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    Gujian 3 - Seriously one of the best and most underrated RPG's i've ever played.

    Never heard of the game before, but you peaked my interest with this thread a few weeks back :P Was waiting for it to go back on sale so jumped on this 70% off! Will hopefully find some time to play it soon and will report back once I've sunk a decent chunk of time into it!
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    Valve Steam Deck

    There is also a dock that they sell for the unit which has DP/HDMI etc:-
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    Development Log #4

    Fantastic work as always and thank you for the dev update. Love when I hit new posts on the forum and I see that another one has been added :D! The outdoor shots look incredible to be honest, the lighting just looks so good! I cannot wait to see Ryo walking through Dobuita and hear the sound of...
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    Shenmue III Complete collectors edition

    Just saw this pop up on Twitter:-
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    Shenmue III Deals Thread.

    Pretty crazy when you think about it really. I've never really seen a bundle like this on Steam before too come to think of it. Shenmue I & II are published by Sega, and Shenmue III is Deep Silver (I guess Sega in Japan). Means at the very least, that there is a line of communication open...
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    Do you think Shenmue IV will show up at E3

    I rarely make negative remarks when it comes to presentations like this, as I can be understanding due to how hard it can be to produce/how many hours goes into it etc. However, I'm pretty surprised to see that Koch seem to be so out of touch with what the audience expect during E3 week. People...
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    Do you think Shenmue IV will show up at E3

    Ahh nice! I found some details. They are bringing KCD1 to switch, but haven't officially announced 2 yet :) Cool that KCD1 is going to the Switch. The game is known to have a bunch of performance issues on Xbox/PS4, so will be interested to see what blackmagic they use to get it running well on...
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    Do you think Shenmue IV will show up at E3

    They did? On the Summer Game Fest stream? I went to get a drink and must have missed it? lol
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    Do you think Shenmue IV will show up at E3

    I believe that Koch will finally reveal Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 tomorrow. Sadly, I don't expect any Shenmue news, but as a massive fan of KCD 1, if they announced KCD2, that will soften the blow :D
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    Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown Purchase Poll

    It's a bit of a strange one here really, as VF5 is mainly an online title. If it was a single player/I didn't plan on playing online, then I would have just bought the game and the DLC off the store. Due to the nature of the title being heavily online/esports focused, it kinda just makes more...
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    Seems like Sega are releasing a retrospective on the series which is awesome! First part narrated by Sarah Bryant aka our Lisle Wilkerson! Name bombs Yu Suzuki in the opening sentence too :D Great stuff!
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    General Virtua Fighter Talk

    Couldn't agree more tbh. Seems like a lot of work if they were only going to use it once! The Dragon Engine is already so good for the type of games that RGG creates, so implementing VF's awesome fighting system is just madness. From the Last Judgement reveal stream Q & A, we now know that...
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    Music change for Shenmue 3 (in progress) (Alpha 0.8 released)

    Love this track so much, and listened to it a bunch on the way up to release! It's still live on Ryuji Iuchi's YouTube here:
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    Development Log #3

    Really appreciate the amount of work that you guys put in to these dev logs. It's fascinating to see what's going on behind the scenes, and the way you break it down into understanding chunks with gifs etc. is awesome! Ending the text with a little tease every time makes me so damn excited too...
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    Music change for Shenmue 3 (in progress) (Alpha 0.8 released)

    Great work! For me, I really think that this is one of the places where Shenmue 3 messed up to be honest. For the most part, it almost feels as if they just randomly slapped the music into Shenmue 3 at the last minute :( As others have said, we have been listening to these tracks for ~20...