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    Some new additions to the forums and main site

    @punkmanced @Rakim @Peter Sorry for the inconvenience guys! It was an issue I hadn't accounted for. It is now amended, so going forward nothing posted in the the spoiler forum will show up in the Latest Posts Widget ;)
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    Some new additions to the forums and main site

    @Nigel You are very welcome. The whole staff put in a tremendous amount of work, and I'm very happy that it is appreciated! As for the spoiler forum, I have removed it from the front page as you can see here compared to a regular forum: So latest reply won't show up, unless you actually go...
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    Some new additions to the forums and main site

    As Peter wrote in his post, the servers have been upgraded and site is faster and will only get better! We have also added a Shenmue III countdown to the main site. Now you literally count the seconds! As for the forums, we have added two new things. The first is an add-on which enhance...
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    Main Site Change Log

    Version #7.2 - Feature Details Released: Tuesday 6th May, 2019 Dynamic Header In this update we included a feature we wanted for a while, but never got around to. Inter changing header images on the front page. As for now, on page load/reload the image on the top changes, we might change this...
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    Welcome to the NEW Shenmue Dojo!

    @Birty We have discovered what we believe to be the issue, and will be doing an upgrade to the forums in a short while. This will hopefully fix the slowness of the forums and the main site, stay tuned for further info!
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    Inline Code hard to read, color contrast

    I couldn't agree more, and it's now fixed. ?? Thank you for pointing it out to me. Must have gone under the radar ?
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    Announcement regarding Shenmue III and spoilers

    Greetings fellow Dojo members, In light of the news that Shenmue III has finally gotten a release date, August 27th, 2019, we want to make an announcement about how we will handle the forums in the lead up to and immediate post-release of Shenmue III. The Shenmue Dojo, being the oldest and...
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    SIII Character Model Discussion

    Fantastic breakdown @ShenSun. And I totally agree with your assessments. Having worked on game development my self, and the fact that this is a small dev almost indie-effort, it bears hallmarks of them combining assets from different builds etc. I will also point out before anyone askes, that...
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    Old Dojo Archive

    There are no plans for removing the old forums, they will be there for posterity ?
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    Shenmue I & II HD sales data

    Not sure you can count on them numbers being reliable. Valve changed some settings and rules, which are preventing Steam Spy from reporting more correct data. Even prior to this the information was vastly faulty.
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    Shenmue I & II Issues & Bugs Thread: Shenmue Dojo Part 1

    Title: Sword in wall trigger event not firing. Platform: PS4 Title Version: 1.0.1 Reproduction rate: 10/10 Category: Mechanics Status: Not Fixed Priority: Severe / Game Breaking Reproduction Steps: First day, retrived sword in Dojo. After meeting Master Chen, and getting the sword hand guard...
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    Shenmue I & II Issues & Bugs Thread: Shenmue Dojo Part 1

    Im getting something similar, but instread of just one cutscene. Now all cutscenes are closeups of the grounds. Happened after reaching Master Chen for the first time.
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    Who DIDN'T get it early?

    Still waiting for my physical copies, there was a delay in the supply chain to Norway apparently. Sold out from the central warehouse at SEGA, and Norway got lower priority ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Shenmue HD reviews and discussion

    Metacritic just made Shenmue their Editor's pick, for games no less. This is taken from their front page ?
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    Shenmue 3 Gamescom Trailer & Release Date! [KS Update 90]

    I'm calling it now, Lan Di is Ryo from the future. #TheoryTime #CalledIt #GotThem