What song are you listening to right now?

With my colleague, I am currently loving listening to this George Not Found music. This experience will never leave me.
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this was pretty neat

also I will likely never bother with Kingdom Hearts but I knew I recognized this song from somewhere

had found a Lady Gaga song I'd never listened to before...well a few actually, not surprisingly as I haven't listened to everything, but one stuck out to me as just being really good despite it not feeling all that amazingly new or anything. Like with most popular things I guess I have a tendency to be more a hipster about them but eventually I did listen to her for a while and can appreciate the variety she has. I've stuck to a sort of Jojo inspired art style but I can understand not wanting to be put in one box, so to speak.

other than those I've mostly just been listening to NMH3 music I hadn't had luck finding because stupid publisher keeps taking stuff down.

EDIT: actually, also should mention I've started listening to Peter, Paul and Mary. Dunno why I chose now, seeing as my mother talks about how she grew up listening to them and those like them.


there's one that I really jived with, found it was originally by Bob Dylan, don't really know which I prefer but both have their strengths imo



lastly I'm sure I've posted it at some point before but I always find this song motivating


speaking of, she has a neat new song

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Yeah cheesy... I dont care, guilty pleasure. I like the wall of sound gradually building.
Basically, its about a leprechaun finding a four leaf clover, smoking pot, eating magic mushrooms and finally, making love.
There's a bit of Cannibal Holocaust at 2:35 and a bit more onward.
It's like a personal achievement of mine, cause this same song was playing the first time my heart broke in ugh! way. Around 10-12 yrs old more or less. 4th grade I would say. Even worst! I kind of played it (I made it sound) i distorted the memory, the people looking at me hearing crunchy-crashy my hearty heart.
oh boi, flashback..dont worry mates, nevermind. Jessica aa! Lololol
Hum, what Ah yes the song
Sorry to spam after just posting the other day, just excited having Okayu's first album sent yesterday. I had only just found out about it and ordered, and was surprised it took only a day and a half to get here when most of my foreign deliveries take at least a month. This has got to be the fastest package I've got so far. Kinda hoping I can maybe get Bayonetta 1 and 2 on Switch before 3 is released, but that's kinda off topic from music. Anyway, I even gave her a Stand based off the album.

poisonya cd.jpg
poisonya drawing.jpg

I knew she did some music but not to the extent I've found over the past few days. Not sure all of these are on the CD but they're what I've been listening to most

Not much lately, at least not very actively. Been going between both Velvet Assassin and Chulip as my “horror” games for October. Will probably write more about that in the other thread in the next few weeks. Anyway, the laters’ ost has stood out to me. Not always in a necessarily good way, but it’s certainly pretty unique and gets the game to stick in my head.
Some feel a little similar to Moon which I’ve only just found was also developed by these same people, makes so much sense now.

Then there’s the new Bayonetta 3 theme getting me hype. Most of the music in the previous two are great but I feel they took a note from some Jojo music from the past couple parts.

Continuing on the Japanese 90s Rap train (I'm not a fan of Rap at all, but for some reason, these 90s-era guys {and gals} just have a great sound and lovely beats), here are a few new ones:

(just the first song)

(the last 2 songs)

(as I've Listened to Shogen {the first song} 90 billion times and deem it arguably the best Japanese Rap song ever, I've been focusing on all the songs at 6:48)

Easy listening to when doing work, at work lol.
Per usual, fine taste, @Truck_1_0_1_ !
I've also been on a '90s Japanese kick, too. It's probably due to the influence of video games on me, but I really dig that they moved from the splashy citypop of the '80s to the groovier RnB of the '90s, often going for trip hop.
Though a little more jazzy, this remains a constant spin for me. It's punchy and moves, but it's a little reserved and sluggish.

That's an... interesting mix of sounds and instruments. Not really my cup of tea lol, but that's something my dad would go nuts for.

And I'm not sure about the anime: I just meant that it had Anime-Opening vibes and a sound that is reminiscent of an Anime's Theme song.
Showrunner: (after briefly whistling and playing "Los Cuatro Muleros" at piano) This four muleros made known a band. This band is with us now with their new hits. The Pekenikes.
"Hilo de Seda" (String of Silk) sounds.

Enjoy another track from the spanish twilight zone.
Mostly been listening to the new Pokemon ost. Had kind of rambled on in another thread about it, was half asleep so not sure how much sense I made lol. But for many years it feels to me most of the games have only focused on having generally "upbeat" tracks and just feel super generic imo. There's a pretty distinct Toby Fox to this one, obviously and it's not a bad thing, but I believe he only had a part in a handful of tracks, so credit really goes to all for seeming to make most of the themes in this game have more feeling and care put into making them unique and fitting again. I especially love that there are different battle themes per region and that they seamlessly blend into the overworld music.

Oh, had also found this "b-side" album for Paradise Killer, and there's one track in particular I really love.

I guess aside from those I've been finding a few accapella covers of songs I've enjoyed. One was already a cover by Okayu of another song, and the other is a bit of a rabbit hole I've yet to really fully explore with Doki Doki Literature Club but man does it hit the feels no matter what form it seems to take, without even knowing the full context.

Oh, Calli made a new song. Unfortunate it seems to be a first in one that has not impressed me as much, but still nice to listen to.

Lastly, it's a little cheesy, and despite how much fun I'd had with Bayonetta 3, I feel it's really not fully earned, sadly. I really like the game, but the ending feels like they were trying just a bit too hard with a series that doesn't take itself too seriously most of the time. Even so, the song on its own I feel is really beautiful in its own right.