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Shenmue Music box + signed partition available

Feb 21, 2019
Hi fellow Shenmue fans !
Wayo records, a French label specialized in videogames and anime music just released 10 minutes ago a Shenmue music box. 278 euros... And a Ryu Ryuchi Ichi signature on a partition for the 250 first pre-orders.

Not Shenmue 3 related, but I guess more people will read this.

Cheers !
Beautiful. Wayo makes really good stuff, their Skies of Arcadia music box was amazing too.
It looks and sounds amazing, but it is a little on expensive side.😟
If I hadn't have just blown half a grand on a PS5 I'd be all over this!
What a beautiful product. Managed to grab one with some help...

Music boxes are beautiful to me in general, let alone a Shenmue one!
It's my birthday on the 30th, if you all want to chip in and get me one, that would be nice. ;)
That is beautiful, but it's so expensive! You can tell that it's worth the asking price, but last year I spent £15 for a NieR Automata music box, so it's a big jump!

I *can* afford it, I just don't think I should...

Still - I hope it is successful, because it looks gorgeous <3
I can't afford it.

But it's Shenmue. I broke.

Fuck you and fuck off.

That is all.
I wonder how many they actually have sold/or have left.
I ordered one. Not sure I should have. It was just under $400 CAD so a little less expensive than I originally thought.
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