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Shenmue Music box + signed partition available

Payment refused. Won't take my card.

Same as the Shenmue World.

I gotta admit I was completely wrong about this item. At first I was a little annoyed that I had spent $300 on a miniature Shenmue music box. After seeing the unboxing of I was really impressed by the size and the quality of it. I'm glad I took the blunge and bought one.
I think you all have convinced me to get this. The only problem is that I’m leaving to see family on about the 21st. As I live in the US does anyone know if I order now would it likely arrive before that time?
The musicbox really does look phenomenal and is also way bigger than I imagined! They also chose the perfect piece for it.
Don't miss out on this item once there gone its gonna be hard to find one out in the wild. If you do manage to find one its gonna be extremely overpriced.
yeah. I am glad I was convinced to go ahead and do it.
Got an email today at 1pm saying my package would be delivered today. It's now 5:45pm and I highly doubt it will be delivered this evening.

Not a good feeling....
how long did it take for it to ship to you guys btw?
Got a very special item in the mail today! It's the Shenmue Music Box I won in the Shenmue Dojo giveaway on twitter!

Wayo Records did an amazing job making this awesome piece and Matt really did an outstanding job keeping me updated!

Thanks to Shenmue Dojo for all the hard work and also to Wayo Records for providing this item!

Much appreciated!

Here are some picture, even though we probably all saw the awesome unboxing Matt did on the youtube channel. The quality is really outstanding!

I thought I`d be able to show off where I put it in my collection but it`s way bigger than I imagined so that has to wait til I rearrange it. It`s definitely a showpiece!


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