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Remove the non stop barking dog in the first two zones after the starting house

Feb 8, 2023
Im trying to discover Shenmue for the first time, and this dog is driving me crazy personally, almost no pause and always the same two sfx samples.
I tried to use this file: https://www.shenmuedojo.com/forum/i...dog-barking-sfx-from-shenmue-1.544/post-12974

But can't seem to make it work with Forkliff Manager

I added the file "scene" to the mods folder

Maybe im doing something wrong, im not too savvy, but apart from this post, i can't find anything about removing the dog barking anywhere else.

I hope I can resolve this, because apart from this, im really enjoying the game, i don't want to mute the TV everytime the dog is barking.