeletons From Fighting - good general gaming channel with Past Mortem episodes
VideoGamerTV - no idea why I am even subscribed
WatchMojo.com - good for 10 minute pop culture and WWE videos whilst sitting on the bog.

edit: I just seen DynamiteHeaddy has had their channel completely removed due to multiple 3rd party strikes. Actually gutted here. His playlists were awesome, with every episode of Gamesmaster, Bad Influence, Crystal Maze, Knightmare, as well as Gladiators and a few other shows. I know 3rd party content is not fair on the content creators, but seriously, why take action when said creators do NOT offer any way to view these old shows??? FFS
Yeah, I fucked it right off when Miller left. Absolutely nosedived when Jim Trinca fucked off with Burns.

Yea actually it was Millar and Yir Auld Da which was why I ended up following them. That's when I got into Burns too. I still follow Burns on Twitter and most of tweets are gold, but Jim only ever tweets dud horse and footie bets so I let him go. Millar sold out to WatchMojo and I don't mind his WWE videos on there, but VideoGamer is muck since they all left.
Yea actually it was Millar and Yir Auld Da which was why I ended up following them. That's when I got into Burns too. I still follow Burns on Twitter and most of tweets are gold, but Jim only ever tweets dud horse and footie bets so I let him go. Millar sold out to WatchMojo and I don't mind his WWE videos on there, but VideoGamer is muck since they all left.

Aye, I think it's you who got me onto em when they reacted to Shenmue III getting announced, subscribed immediately after that. Not sure as he "protected" his tweets and blocked a lotta people, but I reckon Trinca's deactivated his Twitter now, in the end all he tweeted about was political shit and being cynical about everything whilst doing that Scottish typing thing. Some of it was kinda jokes, but they sometimes read like a guy spiralling into depression. Was a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

-bright insight

-forgotten weapons


- die antwoord

im subscribed to several other channels but mainly watch the above. - i mainly like learning facts rather than pure entertainment.. but sometimes i like fan theories on upcomig movies/ tv shows.
Apparently I'm subscibed to over 700 channels. I don't really watch any of them regularly right now.

Mostly watch Anthony Fantano and a bunch of those video essay channels.
Alex Hefner- Just some bloke who reacts to metal songs he's never heard before as someone who had never heard hardly any metal music before. I don't know, I find his enthusiasm endearing and I've even found a couple of songs here and there that I've never given the time to listen to.

Wrestling With Wregret- I started watching this guy's lists about things that dove deep into the history of wrestling and they were often quite amusing at times, though admittedly I can see how his personality and the channel itself would be an acquired taste.

TheTimTracker- Just some guy from Orlando florida who vlogs about theme parks. I really dig theme parks so I like watching the videos. They're really relaxing to watch before bed or after a long day at work.

Buzzfeed Unsolved- Don't much care for Buzzfeed in general, but I enjoy the unsolved shows. Especially the supernatural ones that involve one skeptic and one believer. Even if nothing ever ends up happening, it's still quite funny to watch.

RedLetterMedia- Most of the time I'm kind of indifferent about their opinions on movies, but I find them to be funny in general. I love Best Of The Worst. Sitting down to watch three or four bad straight to video movies and trying to figure out which one was the best of the bunch.

Chelsea Football Club- I support Chelsea and that's about all there is to it.

But yeah, I'm not very generous with my subscriptions so I tend to just subscribe to a very small amount of the things that appeal to all of my main interests.

Oh, and I subscribed to Rocketship Forest which is just my mate's band. They're pretty good.
Shenmue Dojo: Loving the Thursday streams

Shenmue AM2 Podcast: I really enjoy this and will often listen to one or two of these when on a long project at work.

Moose2: Streamer, liked his streams of Shenmue 1 and 2 and have stayed subscribed.

Shenmueso: Shenmue streamer and Fan

Digital Foundry: Tech analysis on games. Love this and really accessible to non-techy people like me.

Shenmue500k: Official Shenmue 500k

Shenmue Lounge: Great streams before moving over to the dojo

SkillJim: General youtube shenanigans.

Novin Works: Ali Novins YouTube Channel

Also I listen to a number of wrestling podcasts including Y2J and Stone cold.
Most of them are binaural beat or meditation music as I suffer from Anxiety & I have a strong passionate interest about Psychic Abilities but I'm also subscribed to Shenmue YouTubers who do live streams or upload gameplays. I've recently subscribed to Virtua Bros as the guys are hilarious during their live streams and I am a fan of Virtua Fighter but also found out that Shenmue was originally made to be a Virtua Fighter RPG so it's interesting watching the Virtua Bros videos. Other than that there's Onision, people get the wrong end of the stick of his dark humour but he actually is a decent guy as I've spoken to on a live chat once.
I've got a handful of favorites! There's this awesome DIY tech channel, SignalDitch, where the guy crafts his own tube-making machines—it's mesmerizing! Then there's a science channel, Kurzgesagt, offering mind-blowing insights.