Your top 10 favourite albums of all time?

Apr 12, 2023
Your top 10 favourite albums of all time? Here's mine:
1. 1999 - Prince
2. Off The Wall - Michael Jackson
3. Hounds Of Love - Kate Bush
4. Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 - George Michael
5. Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston.
6. Synchronicity - The Police
7. Diamond Life - Sade
8. Paid In Full - Rakim and Eric B
9. Master Of Puppets - Metallica
10. Straight Outta Compton - NWA.

Yes I'm an late 70s and 80s guy
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Love me some Synchronicity, my favourite album of theirs (I like other select songs by the Police, but for entire album? Synchronicity all the way) and Synchronicity II is my favourite Police tune.

Even though my preferred genre is 60s-70s Rock (with Nu Metal coming in 2nd), you will see below that my favourite albums is not exclusively that genre/time period. Also, like the Police above, these are my favourite complete ALBUMS: it doesn't mean that my 5 favourite songs or 10 favourite bands are in this list. But anyways, strap yourselves in for a LONG ride (If you're willing ;)):

HM: Live Rust- Neil Young (1978):

When compliling this, I came up with 12 albums, so LR just misses the cut. Not a HUGE Neil Young fan (his more folky-soft stuff {outside of After the Gold Rush, which is a phenomenal song} I can't stand lol), but this live album delivers on EVERY song, with almost each one being better than the album versions (literally). Funnily-enough, the song that first got me into this album "(My My, Hey Hey, Into the Black," the really heavy version he plays) isn't even among my 5 favourites of this album. Just pure gold from top to bottom, with maybe 2 or 3 songs that are duds (out of 16, that's not bad)

3 favourites off the album:

After the Gold Rush
Like a Hurricane
Tonight's the Night

HM The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall- Black Light Burns (2012):

I'm not a massive fan of BLB and while Wes Borland is a great guitarist and superb all-around artist, I would never consider him one of my favourite musicians, but this album is fantastic to my ears and if I skip songs, I skip maybe 2 of them (out of 15). Not a fan of Industrial Rock either, however this is a great ride, with some great music, catchy lyrics and melodies and just some off-the-wall madness that Wes is known for. Dark stuff too (both in sound and lyrics).

3 favourites off the album:

We Light Up
Your Head Will be Rotting on a Spike
Torch From the Sky

10. Spit and Yell- Rize (2005):

Rize is my 3rd favourite band ever and I got into them because of the Yakuza series (they did the theme song for Kurohyo Shinso: "Muppet)." When I saw the extensive history the lead singer, Jesse McFaddin, had with Zeebra and other Japanese artists I like(d), I started to listen to more of them and then the appreciation exploded: not as heavy as Nu Metal here in the West, but Rize is (IMO), the closest thing to Nu Metal from Japan, so it just made sense that I would take to them. This is an excellent album, with a few uncharacteristic songs thrown in (Konomama, done with Def Tech) and some excellent tunes throughout: Rize got a bit heavier from here on out and it can be seen throughout the album.

It's not a regret at all, but I really wish I didn't pack so much in my trip in Japan: I missed meeting Jesse at his shop (in Togoshi Ginza) by about an hour. Still got a wonderful shirt done though :D

3 favourites off the album:

Black Fly
Konomama Tensaibaka
Stand Up

9. Satellite- P.O.D. (2001):

P.O.D. have a lot of fantastic tunes, but a lot on their albums can be considered largely filler: absolutely not the case with this album, that had 4 singles get a shit-ton of radio/music video play and with only 2 songs (MAYBE a 3rd) that are just, "there," in the background. While they are far from subtle about their religion, if one had 0 knowledge of religions of the world, they would be able to appreciate the album just as well. There's also a bit of everything here, save for a soft tune or two, with typical Nu Metal songs, more rap-esque songs, melodic tunes and songs with serious subject matter, it's a diverse mix of enjoyable listening: it's no wonder they sold multiple millions of this album.

3 favourites off the album:

Set it Off
The Messenjah

8. Brimstone Sluggers- Crazy Town (2015):

Well, this was a surprise! I've been shit on for over a decade because I like Crazy Town (7th favourite band ever) and after Darkhorse flopped (despite being a pretty good Nu Metal album), plus the death of two members of the band (AND it being 13 years after Darkhorse released; we 'mue fans know about that), I found about Brimstone Sluggers being released, 3 days before it released! Once I got it, I played it in my rental car when I was scouting for a place to live in Calgary and man, was it ever a fun time. This is definitely their best album, less Nu Metally and more Rap, but it still (as the kids say nowadays) absolutely slaps. Another album with 2, maybe 3 songs that I skip, the really good tunes are VERY good, with excellent production, lyrics and a great sound. Super stuff, all-around.

3 favourites off the album:

Born to Raise Hell

7. Saishu Heiki- King Giddra (2002):
(translates to, "The Ultimate Weapon)"

Absolute monster of a Japanese Rap album, this is 100%, one of the finest rap albums ever made in the history of the genre, not just in Japan. Yeah, F.F.B. is a fun, throwaway song, but it's an awesome and hilarious throwaway song. Yeah, 911's remixed version is the more-famous and infinitely better version, but the original is still great. The only filler song on the album (out of 14) is the final track, which is an instrumental by DJ Oasis, but literally songs 1-13 are all bangers and the first is just an intro as well, so if your intro is a banger, then that usually means the album is awesome. Zeebra and K Dub Shine were at the top of their game on this album, you might even say they were Unstoppable... (pun, greatly intended).

I did mention the remix album: 911's remix is probably my favourite (or 2nd favourite) song of King Giddra's ever, as that album is similarly very good (but some of the remixes are not up to snuff). Even the b-side to a single on the album (which was cut due to subject matter) is a superb tune.

3 favourites off the album:

Kokai Shokei

6. A Public Disservice Announcement- Methods of Mayhem (2010)

Tommy Lee wrote all of M.O.M.'s songs for their first album, while in jail; for this album however, he took a different approach. He put out a decree on MySpace (yes) for anyone to contribute any submission for a new album, that Tommy would re-write/mix and create one whole albums' worth of these tunes, which he took off of some music database. AFAIK, about half of the tunes were collected in this manner, while the other half were penned by Tommy and his collaborators themselves (I may be wrong on that). It started with the previous album, but this is truly the first album where I skip one or no songs when listening to it (for this album, I skip none of them). Truly a wide range of genres, but everything is still rock/Nu Metal at its core (save for 3 of the 11 songs), a critic (who rated the album fairly) at the time said of a specific song, "there is an inherent warmth about this track, something that you wouldn't expect from this band," and I would actually say that for half of tunes: Tommy did something excellent here and it shows that he's not just a, "badboy rocker," but an actual, true musician.

Side note: he was, "involved with," Sofia Toufa at this time and her influence can be seen on some songs (she also guests on a couple of them).

I also stumbled upon this album, the morning of my Communications (TV-specific) exam and even though I was confident going into the exam, finding this album and then listening to it all the way to the exam, gave me that much more confidence and happiness.

I got a B+ ;)

3 favourites off the album:

All I Wanna Do
Time Bomb
Louder (the, "Warmth," song. It's borderline perfection)

5. Gold Cobra- Limp Bizkit (2011):


What a super-exciting time it was, from 2009's reformation of the band until the eventual release of this wonderful album; ask @Reprise about it! ;) (though I feel it's their best album BY FAR, he has a differing opinion :LOL:) Fred and crew started posting little snippets and recordings on Twitter (in Twitter's infancy) and elsewhere, of a handful of songs (all of which made the album, though they were all changed in some way) and listening to new material and being all hyped, the feeling was so awesome! And so is the story of how I listened to the album for the first time...

The album was due to come out when I was smack dab in the middle of my trip to Italy, but it was leaked about a week before or so and I HAD to have my hands on it: I spent 7 hours one night, on the hostel computer (Windows ME, 500 MHZ computer in 2011. Kill me), trying to get it onto my iPod. Downloading the album took a while, but there were no hiccups there. As it was ME though, I couldn't download iTunes and so I spent the final 5 1/2 hours, converting files, modifying folders, doing whatever I could to get the songs on my iPod to listen to... and I couldn't get it to work: as there was one key to the room and it automatically locked, this pissed my mother off greatly. Feeling defeated, we spent a very enjoyable next day, walking around Florence and seeing the sights, when upon returning to the hostel, I went for a little stroll... and found a Korean summer student, studying abroad, with a Macbook!!!! I said to her, "you have iTunes on there, right? Can I please borrow this for 5 minutes: I will not put anything on your laptop that is malicious or touch anything, I just need to transfer songs to my iPod." She allowed me to and after 3 minutes, I had everything I needed. I gave her 5 Euros in thanks and rushed to the room. My mom wanted to go for a walk and I apologised, but had to stick in the room and listen to the album: we can do the walk tomorrow (which we did). She left for the walks and because I couldn't leave (the whole key thing), I was sequestered for 3 hours or so, with nothing but a little snack, a Fanta and listening to GC for the first time. Easily one of the best nights of my life.

I skip a grand total of 1 song when listening to this album; maybe the band's sound wasn't as punchy and great as the earlier stuff, but in terms of musical quality and talent, the stuff on this album was definitely their best to date (Wes doing Solos! :D), they collaborated with a few musicians (mainly rappers. Actually, I think it was ONLY rappers) on a couple of tracks, but each is great to listen to, even if a couple are a bit cringey lol (it can't be LB without some cringe!).

3 favourites off the album:

Gold Cobra (banger)
Loser (lovely vibe)
Walking Away (arguably their best song ever)

4. Get Some- Snot (1997)

Someone on mentioned this band and then I found the song, "I Jus' Lie," and listened to it. Wow, the energy, the power, the wild and hilarious lyrics, just who was Snot and why did this song make me want to hear more? Well hear more I did and I fell in love (not that kind of love lol) with Lynn Strait's vocals, energy and attitude: yeah the guy wasn't the greatest singer (did a lot of yelling), but no one then and no one since, sounded like he did. He had such an incredibly raw and powerful vocal in every song, I don't know how his vocal chords didn't rip out of his throat. Moreso than that though, he had a great flow, a great feeling of HOW to sing a song, as opposed to someone who has stellar vocal talent and can just belt through a tune. Lots of fun (and funny) lyrics, lots of serious and kinda political lyrics, incredibly-powerful Nu Metal sounds and great sense of funkiness on many tracks, the songs on this album are superb, each and every one of them, save for maybe Unplugged (the only song I skip, out of 15 songs). Lynn died in a car accident 1 year after the album was released, so this (and a couple of other tracks that were recorded, but part of compilations) is all we have of the original (and best) Snot, but it is truly fantastic stuff and I love it to pieces.

3 favourites off the album:

I Jus' Lie

3. Lifehouse Chronicles- Pete Townshend (2000, recorded from 1970-1999):

The Who is my first true musical love and they are simply phenomenal musical talents, all 4 of them: while John Entwistle is a poor man's Pete Townshend, the other 3 look up at Pete in terms of talent and virtuosity. Lifehouse was his magnum opus, the thing he spent years of time on and really wanted to blow out of the park... well that didn't happen. The concept was way too high-level for people at the time (nowadays, it makes complete and utter sense) and subsequently, the album, film and everything else was scrapped. Pete then decided to release it in 2000, on his website and the rest is history.

This is an absolutely wonderful album, of well over 50 tracks (59) and the entire radio play, that was to be adapted into the film that Pete was hoping would be made. IMO, this is Pete's best writing and some of these tunes just hit me in the heart, they are so wonderfully-composed and performed: Pete performed each of the instruments himself at his home studio and then mixed it all himself as well. Some tunes are very specific to the overall subject, but some other songs have universal themes to them as well and it is this seamlessness in writing that shows just how incredible a musician Pete Townshend is. When I finally got this album in 2020, I listened to it for a good 5 months straight, with no interruptions. It is simply magical.

One day, I will sit down and listen to the Radio Play :LOL:

3 favourites off the album:

Too Much of Anything
Time is Passing
Who Are You? (Live and Uncut at the Shepherd's Bush Empire 1998), my second-favourite version of my absolute favourite song ever

2. Results May Vary- Limp Bizkit (2003)


The Black sheep of LB's albums! I geeve, I love it to absolute death. This was the first album where I felt an emotional attachment to the music (not all of the songs, lol) and this is why it has always been my second favourite album. Creamer (Radio is Dead) is my favourite LB song and its infectious beat and bassline didn't leave my ears for the first 3 months I ever heard the song. Eat You Alive is a completely awesome song and the video (while ridiculous) is superb as well and while BBEyes is definitely inferior to the Who's version, I actually prefer it (because it's different and not overplayed to death everywhere). Another reason it is my favourite, it because of the dozens of unreleased tracks for it that exist: if the original plan to make it a mega-album went through, it definitely would have stayed as my second-favourite ever, as I love most of those tracks, even if many are cringey. This is also the cousin duo of Sam Rivers and John Otto's best album from a musical quality standpoint: while JO is fantastic on every album, he's a cut above here and Sam's bass is so involved with every song, it's his best output quality-wise, from an album standpoint.

3 favourites off the album:

Underneath the Gun
Build a Bridge
Creamer (Radio is Dead)

At my HS, a different musical track (clean, of course) was played every morning over the PA, as people were going to their classes. For my 18th bday, as I was friends with the guy who did it, I requested he play Build a Bridge and it was super-satisfying, especially when the rest of the class rolled in and commented on how great of a song it was (nobody knew I requested it lol). Lovely HS days when stupid shit like that made us happy and fulfilled :)

1. Who's Next- The Who (1971):

Naturally, if Lifehouse is my favourite by Pete, then Who's Next is undoubtedly my favourite album ever. An absolute masterpiece, it is (arguably, as I think some aren't) the 8 best songs in Lifehouse, re-done with the entire band and 1 John Entwistle tune (his best and most well-known composition, My Wife). This was the band at their absolute peak, before any of them fell off the rails with substance abuse, before any of them had marital problems, before the industry started to shift away from rock being the most-popular genre, it is the culmination of Pete's best efforts and the band feeling that vision, running with it and making it balls to the wall incredible. It's only 9 tracks (the least of any album on my list), but I certainly don't skip any song, even if BBEyes and Baba O'Riley are overplayed to death. When I first listened to this album, unmolested, in 2002, it didn't leave my CD player (yes, THAT old lol) for around 6 months and I played it so much, the CD developed holes/dents and now doesn't play lol :(. The Who's masterclass, this album will never NOT be my favourite ever.

3 favourites off the album:

Song is Over
Won't Get Fooled Again (which I deem to be the greatest rock song ever made)
Bargain (my 2nd favourite song ever)

Sorry for the essay :(

10.) Dictius Te Necare - Bethlehem // I was first introduced to Bethlehem through the Gummo soundtrack and have been a fan ever since. But the Dictius Te Necare album is pure gold. Never have I heard something more urgent, desperate or heavy. Considering is all about Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, it's not an easy listen. Especially once you start digging into the lyrics. But it is a weirdly comforting one when heavily depressed. Also, some great riffs in general on this album. Bethlehem is indeed an acquired taste of a band, but I love them.

9.) The Jester Race - In Flames // My favorite album by In Flames. So many good melodic riffs on this album. December Flower, Dead God In Me, Moonshield and Dead Eternity are absolute bangers. It never gets old for me. Generally, I'm a fan of most things In Flames has done, but this album is still their very best for me personally.


8.) And Justice For All - Metallica // It has some of the most absolutely memorable guitar riffs, some of the most relevant lyrical themes, the most memorable guitar solos, an incredible vocal performance from James Hetfield, not to mention lyrics that just stick with you, and some of the most epic bass lines (If only you could actually hear them a little better. Thanks Lars.)


7.) Toxicity - System of a Down // System of a Down is that rare band where I can honestly say I've loved everything they've ever put out. But Toxicity is the one album of theirs I go back to the most. Chop Suey alone makes this album so damn special.


6.) Yoshu Fukushu - Maximum the Hormone // This album is absolutely incredible from top to bottom. Not one bad song on this album. It's just a fun album to throw on when working out or walking I've found as it gets me completely energized. I absolutely adore Benjo Sandal Dance. A-L-I-E-N is pure insanity with its mixups. Utsukushiki Hito Bito no Uta is an incredible ode to the depressed souls of Japan. Yeah, I fucking love this album from top to bottom.


5.) Lateralus - Tool // Consider it to be Tool's Dark Side of the Moon. It's either this or Ænema for me, but I tend to spin Lateralus more often than not. (although I do fucking love Eulogy on Ænema)


4.) Absolution - Muse // My favorite Muse album. It's the one album by Muse I find myself going back to most frequently. One of the best modern rock albums ever released.


3.) Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin // Plant's vocals are topnotch, Bonham's drumming is so powerful, Page's multi layered guitar is perfect, and JPJ on bass and keyboard bring it all together. I really miss bands actually putting out an album that is a complete work, rather than concentrating on one hit song


2.) The Blue Album - Weezer // It's a shame they never released anything quite as good as this. In some ways, they peaked with The Blue Album. But what an album it is! I absolutely adore everything about this album.


1.) Abbey Road - The Beatles // While I wouldn't call it their best album (I'd actually still maybe give that honor to Rubber Soul personally speaking)...I still very much adore Abbey Road and it is the one I find myself going back to the most. The heavy melancholic downward spiral that is 'I Want You (She's so heavy)' is almost enough for me alone. I know some complain about the last half of the album, but I love the way it all comes together. It's one album I always find myself listening to top to bottom whenever I'm in the mood. I can't just listen to one song from it, I always find myself throwing on the whole album every time. That to me has to qualify as worthy of my number one spot.
Hmm. Off the top of my head:

Guided by Voices - Alien Lanes
Ween - Quebec
Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps
The Books - The Way Out
The Magnetic Fields - Get Lost
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, and Jeffrey Frederick & the Clamtones - Have Moicy!
De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - F♯ A♯ ∞
Swans - White Light From the Mouth of Infinity
In no particular order...

OK Computer - Radiohead
Queen II - Queen
A Night at the Opera - Queen
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
Automatic for the People - R.E.M.
Debut - Björk
Dusk... and Her Embrace - Cradle of Filth
Vempire - Cradle of Filth
Nevermind the Bollocks - Here's the Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols
Dookie - Green Day
Great topic. I‘m a Rock and Metal guy and an 80s and 90s guy. This list can change of course, depending on what I listen to at the moment. I used to listen to a lot of German music when I was young and more recently have been listening to a lot of (Ex)-Yugoslav music so some of the stuff on my list will probably seem pretty obscure to international users. Also I have to stress that a lot of great albums kind of almost made the cut but ultimately didn't. I have hidden my text for each album in a spoiler tag for better readability and included my three favorite songs off each album at the end of the text. Here we go.

1. Rust in Peace - Megadeth, USA 1990

Considereed by many as the greatest thrash metal album ever recorded, Rust in Peace is a heavy, fast, melodic, groovy, almost bluesy at times tour de force which one can listen to over and over again, still discovering little details about each song after decades of listening. Singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Dave Mustaine, bassist Dave Elefson and lead guitarist Marty Friedman all are at the peak of their respective careers here. Mustaine has written some of the genre's most beloved songs for this album. This is an absolute masterpiece, not one weak track on here . Each song leaves you in awe as it ends, only for the next song to completely sweep you off your feet again. If you ever feel like it, take a quiet moment to listen to this album in full. And buckle up. You're in for a ride!

Top tracks: Tornado of Souls ( Warning, this possibly contains the greatest guitar solo in human history ;)), Five Magics, Holy Wars

2. The Crimson Idol -W.A.S.P., USA 1992

This concept album tells the story of a fictional young man from rural America who starts a career in Rock music. The album covers his journey, as he moves to the West Coast to eventually reach stardom and face all the dangers that come with it. The record features a common theme on guitar which is present in all songs in different variations. Singer Blackie Lawless shows an incredible vocal range and depth and the instrumentalists' work is also extraordinary. This is the best W.A.S.P. album and a largely overlooked masterpiece.

Top tracks: The Invisible Boy, Chainsaw Charlie, Docter Rockter.

3. TMG I - Tak Matsumoto Group, Japan/USA 2004

Yes, this obscure thing does exist. This record was recorded in Japan during the 2000s when Japanese guitar maestro Tak Matsumoto got together with American Rock singers Eric Martin (Mr Big) and Jack Blades (Damm Yankees) who also played bass on this record. Matsumoto has written a lot of incredibly catchy riffs for this album, ranging from classic Hard Rock to some Nu Metal influences , even to some funky rhythms. And boy, did the two Americans deliver on what their names promised on the vocal front. Both Martin and Blades sound excellent on this record. There are only one or two slightly weaker tracks on here. The sad thing is, this band never got together again to make another album.

Top tracks: Trapped, I Wish You Were Here, My Alibi.

4. Es ist soweit (The Time Has Come) - Böhse Onkelz, Germany 1990

I recently discovered that most bands I like fall into two categories when it comes to best albums : those whose first album is their strongest and those who record their best album right before their big commercial breakthrough. Same goes for this band from Frankfurt who recorded this classic in the early 1990s, before signing their first major label deal with Virgin Records in around 93 or 94, after which their sound became gradually more mainstream compatible and Pop-Rock sounding. Bassist and songwriter Stephan Weidner once again proved himself as a "poet of the streets", combining heavy riffs with his unique lyrics style influenced by writers such as Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The album covers dark topics such as drug addiction, violence and the death penalty. This is probably the best German language metal album ever imho. No dragon slaying, no pretentoius lyrics, no music videos and pyrotechnics. Just heavy, dirty, gritty street Metal.

Top tracks: Nichts ist für die Ewigkeit, Hast du Sehnsucht nach der Nadel, Das Leben ist ein Spiel.

5. Maybe Tonight/Alternatively titled "Joyside" in Europe - Joyside, China 2009

Founded in 2001, Punk/Indie Pop band Joyside were one of the most well-known acts of Beijing's vibrant 2000s Punk Rock scene, playing clubs like Yugong Yishan, Mao Live House and the legendary D-22. Back then, Joyside were famous for their live shows infused with lots of alcohol and all kinds of other "substances" you could think of. Joyside even went on two or three overseas tours during their career. This is their final album, the band went on a last tour through China and Europe after its release and then disbanded. There have been a few TV performances and at least one new song recorded in the early 2020s but the band never recorded another album or toured again as far as I know. Joyside's final album proved to be the best they would ever make. Singer Bian Yuan delivered his best songwriting on this album. Sound-wise you can hear influences of Lords of the New Church, The Ramones, Velvet Underground and Johnny Thunders in there. The band also proved resourceful and used some unusual instruments like the harmonica on here.

The album's release history is extremely odd which might also give us a clue about the reasons why the Beijing punks disbanded after its release. German Indie label Fly Fast released the album in Europe and organized several European tours for the Band, but the last albums release was just strange to say the least.Not only did the album title change from "Maybe Tonight" to simply "Joyside", which in and of itself is kind of odd, because Fly Fast had already released Joyside's previous album "Booze at Neptune's Dawn" in the European markets in 2007. The German release also features some tracks the Chinese one doesn't and vice versa. Also tracks which are on both versions sound different on the Chinese version than they do on the German one. My guess is that there were some hiccups with Joyside's Chinese label Maybe Mars or some other legal issues and the band re-recorded the album for the overseas release. The reasons are anyone's guess though. I own both CD versoins and tend to like Fly Fast's production a little bit better for most of the songs but both versions are great. This album and this band always kind of make me think back on my "wild days" and they hold special place in my heart.

Top tracks: The Last Song for the Endless Party ( Chinese release only), Good Night (European release only), Shejing.

6. Crush 40 - Crush 40, Japan 2003

I'm a Sega fanboy so this had to be in here. Crush 40 is Jun Senoue, one of the main composers of the Sonic series, on guitar and Johnny Gioelli of Hardline and Axel Rudi Pell as the lead singer. Most of you will probably know the band from their contributions to the 21st century Sonic games, such as "Live and Learn ", "I am... All of Me" and so on. The album consists of some tracks from the Sonic Adventure games and a bunch of songs from late 90s/early 2000s Sega Arcade racing games. Released by Italian label Frontiers Records in Europe, this Melodic Rock album is fun, upbeat and catchy, with wonderfully cheesy lyrics about "giving it your all", "driving to win", "finding your true self" and so on and so forth. :) Johnny Gioelli also delivers a great, kind of Jon Bon Jovi-sounding vocal performance and Jun Senoue sounds crisp on guitar. Furthermore, there is not one weak track on this album imho. "All Killer, no Filler". :)

Top tracks: Revvin' Up, Into the Wind, All the Way.

7. Godina Zmaja (Year of the Dragon) - Psihomodo Pop, Yugoslavia 1988

One of the finest Yugoslav Punk Rock records you will ever find, Godina Zmaja manages to fuse dark undertones, with catchy melodies, goofy humor and that typically Croatian easy-going, laid-back coastal way of life attitude (Ah, jebiga ;)). I also would like to point out the super crisp, powerful production the record label Jugoton have given this album. It sounds excellent. The band is still active to this day afaik and has also recorded some great material in later years, but they never quite reached the heights of their debut album again. There is one or two weaker tracks on here, towards the end of the album, but that doesn't change the overall impression. I don't know how to explain this, but there are certain albums that, when you listen to them for the first time, after the first few bars, give you the feeling that something magical is about to happen. Godina Zmaja is one of those magical albums and it remains a great experience every time you listen to it. No matter if I just want to rock out, cheer myself up after a rough day, or if I'm having my first sip of coffee on an early Sunday morning, this album always brings a big old smile to my face.

Top tracks: Nema nje, Frida, Kad sam imao 16.

8. Vatra (Fire) - Divlje Jagode, Yugoslavia 1985

Having been around since basically forever, Divlje Jagode (Wild Strawberries) are considered by many to be the Kings of Balkans Metal. Centered around guitar hero Sead Lipovaca, the band from the city of Bihac hit their most consistent and creative phase in the 1980s. Sound-wise, you could think of Judas Priest, with some AC/DC and a little bit of Dio thrown in there. This album contains super hard riff work, groovy bass lines and memorable guitar solos. While I am also fond of a lot of Divlje Jagode 's later material, especially from the 2000s, I've always liked Alen Islamovic's higher-pitched, grittier vocal style a little bit better, compared to the other lead singers Divlje Jagode have seen throughout the years. Islamovic really delivered a vintage performance on this record, sounding absolutely phenomenal. If you are intersted in Balkans Metal, or Eastern European Metal in general, Divlje Jagode are a band you absolutely should not miss and this album will not let you down. A true classic.

Top tracks: Let na drugi svijet, Vatra, Ciganka.

9. Love Gun - Kiss, USA 1974

This is Kiss' second studio album and I have a really hard time deciding between this one and their self-titled first album. This is Kiss in their original line up, hitting hard , playing heavy, while throwing in some glam elements and their signature multi-voice choruses whithout sounding over-produced like some of their later albums. None of the band members is necessarily a great musician, technically speaking, but there is an undeniable chemistry on this record and some top tier songwriting. This album is a fun experience all around.

Top tracks: I've Got Love for Sale, Love Gun, Shock Me.

10. Thriller - Michael Jackson, USA 1982

Even I need some mainstream Pop music once in a while and why settle for less than the best? No need to say much about this album, really. Most people would agree that the Quincy Jones were the most fruitful in MJ's career. I've never been a fan of MJ's Paul McCartney collaborations and Wanna Be Startin Something but if those are the weaker tracks on an album, one can immagine just how good it is.

Top tracks: Baby Be Mine, Beat It, Billie Jean.
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1. Genius/Gza - Liquid Swords

Especially in winter time, but this is peak Wu-Tang (/Hiphop/Music) to me. Conceptually dark but creative and Gza goes from crazy wordplay to grimy storytelling. Rza's production is insane.

2. Nas - Illmatic

Nas is my favorite artist.

3. Ice Cube - Death Certificate

Literally the album that made me aware that I was/am a minority (living in the Netherlands) and I wasn't crazy in some of my feelings about it.

Rest in no particular order:

Michael Jackson - Bad
Shenmue II soundtrack
2pac - Me Against the World
Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
Deltron 3030
Warren G - Regulate...G-Funk Era
Music is such a passion for me. I spend probably at least 6 hours a day listening to it, trying to absorb as much as I possibly can. With that in mind, my music taste is very diverse, but when it comes to my all time favourite albums, i'm a bit more boring i'd say. With the exception of 1-6, the rest could easily change from day to day, so it's not an exact list.

10) The The: Soul Mining (1983) - Matt Johnson is a reclusive genius; he recorded this album in his early 20's and still sounds overwordly today. Such creativity in such a young man! I had the honour to see him at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018 - only The The's 4th tour in 45 years!

9) Angels & Airwaves: I-Empire (2006): It was a toss up between this and blink 182's self titled. The latter still blows me away because it sounds nothing like their earlier stuff and has aged beautifully. My heart will always belong to Enema of the State and Take Off Your Pants & Jacket, but if I had to keep one blink album, it'd be this! This album has such heart and sincerity that it makes my heart blossom. Listening to this song as I type this, my arm hair is on end.

Are you curious please stay. Don't go. I got you now...beautiful

8) U2: Achtung Baby (1991): U2 were one of the first bands I got into as a teenager once I got over the metal/punk phase. I'm not sure why they mean so much to me, but again they just have such sincerity and have got me through some difficult times. I adore their 2000 album "All That You Can't Leave Behind" as it was one of the first albums I got when I got into music, but Achtung Baby is truly an all killer no filler album. I even love modern U2 and seeing them live was truly a wonderful experience. With or Without You is probably the greatest song of all time.

7) Bruce Springsteen: The Rising (2002): Bruce is my hero. My hero of heroes. And yet trying to pick an album here is almost impossible. Ask me on 7 days of the week and you'll get 7 different answers. However, i'm going to go with The Rising, because Springsteen is one of those rare artists where his later period stuff is just as strong - if not stronger - as his earlier stuff. He has an incredible way of making you feel like you're the only person in the room. His music makes me cry and happy to be alive, even the songs that are full of heartbreak.

6) Eels: Blinking Lights & Other Revelations (2005): A sprawling 34 track, 95 minute album of sketches and songs all over the place, but what songs; what sketches. The album covers almost every emotion and feels like it was worth the 7 years it took to make. Eels always do brilliant albums, but there's something about this one that stands above everything else they ever did. The song I picked is just one of the most beautiful songs ever made.

5) Busted: A Present For Everyone (2003): Hand on heart, one of the greatest albums ever made. I was 18 at the time this came out and to think that people almost the same age of me was making stuff like this still blows my mind. I still listen to this album all the time and is a true all-killer no filler album. Since they reformed in 2015 i've seen them 6 times. It will be 7 times come September. This feels like *my* band and it makes me so happy that they still mean so much to so many UK folk my age. Long may they reign

4) Arcade Fire: Funeral (2004): This album means the world to me not only because from start to finish, it's almost a perfect album, but because it evokes a very specific memory for me. It's nothing major; it's just me going for a walk near my house on a snowy, but sunny day, but it's such a beautiful memory that reminds me of my old neighbourhood which sort of makes sense seeing as 4 of their songs on this album are called 'Neighbourhood'. Such a special band to me. I saw them in a tiny venue last year and it was almost a religious experience.

=1) Hardline: Double Eclipse (1992): So by this point, I can't decide on my top 3 so they are all #1. Sonic the Hedgehog has a lot to answer for my music taste and if it wasn't for Johnny Gioeli being in Crush 40, then I would never have known about Hardline. To hear this album in the mid 2000's when this sort of music was the most unfashionable thing around didn't mean squat to me. What an album. It just blew me away and to this day I can listen to it from beginning to end with a big smile on my face. I've met Johnny many times and he's always been good to his fans (he even took me out to dinner a few years ago!) I beg him to play an obscure track off the album, but no luck haha!

=1) Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell (1993): Jim Steinman is one of my all time favourite songwriters and nobody embodied his songs more than Meat Loaf. With Steinman, more is more and sometimes too much is never enough. I love how over the top everything is, but everything is in its right place. It's an album that makes me glad to be alive and it breaks my heart both are now gone. But they left me this and I am forever greatful.

=1) Jimmy Eat World: Bleed American (2001): This album changed my life. At the time, I liked punk and metal music, but sometimes I felt a bit left out. I'm a sensitive and romantic soul and the nu-metal at the time didn't really resonate with me in a way that warmed me. Then on a Kerrang CD I heard A Praise Chorus and it felt like an epiphany. Here was loud rock music, but with a sensitive soul. I got the CD for Christmas and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have this band in my life. The ballads were so beautiful, but they could rock hard at the same time. To this day, this album means the world to me and when I find things too much, they help me so much.

Every year, minutes before the clock strikes 12 for my birthday, I play A Praise Chorus and pray for a good year ahead. I hear these lyrics and I feel like I can take on the world

I'm on my feet, i'm on the floor, i'm good to go.
And all I need is just to hear a song I know.
I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.

I wanna fall in love tonight.

I hope I can indulge you with two songs here because I simply couldn't choose. I've seen Jimmy Eat World 8 times and they rarely let me down. Long may they reign.

"Your House" breaks my heart, but in the most wonderful way <3

I could talk all day about the artists i've missed in no order...
  • The Beatles (The White Album, Please Please Me)
  • Rush (2112, Moving Pictures, Hold Your Fire)
  • Radiohead (OK Computer, In Rainbows)
  • BORIS (PINK, SMILE, Akuma no Uta)
  • B'z (Brotherhood, The Ballads)
  • blink-182 (self titled, Enema of the State, Take off Your Pants and Jacket)
  • Oasis (Definitely Maybe)
  • The Offspring (Conspiracy of One)
  • Sigur Ros (Agaetus Byrjun)
  • The Smiths (The Queen Is Dead)
  • Danger Danger (self titled)
  • TNT (My Religion)
  • Swans (To Be Kind)
  • Tool (Lateralus)
  • Neil Young (Harvest Moon)
  • Kraftwerk (Trans-Europe Express)
  • The King Blues (Save The World Get The Girl)
  • The Flaming Lips (The Soft Bulletin, Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots)
  • Journey (Arrival)
  • Crush 40 (self titled)
  • Iron Maiden (Dance of Death)
  • FM (Tough It Out)
  • The Gaslight Anthem (The '59 Sound, Handwritten)
  • Def Leppard (Hysteria)
  • David Bowie (Low)
  • Beastie Boys (Ill Communication)
  • The Blue Nile (Hats)
  • Mr Big (Lean Into It)
  • Nelson (After The Rain)
  • Pop Will Eat Itself (This Is The Day This Is The Hour This Is This, Dos Dedos Mis Amigos)
  • Slamer (Nowhere Land)
  • Frank Sinatra (In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning)
  • Weezer (The Blue Album, Pinkerton)
  • The Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness)
  • Dream Theater (Images and Words, Scenes From A Memory)
  • Jeff Buckley (Grace)
  • Bjork (Debut)
  • Michael Jackson (Dangerous)
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (The Lyre of Orpheus/Abattoir Blues)
  • Pink Floyd (The Division Bell, Dark Side of the Moon)
  • Black Sabbath (Paranoid)
  • Carly Rae Jepsen (E.MO.TION)
  • The Midnight (Endless Summer, Monsters)
Not to mention albums by artists in the top 10....thinking of Jimmy Eat World's "Clarity" and "Futures", Bruce Springsteen's "Darkness on the Edge of Town", "Magic" and "Nebraska", The The's "Infected" and "Dusk", U2's "The Joshua Tree" and "All That You Can't Leave Behind", Busted's entire discography...good gravy! Can I also give a shout out to Pokémon 2BA Master? TRULY ONE OF THE BEST COMPILATION ALBUMS EVER.

Just wanna shout out Tak Matsumoto Group @hyo_razuki - B'z are one of my all time favourite bands (and they have cost me a lot of money with all the stuff they bring out). It makes me sad i've missed their 35th anniversary tour by two months as they are one of the few bands left on my bucket list.
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Yeah, Matsumoto is a great guitar player and also an incredible songwriter, playing great solos as well, without sounding overly flashy.

Also love that Hardline album. Hot Cherie is the greatest Bon Jovi song never sung by Jon Bon Jovi. Rhythm from a Red Car and Can't Find My Way are awesome as well. Johnny sounds a lot like young Jon Bon Jovi on that album and it's insane to think that he only got better vocally, on the late 90s/early 2000s Crush 40 material.

You having had dinner with Johnny must be a great memory.
- The Unforgettable Fire (U2)
Because it contains my "U2 best songs ever" the precious short "Promenade" and epic blast "Bad". A Sort of Homecoming it great too.

- The Head on the Door (The Cure)
Push, Six Different Ways

- Disintegration (The Cure)
Besides the track with same title, Plainsong could've one of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. The Same Deep Water as You, listen to it with earbuds please.

- The Holy Bible (Manic Street Preachers)
Yes, Of Walking Abortion, Faster.

- Everything Must Go (Manic Street Preachers)
No Surface All Feelings, Small Black Flowers that Grow in The Sky.

- Mechanical Animals (Marilyn Manson)
Fundamentally Loathsome, Coma White

- Holy Wood (Marilyn Manson)
Lamb of God, Coma Black, The Death Song.

- M83 (M83)
Slowly, Caresses.
Being as music is mostly all I think about, I dunno how this is gonna go, but in no particular order…

Nirvana - Nevermind

First album I ever bought. Wasn’t especially interested in music beforehand but it was huge, like I hadn’t considered music before - black and white moment of realising music is good. Aside from that I don’t really think much else needs to be said about the album.

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

I’d had a casual interest in jazz since I was about 18 but never properly “got” it. Go from 2004 to 2015 and I bought this around the same time as I got the Data Discs vinyl of Streets of Rage and Shenmue, as it was SOR I’d listened to just prior to this one. But I put A Love Supreme on and I could not keep still. I was pacing around the room like a lunatic. I always thought jazz was more interesting if you’d understood the music theory side of things - absolutely not - it’s a pure physical reaction to it. Difficult to explain. As a devout atheist it’d be remiss of me to use the term spiritual, but that’s the closest thing I can equate it to. I have countless CDs of his and he’s endlessly fascinating, every live album reveals something else.

The Fall - entire discography

I know this is cheating, but if you’re into The Fall, you can’t pick one album, it’s fucking all of it, the entire thing. It either appeals or it doesn’t and there’s no point trying to explain it if you don’t like it. There’ll never be another MES.

Aube - Wired Trap

Noise isn’t for everyone, and I understand the fact that atonal music with no time signature isn’t going to be accessible for all, but this is marvellous. When it comes to noise there’s making an utter row and then there’s carefully curating an utter row into something of complete beauty and intensity - this is exactly the latter. The level of detail is unbelievable. Everything I’ve heard by him is, but this one in particular is something special.

Malcolm Scarpa - Something Like That!

Ultimate obscure weirdo pop tunes from Madrid. Went to go and see Kevin Junior (Chamber Strings, next album) in Madrid in 2015 and Charlie, the support act, who we got talking to afterwards recommended this record. I can’t tell you much about the guy himself as it seems he’s basically an absolute unknown local legend unknown to those outside of his locality, but the record is complete perfection, every one of his is, but this is probably my favourite, and my most played piece of vinyl that I own. Turns out it’ll be his last album as he sadly passed away, but his first, self titled and also wonderful, album was reissued recently with a tonne of bonus stuff.

The Chamber Strings - Month of Sundays

I can’t really choose which of Kevin Junior’s albums I like best - this one, Gospel Sunday, Soul Veronique in Parchment, Ruins, Mystery Girls - but I believe he considered this his master piece so I’ll list this one. Sadly he’s no longer around after a seemingly horrendous dive into drugs shortly after this album, there’s a documentary on YouTube about him, or at least used to be. But after talking to him when his gig in Madrid had finished he said he kind of hoped his records would be recognised down the line in a similar way to Big Star were. I fucking hope so, they deserve to be. All time classic old fashioned lush pop music.

German Army - Kowloon Walled City

I wasn’t sure which of theirs to pick, but went with this one cuz of the Shenmue connection in the album title. Cassette weirdness from blokes who release about 10-15 albums a year. As far as I’m aware I’ve got everything they’ve put out since the arse end of 2017. Experimental, murky, rhythmic weird shit. The other thing is that they release stuff over a million different labels, so it’s got me into a load of other music as a result. My favourite currently active musicians.

Zebra Mu - Spear/Streak

Total DIY noise - my first proper discovery of this sort. Yeah there’s Merzbow and Wolf Eyes or whoever - no disrespect to either of those, I love them both - but there’s nothing like a tape issued in a limited edition of 12. Although this was a CDr, edition of 14. Complete human music.

An untitled 7” by Vomir

Harsh Noise Wall. I had no idea what this was doing or what it was supposed to be or even what speed I was supposed to play the record. And therein lies the beauty of it, it’s not really what it does as what it makes you do and feel. Completely insular. Changed my way of thinking about a lot of things.

Andrew Savage - Several Songs About Fire

One of the frontmen from Parquet Courts, second solo album. This only came out in October 2023 but was an instant classic for me, and to be honest, everything he’s ever made has been. By far the most gifted songwriter of his generation. His words are remarkable and his voice has that thing where he can’t really sing but he means what he’s singing. Maybe isn’t one of my top 10 ever but it is at the moment.

Blabber over. There’s countless things I’ve missed and I’ll be annoyed about omitting, but there we are.

Marvin Pontiac. Neutral Milk Hotel. Slint. Crime and the City Solution. Detriti compilation 2. The list is endless.
The Fall - entire discography

I know this is cheating, but if you’re into The Fall, you can’t pick one album, it’s fucking all of it, the entire thing. It either appeals or it doesn’t and there’s no point trying to explain it if you don’t like it. There’ll never be another MES.
Absolutely! There's like 30 studio albums and the weakest of which is like an 8/10. Greatest band* that ever lived.

*not named Guided by Voices.
Absolutely! There's like 30 studio albums and the weakest of which is like an 8/10. Greatest band* that ever lived.

*not named Guided by Voices.
Band - group* 🤓

Every album is interesting, and Nine out of Ten as the final track on the final album, completely anomalous to everything else you’ve ever recorded is a beautifully poetic way to sign off. What a man.

I’ve never listened to GBV - I’ve a huge backlog of other cak - 40+ Coltrane CDs and more - but which of theirs would you suggest?
I’ve never listened to GBV - I’ve a huge backlog of other cak - 40+ Coltrane CDs and more - but which of theirs would you suggest?
Most would say Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes, but if you're pressed for time I'd say the Static Airplane Jive EP gets across Pollard's melodic genius in under 11 minutes :D

Funny thing about the Fall; I saw them live at Stewart Lee's final ATP festival and they were absolutely shocking; Mark E Smith was clearly drunk and after 10 minutes of them dicking about, I left to see Charlotte Church sing Nine Inch Nails and end-Bowie era covers haha (and she was brilliant!)*

And yet, I still admire the Fall; I listened to their entire back catalogue a while back and it was a herculean effort. I am a year away from listening to Guided By Voices' then they'll probably have released another 4 albums!

*While I think about it, at the same festival seeing Shonen Knife immeidately after Sleaford Mods was a master stroke; the former was joy in sonic form...the latter was an exercise in contempt. I hate them, but I weirdly admire them too...
Most would say Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes, but if you're pressed for time I'd say the Static Airplane Jive EP gets across Pollard's melodic genius in under 11 minutes :D

Thank you! I shall take a look some time between now and 2030. They’ve kind of been on the periphery for me for a while, but then I became obsessed with noise, then jazz and it never went anywhere. Bit stupid but it’s probably cuz I don’t like the band name at all.

Funny thing about the Fall; I saw them live at Stewart Lee's final ATP festival and they were absolutely shocking; Mark E Smith was clearly drunk and after 10 minutes of them dicking about, I left to see Charlotte Church sing Nine Inch Nails and end-Bowie era covers haha (and she was brilliant!)*

And yet, I still admire the Fall; I listened to their entire back catalogue a while back and it was a herculean effort. I am a year away from listening to Guided By Voices' then they'll probably have released another 4 albums!

*While I think about it, at the same festival seeing Shonen Knife immeidately after Sleaford Mods was a master stroke; the former was joy in sonic form...the latter was an exercise in contempt. I hate them, but I weirdly admire them too...
I only saw them live once in May 2017, so he wasn’t around for much longer after that really - the thing with them live was I had a knack of just missing them or not being able to go for whatever reason, so I always said I need to go and see them before he dies - was kind of obvious that after all those drugs, all that booze and all those fags - plus, look at him - that he was never gonna live to be 106. They were great when I saw them finally, although he was clearly unwell - lumpy head and jaw - it didn’t affect his performance, as cantankerous as ever.

Was at a festival in Manchester in some warehouse. Swans were on later during the day, I’ve seen them a few times but THAT was the loudest bastard thing in the world. I had to leave for 10 minutes to give my ears a rest, genuinely believe I would’ve gone deaf in at least one ear if I hadn’t. Brutal. Wonderful though.

Shonen Knife I’m aware of but another one of those I never seem to get round to listening to. Sleaford Mods kind of get on my tits, not sure exactly why but they just rub me up the wrong way. Maybe it’s cuz they have the word Mod in their name. Anything mod-like (which they are clearly not) immediately repels me.
I've seen The Fall twice. First time they were crap, showed up late, didn't even play an hour. Second time was great though.

I saw Swans when they were touring for The Glowing Man and my hearing still hasn't fully recovered :LOL:
I thought I’d seen Swans more, but I’ve only seen them twice I think - once at that festival - dunno which album that was and then first time would’ve been I guess The Seer? Could’ve quite easily put that one into my top 10 as well.

We were stupidly standing in front of the speakers, pint was full on quaking in its glass from the volume. That time in Manchester was next level though.

A friend of a friend I was out with a few months back told me a story about them playing some pub in Birmingham - annoyingly can’t remember the name - in the late 80s and apparently they were that loud the plaster started falling off the ceiling and the boozer shut down as a result.

May we be bollocks but they are FUCKING loud.

Also, after the gig did you meet Michael Gira at the merch stand? He’s oddly smiley and personable, but it’s clear that when they’re on stage there’s NO FUN WHATSOEVER ALLOWED. Quite amusing I suppose.

And to give an idea of my backlog, I bought To Be Kind and The Glowing Man when they came out. Have I had chance to listen to them? Nope.
I remember reading stories about how Gira would jump off stage and physically assault people in the crowd that he thought were having too much of a good time. Even though that was in the 80s, I was still a bit too intimidated to meet him :LOL:

Speaking of harsh noise and violence, are you guys into Hanatarash or the Japanese noise scene in general?