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    Nozomi aweful voice acting.

    Yup, a localization company (they're named in the credits) will have written the English dialogue.
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    Nozomi aweful voice acting.

    In Shenmue 2, they did something that was much more confusing - they flipped the order of the names around. PRS has a great post about it: When I first played the games, this confused me a bit. Combined with...
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    Nozomi aweful voice acting.

    Who’s to say he didn’t? Even if he did, with the amount of dialogue they’d have to get through in a short space of time, I think that’d be a case of, “Hey, look, I only work here. Now read the lines”.
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    Nozomi aweful voice acting.

    Yeah, very odd andInconsistent localization choice. And just another reason to play with the Japanese voices for me.
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    Shenmue 3 Intoxication Poll

    You'll be glad to know when I first played Shenmue at age 14 I was sober, so I'll be the same for Shenmue 3. Perhaps I'd crack open a bottle of wine to celebrate the third, but I'm on medication now which means I'm newly tee-total. So nope, it's SoberMue for me!
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    I Always Preferred Japanese Voice with English Subtitles - Same for 3!

    I couldn’t imagine playing this with English voices. They’re bad. I don’t know if the Japanese ones are actually better, or if simply not being able to understand the tone of the language means I’m oblivious to it, but if nothing else, it’s more authentic. Playing this in English would be...
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    The Shenmue 3 Review Thread

    Yeah, saying the dubbing is bad on purpose is a hell of a stretch, with all respect. Saying it's an homage to old martial arts films doesn't hold any water, since the English dubbing on these games doesn't replicate any of the other nuances of those. It's just bad dubbing. Some of the...
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    Nozomi aweful voice acting.

    That's not necessarily a terrible voice... but it doesn't seem like they made any attempt to try and match the previous actress. Which certainly squashes any nostalgic feeling. I didn't even bother with the English voices in Shenmue 3 - just the trailer was enough for me. Besides, I already got...
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    Tronald Dump? Oh jeeze

    "There are all sorts". Yes there certainly are!
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    Romance ?

    As a matter of fact there is, Ryo finally finds a strapping young shipmaster and the seeds of love blossom.
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    Microphone Hissing DLC

    I doubt what you're hearing in the old audio is microphone hiss, but probably dither noise from getting the (presumably) 44.1khz audio down to 22khz for space-saving reasons. Either way, it wouldn't be that hard to do. But why? It'd make sense in the context of a "retro mode" that downsampled...
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    Your Opinion About Music Integration

    Someone on this forum, I forget who, pointed out that in the first game, the music reflected the current mood of the story. But from Shenmue 2 onwards, it’s more typical video game style where each area has its own theme.
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    What got you into Shenmue?

    ^ Does Walid still love it, though? :D
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    What got you into Shenmue?

    Honestly, it was being a teenage Dreamcast fanboy. Shenmue arriving in the West in 2000 was just before the launch of the PS2, and the hype train for that machine was in full effect. Well, I was very much in the Sega camp and even if I hadn't been, I couldn't afford two consoles. Shenmue was...
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    The Shenmue 3 Review Thread

    Negativity does bring you clicks. Just look at that VICE article from when after Shenmue 3 was originally announced, the whole point of which was to argue the originals weren't very good. Their business model relies on it.