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    Shenmue Official Dreamcast Trailer Restored

    Originally from "F355 Challenge", which is another game directed by Yu Suzuki :love: And it was quite astonishing at the time.
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    Shenhua's house in S2 vs S3: a pictorial comparison

    That's beautiful. I agree I'd sure like to see more of this stuff on other locations in the 3 games.
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    Saw this yesterday, and although I instantly thought Apri Fool's (as I was already getting bombarded), I can honestly say the music had me second-guessing the whole thing for a second , like... Great job :eek:
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    SEGA Survey March 2021

    Same here, I was ready for the 23 questions as in the screencap :cautious:
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    Shenmue Character Comparison

    Absolutely. I've been in love since they showed the final version :eek:
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    What level should my Kung Fu be at before heading to the last area?

    I also played/finished the game at "hard", the battles were not so difficult but the QTEs were almost impossible. I don't even want to think what it'd be like to catch the chickens at "nightmare" difficulty. I'd throw myself out of the window.
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    Thoughts on the phone calls?

    I really really enjoyed all of them, especially: -- Joy acting super offended -- Guizhang finding out Lishao Tao is a (beautuful) woman About the voice actors I have no idea, I played the first two games in English, and S3 in Japanese with subtitles.
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    Ryo's green bag

    I might be wrong but as far as I can remember, he tends to only carry it as long as he doesn't have any "safe" place to leave it during the day. In S3 with Shenhua's house and Niaowu hotel, he has that covered pretty much all the time. The games tend to manage that pretty coherently, although...
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    How long was your first playthrough?

    It says "61 hours" (I actually thought it was more around 50). But I don't really tend to go for multiple plays, in the vast majority of cases.
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    Does Yu Suzuki not like carrots?

    🥕🥕🥕 That part of the game triggered the **** out of me 🥕🥕🥕
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    Where is the mirror?

    Lan Di right now.
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    I had the black screen in Bailu Village. Only happened to me once in 50+ hours of gameplay. Could have been worse.
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    Your Opinion About Music Integration

    That's one of the two arrangements for "The Place Where the Sun Sets", from the Shenmue OST double CD Although the entire track in S3 seems to have been evidently equalized, emphasizing the lower frequency range, sounding a little warmer and somehow more intimate, compared to the OST version...
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    I also didn't want to offend her by calling her "Granny", but it felt prettttty weird.
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    Shenmue III - Fighting Talk (Non-Spoiler)

    This somehow shows it at around 00:30