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    Thanks for doing this! I've subscribed to Iuchi-san's Youtube page. Question for Ryuji Iuchi What are your favorite bands/musicians outside of game music? My fondest Shenmue memory Back in 2002, I had just finished high school and had moved in with my cousin who was caring for my grandfather...
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    Shenmue AM2 Podcast

    Any plans to do an episode discussing the new Shenmue anime? I'd be curious to know what your guys' favorite animes are in general (or if you even like anime!).
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    Shenmue AM2 Podcast

    Yay!!! I've missed you guys!
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    Shenmue AM2 Podcast

    Hope you're doing ok, Andrew! Looking forward to new episodes when you're ready!
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    Backer Copies | General Thread & Shipping Information

    Just got my shipping confirmation from Fangamer! Question though, I have the digital version preordered on my PS4 also. If I get the Kickstarter disc before next Tuesday, what happens if I plug it into my PS4? Will the DLC still be locked until 11/19?
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    Shenmue 3 Trial Reaction

    When I started opening drawers in the shop is when I got a bit misty-eyed.
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    Shenmue AM2 Podcast

    Wang vs his twin brother from Hong Kong. It's a draw because they both kill each other.
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    SUKA PASS: a fan-made Shenmue Passport app

    Amazing work, guys!
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    Shenmue AM2 Podcast

    Very valid criticism, A&M. I think we're all feeling like this Kickstarter could've been run 100x better. I'm wondering if Yu handed all of the business decisions over to Shibuya Productions and they are the ones making all of these decisions about exclusivity and tons of special editions. Who...
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    Random Shenmue III Thoughts

    Is anyone else surprised that Shenmue III received an "M" rating in Australia?
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    Kickstarter Update #100 - Shenmue III delayed until November 19th

    Ha, I was in the same boat. My wedding anniversary is August 27th.
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    Shenmue AM2 Podcast

    Just watching the sunset while I plunk coins into a capsule toy machine as the familiar but new Shenmue soundtrack plays in the background. Awwww, the feels... Also, I hope they have cloppy footstep sounds for Matt lol.
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    Sega Talk: Shenmue

    The guys at Segabits just released a new episode of their Sega Talk podcast about Shenmue.
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    New Kickstarter for "Firmament" - adventure game from the makers of Myst & Obduction

    Same. I really need to check that out. The Myst franchise was one of my favorites as a kid.
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    Sega and Nintendo Minis Reigniting the Console war?

    Sega should release a little Sega CD attachment that uses Gamecube-size discs. How awesome would that be??? Play some Snatcher and Sonic CD.