Jul 28, 2018
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Do you watch it? What's your favorite? What are you watching?

For me, I am on a big One Piece kick. Best shounen anime ever IMO.

Yes better than Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto, combined. :D
Haven't watched an anime series for a while, but my favourites that i've watched multiple times are Outlaw Star and Chobits! Awesome classics Anime shows that I don't many people talking much about these days!
I used to watch a bunch of stuff that just happened to be on TV when I came home and while I was eating, like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh.
Yeah... not the greatest stuff. But it wasn't that I followed it, it was just on while I was eating.

I turned in regularly on the later parts of Dragonball, mainly the tournament with the more grown up Goku. A good friend wanted me to watch it and I had a bit of a slow start with what I've seen before that. By the end I was of course really hooked, and when it went over to Dragonball Z a while later I was really REALLY hooked. Watch every episode all the way through when it was on TV. And even with 2 of them back to back for most of the time this was of course a long running thing.

Haven't been into any Anime after that really and can seem to get into it either.
I really enjoyed Monster but the license apparently expired so it is difficult to find in the US now.

I also really enjoyed Planetes which is about garbage collectors in space.
The first one I watched was Great Teacher Onizuka, which was unfortunate as nothing else has been as good for me. It's perfect as far as I'm concerned. (Golden Boy was an unbelievably close second) I though Bebop was pretty good too.

Here's what I've seen (series only):
Great Teacher Onizuka, Colorful, Golden Boy

Barakamon, Bartender, Yokohama Shopping Journal

Was decent:
Prison School, Samurai Champloo, Welcome to the NHK, Wakako-Zake, Oruchuban Ebichu, FLCL, Aiura
Only ever watched Yu Yu Hakusho in it's entirety. Hope we get the new OVAs and the second movie properly dubbed into English with our own anniversary BluRay box set.
My position on anime is a bit strange. There's a lot of various anime that I downright love, and I'll sing their praise from the goddamn rooftops, but I still don't consider myself a general "anime fan," mainly because it seems like I can't stand about 90% of the stuff that gets released nowadays. There's all kinds of stuff that I love from way back in the day, but out of everything released post-2001-ish, I can probably count all the shows and movies I love on my fingers. I suppose I'm a bit discerning.
That said, I am watching an awful lot of anime lately, but it's primarily all from the 80s and 90s.
Mentioned it in another topic, but RightStuf was having a great sale recently, and I got a bunch of stuff from them that I'm watching right now.

Just finished re-watching the original Patlabor OVA, and as much as I liked it the first time through, I actually loved in on the second viewing. Maybe just a mood thing, or maybe it helps that I already knew everyone. Either way, this series is pretty great. Should be starting on the TV version pretty soon (which is an alternate timeline kinda thing, but the tone seems pretty consistent with the OVA, minus the Mamoru Oshii-esque political bits). Also got all the movies and the extra OVA for after the tv show, so I'll get to those later.

Also finally bought the entire series of Gundam Wing on bluray, so I'm watching that here and there, an episode a day roundabout. It's mostly a nostalgia thing for me, because I watched it on Toonami when I was a teenager, but I enjoy it nonetheless. The early story is actually a lot more involved than I remembered, and certain personalities make a helluva lot more sense when viewed in the original Japanese. Much as the dub hits me with the sweet scent of nostalgia, the Japanese just fits so much better.
I tried to watch Iron-Blooded Orphans on Adult Swim a little while back and just couldn't take it; I guess modern Gundam just isn't my speed. The stupid-looking character designs and trope-y characters kill it for me in the span of a single episode. Gundam Wing hits the right notes though.

Finally got Outlaw Star on bluray as well. Been years upon years since I last watched my old DVDs of it, but it's such a great feeling watching it now. Again, like with Gundam Wing, it's a bit of a nostalgia thing, but the show itself has always been a lot of fun either way. One of my favorites, though there is a lot of awkwardness in the writing and dubbing now that I see it again. There are lines of dialogue that I still don't honestly understand which, at my age, is a really weird thing to find.
I'm very much into old school anime since I've been a fan for nearly 30 years. My personal favorites are: Zeta Gundam, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (been a long time fan of the manga), Hajime no Ippo, and Street Fighter II The Animated Movie.

Animes I have been watching recently are Steins;Gate 0, Persona 5, My Hero Academia, and Gundam the Origin. Just waiting for the next season of JoJo, Golden Wind.

As for manga, I love Ashita no Joe, Hajime no Ippo, GTO, and Jojo
I'm another one of those people who has had a varying and funny relationship with Anime overall. Back when I was much younger and in school, I can remember that a lot of friends were into things like Dragonball and One Piece at the time. It never really appealed to me, though. When I was much younger than that I enjoyed things like Guyver and Fist Of The North Star but then they felt a lot like exceptions to the rule, as opposed to me finding a sudden appreciation of it all.

It wasn't until years later when I finally found out about Studio Ghibli that anime started to click with me a bit more. It still wasn't on a level where I would call myself a fan, but I had at least found a new appreciation for the stuff as well. And I realized that a lot of my misgivings about anime were often down to the dubs that I had heard up until that point. When I started watching these things in their original context and original language, is when things did start to click for me a heck of a lot more.

Admittedly, for my sins. Attack On Titan was the first anime I watched where I was legitimately hooked and kind of fell under its spell. I never really picked it up after the first season, I'm sure I will go back to it at some point. But that in many ways was my gateway into everything else. From there I watched Death Note which I really enjoyed, and from there I sat down and watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood that remains one of my favourite things ever. That was kind of the jumping off point for me where I guess my taste varies wildly depending on what I'm in the mood for. I can go from something fairly grim and ultra violent, to something as light and breezy as Shirokuma Cafe. But I definitely have a new appreciation for it.

At the moment whilst I search for the next major thing to grab me, I'm slowly making my way through Megalobox that I'm finding to have something unique enough about it to keep me coming back.
Oh man...oh man. Pretty big anime fan but I wouldn't by any means call myself hardcore. I've seen all the staple movies countless times, Princess Monoke, Akira, Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle ect.

Huge fan of Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. When Brotherhood aired weekly on Adult Swim I was living in downtown Chicago with some buddies. We would set recordings for the show, pregame with Super Smash Brothers all night then come running home from the bars at 1AM to watch Brotherhood. Some of the best times of my life. While I absolutely loved Brotherhood, I don't know if I liked it better than the original series. The original just holds a special place in my heart, nostalgia probably.

Just finished Attack on Titan Season 2 the other night. I liked it, maybe not as much as Season 1 but it was good stuff. Very interested to see where it goes. Season 3 will premiere on Adult Swim August 18th.
You are wrong. Yu Yu Hakusho is the best shonen ever. Not debatable. Lol xP

Anyway, my favorites:

Cowboy Bebop
Serial Experiments Lain
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Tenchi Muyo
Hellsing Ultimate

One Piece is so much better than YYH, its world building, scale, and cast of characters with interesting back stories and motivations is unparalleled. But YYH is amazing, I agree.
I am very picky on my anime selection but these are my all time favorites.


The show follows a Japanese neurosurgeon in the mid 90s in Germany, he ends up saving a child who turns out to grow up and become a serial killer. Dr Tenma basically becomes a fugitive on the run trying to find out about the kids history. The show is very dark sadly its become very difficult to find now. Viz licensed it then lost the license.


The show takes place in space but in a very realistic way, no mechs or anything like that. It follows the character Hachi who is a space debris hauler, it covers realistic scenarios with accidents in space, the issues of radiation and surviving on the moon in space, environmental and social political issues, corporate politics and office humor, terrorism and building ones career. NASA as well as JNSF spoke highly about the shows realism.


Covers the modern day JSDF which an Aegis cruiser is supposed to train with the United States over in Pearl Harbor. A storm sends the ship and the crew back in time during World War II and in the middle of the battle of Midway. It puts the modern Japanese in a difficult position to help try to reduce casualities but also not interfere or be seen by the Japanese or Americans.

I have other interests like Black Lagoon, Outlaw Star, Golden Boy, grave of the fireflies, the wolf brigade, yukikaze, macross zero but those 3 are my personal favorites.
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DevilMan, fist of the North star, and Vampire hunter D are my all time favorite from years ago.

Some of the more recent ones would be
Full metal alchemist, inuyasha, and attack on Titan. I have only seen the first season of Aot recently.
Do you watch it?
Not especially, there's definitely a stigma attached to anime but in time I expect it will (and rightfully so) just be considered another medium.

What's your favorite?
Trigun. Not an objectively brilliant series but one of those works that had a deeply profound influence on me.


This is all I can do. If I... If I shoot him now, you really would die. It would be wrong to shoot him, right?

What are you watching?
Nothing at the moment, the last think I watched was the original Kenshin series, I was enjoying it but I'm conflicted about whether or not to continue knowing what we do about the author now.

Yes better than Hunter x Hunter
Watched quite a few episodes of this (near the end of the arc with the insects or whatever) and I did think it was very decent for a shonen, the pace especially was excellent. I switched a couple of people onto it who ended up becoming huge fans but I bailed on it, I'll definitely need to pick it back up some time.

I really enjoyed Monster but the license apparently expired so it is difficult to find in the US now.
One of my favourites, I've been telling my Dad I'll send him a copy of this for ages, he's never watched anime but he caught the Deathnote live action film of his own accord and enjoyed it surprisingly enough.

(Golden Boy was an unbelievably close second)
I was introduced to this by someone very important to me, I'd never seen anything like it, hilarious.

I though Bebop was pretty good too.
Bang! :crying:

My position on anime is a bit strange. There's a lot of various anime that I downright love, and I'll sing their praise from the goddamn rooftops, but I still don't consider myself a general "anime fan,"

Which is my way of saying I get it.

I actually remember around 10 years or so ago you accused me of being a weeboo.

No hard feelings but. ;)

and Street Fighter II The Animated Movie.
I fucking love this movie. It amazes me that in 1994 or whenever it was such a high standard of video game adaptations was set and basically ignored by the producers of all subsequent endeavours.

Especially dear to me are these training sequences and for a couple of reasons, I loved the development of Ryu and Ken and also I hadn't seen such a personally relatable example of karate training in other movies etc.

When I was much younger than that I enjoyed things like Guyver.
I don't watch a lot of anime but I enjoyed these:
My first foray into anime, I had the this VHS collection.

My only exposure to this has been a few episodes of the re-make on Netflix, how does this compare?

One of the first animes I was introduced to. Can't say it's a objectively a favourite or anything but I have very strong sentimental attachment to it due to other stuff that was going on in my life at the time.

I can't even begin to describe the feelings I have when I listen to this, again it's less because of the anime itself and more to do with the memories it stirs up.
Not particularly into anime, but I watched a couple episodes of Saiki Kusuo on Netflix yesterday and that was pretty funny. Might finish it.