What song are you listening to right now?

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Sink Into the Underground - CKY

Schatten Aus Der Alexanderwelt - Bethlehem

Whatever - Our Lady Peace

Ob La Di Ob La Da - The Beatles

Got My Mind Set On You - George Harrison

End of the Line - Travelling Wilbury's

Stay With Me - In Flames

Deliver Us - In Flames

Sorgens Kammer Del II - Dimmu Borgir

Nymphetamine (Fix) - Cradle of Filth
Taking a break from S4 thrill :p Edited part from a lenghty instrumental song unrelated to Shenmue/Virtua but is perfect for starting engines, fasting seatbelts, and embracing that excited child who remains inside of us.

Mike Oldfield - North Star (Platinum - Part IV - Finale):

You have a hell of a guitar solo, shifting from dirty loose shy sounding to bold warm electric mindblending for as long of 2minutes unitl the "Figaro" part takes off, which i find both silly and fondly of memories also so kind of mixed... but take my word that it worth going through without fastforwarding/skipping to recieve THAT ELECTRIC GUITAR COMEBACK
Mike Oldfield "duh.. the Exorcist theme guy" at his best, a true hidden gem
I Feel It Coming (The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk)

Blend yourself on... Roy Orbison cover of Everly Brothers "All I Have to Do is Dream"
Thanks for this Dad
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The Blue House (artist): The Sexual Revolution

it has lyrics in its original album/radio track but those are spanish lyrics and i find the instrumental take more pleasant
Been listening to some vtuber stuff(mostly Calli) lately. Kinda late to the party on some of them. Also some of the new Jojo themes though unfortunately there's no official release of Jolyne's theme yet. Also trying to listen to some others for inspiration for my own projects since I have a bit more free time now.

EDIT: forgot a real good one I found somewhere in the deep end of youtube

grrr... i hate to overlap Sailor-San's amazing indie band (chasing ufos night driving a Camaro. The singer's voice actually breaks a few times ❤️ suck it autotune) with mainstream (rather obscure but mainstream anyway) but i like and so sharing here. Its just beautiful.
Hmm-hmmm... 🥲
Just spent the last 40 minutes with a whiskey listening to the new Arcade Fire album. It's so beautiful. I saw them in a small venue (for them) last week and it was one of the most life affirming gigs i've been to in years. I thought 'Everything Now' wasn't that bad, but the new album 'WE' feels like a rebirth.

The entire Tunic ost is something else. Kinda strange but neat to have something more atmospheric for what feels like classic Zelda.

Also been playing Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit and it surprised me being a rhythm game lol. Most of the games in this series I don’t tend to notice the music much, but there’s some here that’s good.

And just in general been listening to K-on stuff, kinda unfortunately since the game doesn’t seem to have a lot of my favorites…that reminds me, Okayu and Korone did a cover of one of them a while back.

Jesse got E.D.O. (well, half of them, lol) back together to do a special song for Hiro Fujita, a guy who was diagnosed with ALS over a decade ago and has been clinging onto life since then. Again, not a fan of the modern style of music production, but knowing Hiro's background and about the guys in E.D.O., the song warms my heart <3

Thought I’d go ahead and post stuff from all the games I’ve been replaying.

Forgot about some I liked from the most recent Grasshopper game I played.

definitely Drakengard vibes on that last one
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