Post Your Shenmue Collection

Jul 29, 2018
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Shenmue II
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Some amazing collections on here.

I don't really have anything special, obviously got S1, S2 on DC and S1+S2 PS4.

I do have this Shenmue shirt from TGS2018, sealed and never opened.

Not sure if its desirable or not, it's just a t-shirt.
All Shenmue collectibles are desirable.


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Jul 27, 2018
It'd be interesting to have, but if I remember correctly, it isn't an officially licensed product.
Aug 27, 2018
Here we go... :) I posted a collection in the olden days and a lot of this probably hasn't been out from storage since then.
Shenmue I & II games, the Xbox demo lets you play a days worth of Shenmue II if I remember. Can't remember if there are any differences between the demo and the released game but held onto it regardless.

Shenmue III (Here's hoping we all get to make a Shenmue IV collection some day...)

Official CDs and the movie DVD, the piece of film is from inside the OST, always been curious about what different ones are about.

Assorted things... Insert Coin clothing and some random things I got in Forbidden Planet some years ago. The hoodie is warm and comfortable, I've literally been wearing it to work this week.

Various guide books, some are looking a bit worse for wear these days, particularly the Perfect Shenmue II Guide as I've extensively used it for wiki research to the point that some of the pages are falling out. Incidentally, do Shenmue III guides exist? I haven't spotted any...

Doujinshi :love: Honestly I love this kind of fan made stuff as much as the official stuff, but it's pretty hard to come by, that and I haven't looked for any new ones in a while.

Not pictured: Shenmue clear files because I don't know where I have stored them! And my F4F Ryo Hazuki figure because I just plain forgot to photograph him, would love to add Lan Di one day.
Feb 9, 2020
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Just bought these.

Shenmue I + II HD (to keep a sealed copy)
Shenmue I + II HD Japanese Limited Edition
Shenmue I DC (Very good condition)
Shenmue II DC (Very good condition)
What's Shenmue
Shenhua Figure Doll
Shenmue II Xbox
Shenmue III Collectors Edition (Sealed)
Shenmue III Pix'n'love Edition (Sealed)
Shenmue III Steelbook

Yes, soon I will bite the bullet and pay big money for the Ryo Hazuki figure.