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Would Anyone Living in Japan Be Willing to Ship Something to Me?


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Aug 5, 2018
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
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I'll take it to PMs if anyone is willing to assist, but there is a car part (not huge, but not small either) on eBay that is literally almost 2.5x the price it is on Yahoo Japan (same seller).

Typically, I'd just eat the cost myself and deal with it in-house, but we're looking at a savings of nearly $125.00 CAD on JUST the item without shipping, so the savings are quite large.

I know about forwarding companies, but have had a couple of issues with them in the past, thus I'm a bit leery.

So yes, if anyone is at all willing to lend a hand, let me know ITT and I'll send a pm with links and all.

Any help is appreciated, thank you :)
Thanks, You.

So just checked Sendico and Zenmarket (who is apparently cheaper in fees and they are, but not by much)... shipping for both companies for my item would be around $280.00 CAD (!!!!!). Coupled with the item itself, it would be over $400.00, just ridiculous. I could do SAL, but that would take too long and there's no proper tracking, though the cost would be only $80.00 less than if I got it on eBay and eBay would get it to me in 6 days...

Looks like I'll have to pony up the dough, ugh.

So yeah, this thread is pretty much moot at this point lol, thanks for anyone who wanted to help!