All of you better start singing that trailer music when you have a shower in the mornings
Will definitely give this a go. I was a big fan of Rez and Panzer Dragoon, although I didnโ€™t get into Space Harrier quite as much. Itโ€™s good thereโ€™s an option to use a PS controller. I hope it can be streamed to a tv, rather than being restricted by a mobile phone screen(?) Iโ€™m really pleased YS Net have kept themselves busy since Shenmue 3 and have done something cool. I hope projects like this are being used to build towards a budget for Shenmue 4 ๐Ÿ™
Not sure about the game itself, and I can't exactly pretend to be a big fan of cell phone games either.....BUT I like that this is giving Yu SAZUKI (summoning @Zoltor) a break from Shenmue, allowing him to have fun and recharge his batteries...until 110's upcoming Shenmue 4 announcement of course ;-)

So yeah. Approved.
Well, the game is basically done if it's coming out in a few weeks, and it's nice to get a confirmation that YSNet exists and was active and will have an open schedule soon, and I haven't completely discounted 110 after their teasing, but...this doesn't excite me. Looks kinda cheap. I've never heard of Apple Arcade and don't believe I have the means to play it. I would buy it on Switch or PS4 to support Yu, I guess.
What if there's a secret ending if you beat the game on the hardest difficulty, where it turns out that the whole thing is just Ryo playing a cool game that he found in an arcade?

Then the Shenmue 4 trailer plays.

What if indeed :LOL:

You finish the final boss and then the camera pulls back as the credits roll and reveals an Arcade Cabinet with Ryo sitting there playing the game :ROFLMAO:
Now YS NET have a YouTube channel. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Like i said in my other post, probably this year will be the year of Yu Suzuki announcements, i hope so. โค๏ธ

I'm so happy for Yu-san, i think we will see more projects of Yu Suzuki/YS Net and one of this projects will be Shenmue IV, right now i'm optimistic about everything in relation to YS NET.
Yo man, this looks so good! As someone who spent a lot of time back in the day on the Master System version of Space Harrier, seeing these enemies (and even their distinctive shots!) return is like a reunion! Also cool to see this include some of the later lock-on mechanics that came along with After Burner, Panzer Dragoon, and Rez. Lastly, on a personal level, Space Harrier is a big summertime game for me, so the timing of this announcement and the imminent release date are perfect. Get ready!
I think it looks pretty cool. Agree with those who see this as a hybrid between Space Harrier and Panzer Dragoon, though we're Sega fans so we'll always find other Sega games to compare it to. I definitely love the absurdity of it all, and the "Not Killer Queen" soundtrack.

I've been thinking why don't more devs make old school arcade games that are downloadable in the $10-$20 price range? I hope this is ported at some time. I could maybe play it on my phone and cast it to the TV or whatever the kids do nowadays, but I only have a iPhone SE and I don't really have a way to play it other than that.
I had to look twice at the calendar to believe this isn't an April Fools joke... ๐Ÿ˜

:ROFLMAO: Me too!! I saw the Shenmue dojo video pop-up on youtube this morning and thought oh them crazy cats and their april fools pranks and totally ignored it haha.

Fingers crossed this is the beginning of bigger and greater things to come. I don't think I will ever willingly purchase an Apple device or subscribe to a gaming service though, so it's not for me.
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it looks great and I'm am genuinely surprised something like this was funded in this day and age.

But the question now.. does Yu Suzuki have two projects at the moment? since his involvement with 110I is still unknown.