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    Mental Health Dojo

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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    They probably gave up on me because I've moved four times in 9 months, due to Coronavirus.
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    Just finished Shenmue III - thoughts (have avoided all reviews/spoilers/etc)

    I had the game at an 8.3 until near the end where I gave it a 6.7. I don’t understand why the side characters where involved in the final act. They could’ve gotten away with just Ryo and Ren. Nonetheless, it is crazy that many here were worried about graphics, comparing it to AAA level games...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    I'm missing the everyday talk leading up to S3. It's quite nostalgic at this point in time. It came out just before the shit hit the fan with COVID. I'm hoping for some news regarding S4 to get us into fluent discussions -- and my mind (somewhat) off this health crisis -- and building back...
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    What to expect of Shenmue IV's Atmosphere!

    I miss Shenmue...bring on IV.
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    Shenmue 3 Improvements/Keeps For Shenmue 4

    I still say ditch the Japanese dub and place resources into a much improved English dub. Why favor a Japanese dub when most of the audience are English-speaking westerners?
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    Was the english voice acting necessary ?

    How about drop the Japanese dub, since the game appeals to Westerners and not the Japanese market?
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    Was the english voice acting necessary ?

    I prefer English. It just wouldn't be the same. I was so happy when S2 received an english dub for Xbox, because it felt incomplete from my initial experience when playing S1 with Corey Marshall's voiceover. It would feel similar if they decided to scrap the dub for, say, S4--too much...
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Does anyone know the soundtrack when you leave Shenhua's house in the morning?
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    Recent Gaming Purchases

    Seems like Judgement is unanimous.
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    Games You Like if You Like Shenmue

    I second Jade Empire...loved that game!
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    Recent Gaming Purchases

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    Recent Gaming Purchases

    If you had a gun pointed to your head, would you purchase Death Stranding, The Outer Worlds, or (though not really part of it, just curious) Judgement? I want to buy one of these. I lean back and forth between DS and OW. Any suggestions??????
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    The Shenmue 3 Review Thread

    GameSpot are collective POS. I'm not defending S3, but they have just given, in recent times, odd, and very nominal, game scores. They haven't been a good site, either, since the early 2000s, in my opinion. I'll give IGN the benefit of the doubt, but it is odd that the reviewer, Kyle Hillard...