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    General Impressions

    Sorry to hear that Peter, but we hope you'll be able to play S4 under better times.
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    Editions Pix'n Love Shenmue II Limited Edition

    Yep I can vou Yep I can vouch for him, I was the one that bought the S1 and 2 from him before :)
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    Famitsu article on 2021 Japanese game developer aspirations, featuring Yu Suzuki

    Article link is here: Page 12 contains Yu Suzuki's comments:
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Some photos of the inside of the KS Exclusive Soundtrack, again for those who don't want to open theirs:
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Would be perfect as Amiibos for Switch version of the games, if they ever port them over!
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    Thanks, I actually bought the frame myself, I only got the print as part of my rewards :) Some more pictures of the inside of the artbook, in case people don't want to open theirs: Finally, a secret message on the inside cover, that isn't present in the digital version. The messages read...
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    Kickstarter Rewards Pictures

    My rewards so far, waiting for the replica jacket to come sometime next year I believe. Found some interesting things while unwrapping all the items, you can see for yourself in the Shenmue Photos (@shenmue_photos) Twitter account over the next few days.
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    Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Reward - Ryo's Message

    Hey guys, not sure if others have noticed, but Ryo's Message reward is available on Fangamer downloads page for those that have backed it. I've uploaded it to Youtube here: Very touching, and sounds like Ryo's not giving up Shenmue 4 either!
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    I've read the manga, really funny and entertaining, although not seen the anime version.
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    Wow amazing gift set, lucky sod whoever wins it, hopefully me :) Question for Ryuji Iuchi How did you come up with the track concepts, were the story and scenarios/locations shown to you by the directors? Also a lot of the Shenmue music is "gentle/ambience", was that a request by the...
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    No trailer sadly, but nice suit for Suzuki-san: BTW you can rewatch the video on demand, and change the resolution to get smoother frame rate if you need.
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    Quick photoshop, looks good doesn't it?
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    Anyone notice the "Shenmue Project" on the bottom left of this pic? Wonder what else is coming...
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    Shenmue The Animation Announced

    Would be interesting to see if the storytelling for S4 can be improved following on from this series, as it was a weak point for S3 for sure. Also any speculation whether there will be a Japanese version?
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    An annoucement about shenmue is coming ?

    I doubt the funding for this is going to detract from IV, it's probably sourced elsewhere. Personally I think it's a good move for introducing the series to those not familiar with the games but are interested in an epic Kung Fu story and anime.