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    Unpopular Gaming Opinions

    Why are there so many people with this specific shot of Saturn Shenmue as their avatar? Seriously, it creeps me out sometimes to be reading a thread and see someone's post with that image on the left side. There's even an user which has an identical username to mine with that same damn avatar...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    I think Sony backing Shenmue 4 is pure wishful thinking. Here's hoping they're justified to do so with 5, though. ET is just someone trying to do too much with the old 2600 hardware, the only reason it's called "the worst game ever made" is because of the landfill backstory and how this...
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    General Impressions

    So why is Shenmue 3 the way it is then? :ROFLMAO:
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    Ryo's Bicycle in Shenmue I (Cut Content)

    Yeah I cannot see the bike working anywhere on both Mues. Maybe they could have had a story section in which there's no one walking around the streets (ie in the early morning) with Ryo in a hurry to get somewhere?
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    SuperEyePatchWolf: "Shenmue III is a terrible game and I've wasted my life"

    This thread, I believe, encapsulates everything wrong with the Dojo. It was more fun lurking on the old site when S3 was a pipe dream.
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    General Impressions

    Disc 4 was a masterstroke, there's no way in hell Shenmue would have had such a following if it ended in the rooftop fight. It's basically a preview of the third game carefully engineered to hype it up to the maximum degree. The way Shen 3 ended was so limpdicked I still wonder where did...
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    QTE or NO QTE ?

    We all know the originator of the QTE mechanic is Sega's own Excite QTE (1981) and its sequel, Excite QTE II (1983).
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    I fear Yu Suzuki has lost sight of what's essential here...

    Yeah, you just exemplified how he's being pressured by fans with your own post, lmao.
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    Luck based Mini-games, should S4 remove them ?

    No, the gambling games serve as a sort of escape valve for players that don't really want to grind for money during any portion of the game, without necessarily feeling that they 'cheated'. You can always not play them.
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    The ending of Shenmue

    As the concept art and map shows, Chapter 11 clearly takes place in the streets of New York. Roe Hazuki will learn that Tom, the guy who gave conflicting stories about seeing his father's murderer in Shenmue I, orchestrated the whole thing in order to get both dragon mirrors and use its power to...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    The Baisha screenshot and the CSI zoom-in on the Great Wall promo shot made this thread be worth it. Thanks for sharing, I was one of the people who got a bit disappointing with 3 but regardless seeing those pictures already made me hyped for 4. I've been meaning to play it forever on the PS4...
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    I wish Sega would quit trying to ignore Shenmue and just give Yu a small portion of the Yakuza team + the Dragon engine already. I could see it easily being adapted mechanically for Shenmue and working beautifully. Unreal Engine seems to be trouble for japanese devs for some reason so I'd hope...
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    General Impressions

    That's weird because I remember reading a lot of posts asking that from Yu Suzuki before the S3 announcement. I get it that it's great to have a Shenmue game again since it's pretty much its own unique genre but it's always weird to see people brushing aside the story of the game as if it were...
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    Shenmue Dojo Xmas Bonanza Giveaway!

    The story of gamesbloke reminded of me... kind of as I'm still a lonely jacket wearing Sega obsessed gatcha collector. :p I unfortunately had pretty low self-esteem due to bullying in middle school, I changed schools and in high school I got to actually enjoy being at school for once, but...
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    What's the relevance of the plane flying overhead in Shenmue 2?

    It's just so that Ryo can be amazed at a plane flying overhead, AKA what any tourist at the time would be. It's Shenmue branded realism, nothing else to it.