110 Industries & Yu Suzuki

Everyone in this thread needs to take their frustrations out on this Fuku-san punching bag.

110 with another cryptic post/message. Shenmue fans expected to wait until June 10th 😂😂
Not to disappoint anyone but I think I finally figured out what the banana and the apple means.

Banana = Donkey Kong
Apple = Crash Bandicoot

They are making Donkey Kong x Crash game, mark my words.
Lol, nothing. Just interesting he followed him after that was posted
I've said this in the staff chat I'm moving towards this being somewhere else.

Think about it for a moment. They were pitching Shenmue 4 this time last year so they've had a year maximum to do any sort of work, assuming it was that.

I don't think it would be ready to show off at that sort of event.
Barraging 110 with aggressively inquisitive tweets is probably a great way of ensuring that they don't engage with us any further.
They barely interact with us anyway before the "aggressively inquisitive tweets" started. It's a genuine question that not just myself wants to know but many people/fellow fans are interested to know. It's just a strange way to conduct yourself. They had an announcement lined almost 3 weeks ago = nothing. People are still pondering and asking about that initial tweet = nothing. I've simply asked why respond to other people when there is rumor that was/is strongly linked/connected back to your company and your retort is nothing. If it was any other company/studio whatever they would immediately squash the rumor before it gained any sort of traction across the net if there was no truth to it. That's all I'm saying. 👍
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