Kickstarter Project Update #103: A message from Ys Net, Epic Games & Deep Silver

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Jul 27, 2018
Coming from someone who is calling everyone who thinks differently "morons", this is a bit rich.

I didn't call everyone who thinks differently from me a "moron". Are you willfully misinterpreting my comments? There's plenty of people I agree on very little with, but I respect and know they are far from being morons.

I'm pretty open with where I stand on this and I stand by my comment. You can't have a "different view" of the law in this instance. Either people are legally entitled to a full refund or they are not. The answer is they are not. Perhaps they would rather argue they are morally entitled to a full refund (although I'd still have to disagree with them).

Calling people morons is tame as fuck anyways. It's not like I called them ** *** *** * :rolleyes:

I'm really not sure why you give a damm what I call some hypothetical group of people.
Jul 27, 2018
In an act of truce, I will offer to draw a line under this discussion and end it now, if you agree, shibeouya. And I'd happily share some pizza with you. Apologies if my comments crossed the line.



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Jul 23, 2018
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Well, after 31 pages of pretty much arguing the same thing, the moderators have taken the decision to lock this thread. We tried multiple times to keep the conversation moving and discussion civil, but each time it always reverted back to the same old shtick. We've had quite about enough of it.

Do not make any replacement topics for this thread. They will also be closed.
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