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@Bambi I don't have Netflix so I couldn't tell you. Next time When I go to my drinking buddies place. I will check it out and let you know.

As for inuyasha i bought a complete series sub on ebay. It would come on at 3am and caught my interest to purchase it.

I have a hard time getting into anime these days. if I don't see it from the beginning I lose interest.
AoT S3 aired last night on Toonami. I have it DVR'd, eagerly awaiting Tuesday to watch it while enjoying some Shenmue Remastered on Steam.
Not watched any anime in years. Think it all died for me when Satoshi Kon died in the mid 2000s. I really enjoyed those types of animation that was aimed at older audiences.

Nowadays I just read Manga, that’s by far my nerdiest hobby. Akira, Berserk, Fire Punch, Uzumaki/Spiral, Pluto - all sorts.
Some of my otaku stash.


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I'm very much into old school anime since I've been a fan for nearly 30 years. My personal favorites are: Zeta Gundam, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (been a long time fan of the manga), Hajime no Ippo, and Street Fighter II The Animated Movie.

Animes I have been watching recently are Steins;Gate 0, Persona 5, My Hero Academia, and Gundam the Origin. Just waiting for the next season of JoJo, Golden Wind.

As for manga, I love Ashita no Joe, Hajime no Ippo, GTO, and Jojo

Favorite TV Anime of the 80s for me was Zeta Gundam, Cobra, and Dirty Pair. Favorite manga would be Lady Snowblood, Lone Wolf and Cub, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.
Just waiting for Fairy Tail to finish broadcasting the final season, then will binge it like I always have.

I haven't watched Yowamushi Pedal or Ace of Diamond (the latter needed to catch up to the Manga, so it was on hiatus) since late 2016, so I need to catch up on YP at least.

That's it for current stuff; as we only got popular, translated anime on TV in the late 90s and early 200s, I watched a ton of Pokingman and Dragon Ball Zed (and Sailor Moon... which is actually quite good lol), but they are sucky to be honest.

YYH I agree is awesome, though I've only watched the first 13 episodes or so. Never got into One Piece, though it is ridiculously massive.

Tokyo Tribe is one that is awesome, though it only lasted a dozen episodes or so (if you know, "Goosh-Goosh," its from the first episode of this anime). Another short-lived manga I've enjoyed immensely is Rail Wars

My favourite anime ever, however is Honoo no D/Toukyuji: Dodge Danpei. The anime about a young kid who's a prodigy at Dodgeball and they even made a bunch of games for them, in the early 90s.

While never translated to English, it was translated to Italian, so I was able to watch each episode and I love it to death. The second season is significantly better than the first, I feel, with the addition of the other schools and the competition against them (which ties into the game perfectly).

And for movies, Akira is still a phenomenal piece of work and Ghost in the Shell is brilliant as well. I saw, "Your Name," in Calgary last year, subbed and it was bloody awesome, so worth it.
Love those mangas, too.
Though I read the manga YEARS ago, I started watching the anime to Yawara, an anime about judo.

If you like martial arts anime you could try Sword of the Stranger, Air Master, and Shadow Skill.
I'm a one trick pony, stuck with one favorite;
Hellsing. And then Hellsing Ultimate. Just love it, can rewatch over and over so if anyone have any recommendations that are in the genre please share! I preferred the first adaption even if it's less faithful to the manga than ultimate, just more raw, unpolished colors and technique.
I'm a one trick pony, stuck with one favorite;
Hellsing. And then Hellsing Ultimate. Just love it, can rewatch over and over so if anyone have any recommendations that are in the genre please share! I preferred the first adaption even if it's less faithful to the manga than ultimate, just more raw, unpolished colors and technique.

You could try Drifters it was created by Kouta Hirano and carries the same tone as Hellsing and Ultimate.
I'm a big Fan about the Anime TV-Series "Metal Fighter Miku". That series is sadly very short. Just 13 Episodes and that's it. This series had a great concept, sometimes funny, sometimes not and it had a great soundtrack (score). And it exists videogames about that show which seems to it was planned to make a bigger series but the good ideas were fast out. I read about that series in a german magazine named "AnimaniA" the first time in 1999 and i was fascinated. But this series was aired only on Pay-TV. That was a strange decision.
Here's 10 hidden gems I've found if you're looking for some thought-provoking,experimental,or exotic/"art-house" anime's to try out.

1.) Here and there, Now and then.


In a post-apoc world where children are stripped of their innocence & manipulated by adults into child-soldiers being used for securing limited resources.

2.) Kids on the slope.


Post WW2 during the 1960's. A bunch of displaced Kids in Japan coped with depression through learning how to play and perform music from imported American Jazz Records since their hometown was an occupied military base for the US army.

3.) Michiko e Hatchin


2 Girl's, One is an Orphan who's trying to find her place in society and the other an outcast trying to find her missing lover so she can leave the cartel underground she grew up in. A great cultural show to see as well since the setting takes place in Brazil and other parts of South America.

4.) Innocent Venus


Two undercover spies discover that children are being sacrificed as fuel to power a military top secret weapon. The moral outrage causes them to personally abandon their espionage mission & decided instead to rescue and sabotage as many of these facilities covertly as possible while on the run from government agents.

5.) Gad Guard


A kid in the slum finds a rare lost Motion control mecha that is highly sought after by rich people. He now has to fight off Bounty Hunters who are after him trying to snag it and sell it off. Very experimental anime featuring some of the slickest animation I've seen.

6.) Guin Saga


To find a way to lift his curse he goes on an epic adventure filled with politics, romance, & classic fantasy(Sword&Sorcery). Nobou Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame took the job offer to composed the soundtrack to this anime since he's a huge fan.

7.) Bokurano


The "Art-house" Anime of the Zero-sum genre. Group of teens are chosen by lottery selected by a secret society to sacrifice their lives,ambitions,futures for humanity sake. Only the last Pilot will make it out alive and get rewarded for his/her service. Basically, Evangelion+Hunger games.

8.) Jormungand


An anime about military industrial complex and black-market weapon dealers. How wars are started and kept running for as long as possible while profits sky rockets in the background.

9.) Welcome to the Ballroom


Waltz, Latin, Tango, & other classic dances. Also, dance as a sport competition themed. Very exotic.

10.) Yakitate Japan


One of the best Japan's pop-culture parody anime out there for sure. Paying homage to various shounen works(eg. Dragonball, Naruto, etc), Godzilla, Street-fighter, various celebrity chefs, and among many...other 90's-early 00's icon like Pepsi-man. Yes, Pepsi-man has a cameo! :LOL::ROFLMAO::D:p

Bonus: Rainbow


After serving their time...a bunch of ex-convicts tries to fit back into a society that hates them and find their footing in life with the help of the only people who they can rely on...other former convicts. I nearly shed a tear. Powerful story.


@ or quote me if U wanna discuss or looking for more recommendations. I'm usually on the lookout for classics, niche, or non-mainstream stuff to shed a light of appreciation upon so I've got quite a list.☕


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Here's 5 movie Gems I've come across if U want more easy to consume anime time-wise.

1.) Oji San no Lamp


A story about the rise and fall of an entrepreneur at the turn of the century who's Oil-lamp business is being fazed out by the new "Electricity" tech sweeping his town.

2.) Red-Line

A movie poster won't do this justice so instead...

Nuff said.

3.) Maquia


A group of persecuted people blessed with eternal youth is captured and force to breed off-springs in hopes of producing an eternal heir to rule the throne of a huge empire & future-proof it from ever collapsing via internal power struggle. The female MC is one who struggle with watching many generations of her own offspring passes from life unto death. Def a gut-wrenching and moving experience.

4.) Voices of a Distant Star


As man developed the technology to traverse across the vast expanses of space, two lovers are separated as the GF of the male MC is picked for a government expedition force. The farther she travels the longer the years it'll take for the only thing connecting the two via "Text-Messaging" will reach the main MC as he ponders whether its worth it to hold on to the hope of seeing his GF ever again.

5.) Memoirs of the Hunter Girl


A culturally enriching Movie that exposes U to the good and also the dark side of Japan's "courtesan" culture of ages past.
Oh and vampire hunting is a thing here as well. Creatures of the night infiltrating into and feeding upon those who enjoy this evening based past-time meshes really well.


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Izumi’s posts have inspired me to recommend some anime I feel are artistic gems and others that are personal favorites of mine.

1. Angel’s Egg - If one were to open a museum and dedicate it to anime as purely an art form this title is it. There is minimal dialogue (thus making it easy to import) and it’s up to the viewer to interpret the anime for themselves since the anime doesn’t really have a plot. The visuals are absolutely stunning.

2. Mushishi - An episodic anime that drips with atmosphere and outstanding visuals (especially with the Mushi themselves)

3. Sword of the Stranger - This is one of my favorite samurai anime ever. Animation quality in anime is usually limited due to budget but the animation quality in this film (especially the fight scenes) are some of the very best I’ve seen in anime.

4. Twelve Kingdoms - For fans of anime like Fushigi Yugi this is a must watch. A girl is transported to another world based around Chinese mythology. Unlike Yugi however this anime spends more time fleshing out the world and less on romance. So if that’s okay with you then give this anime a try.

5. Legend of Arslan - Is an anime adaption of the fantasy novels written by Yoshi Tanaka which then was adapted by Fullmetal Alchemists Hiromi Arakawa. The anime is a war between nations mixed with exploring the themes of slavery on society mixed with supernatural creatures and magic.

Bonus: Kurozuka - Basically Highlander the anime.

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Nice recommendations.

1.) Seems very interesting. I'll look into it.
2.) Sadly, I never finished this one. Is the over-arching plot any good?
3.) Ooh I remember that movie. One of my fav. Did U know the director also when on to direct a Kick-started OVA?


4.) How's the pacing? slow-drip or long info dump? (e.g. Overlord)
5.) Oh yea, I remember being frustrated how the plot just abruptly ends without any resolution. Being quite upset I looked into it and found out the source material was never finished. Darn shame too! Very gripping story!

Bonus.) Took me a while to grasp what was going on. Quite the trippy plot haha. I was confused the entire time on my first run but stuck through cuz I liked the overall tone & setting.☕
Wish there were more Shenmue-esque Animes, but I got into some of the Virtua Fighter Anime and may complete it before or during my Summer of Shenmue I & II journey on the way to Shenmue III...will see...