Shenmue I & II Issues & Bugs Thread: Shenmue Dojo Part 1

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I am having problems when updating the OP, I am retrying again, if you can post me here wich are they I will try to add them. I am still keeping a separated update with all the stuff
Post #568 (Bug PS061 applicable to Xbox One confirmation)
Post #380 (Bug XBox020 and PC020 also applicable to PS4 confirmation)
Hi everyone!

Just to let you know: we're locking this thread as we make preparations for a more comprehensive follow up thread that should be arriving sometime tomorrow.

The new thread will allow for a dedicated post for certain sections (i.e. Introduction, each of the platforms, common behaviours) which will allow more buffer room for @Kyo_JP and the rest of the moderators to more effectively and efficiently handle the increasing volume of information, additions and updates for the bug lists.

This will not only help improve the clarity of information for everyone involved but also avoid running into limitations on a systemic-level (in regards to what can be achieved in a single post).

Thank you for all your submissions and contributions thus far, stay tuned for the new thread!

UPDATE: Buglist Thread Part 2 is Officially Live!
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