What TV shows are you watching?

Just watched Wednesday on Netflix. She's pretty much a gothic Daria, but that characterization fits in a modern sense. I just hope for an Addams Family adaptation that takes place in the year of its original creation.
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And just finished season 2 of Mighty Ducks Game Changers. I didn't expect there to be a season 2, but if this is the end of the show, I'm willing toa ccept it. But I sure missed Emilio Estevez
the US version of ghosts is pretty good. i thought it would be a cheap rip off of the uk version ( which is great) but it's it own thing. production values seem to be bigger, so there is more locations the show goes to.

i look forward to seeing "ghosts US" season 2 when it hits bbc iplayer.
Just watched First Love on Netflix. Really great and touching show.
I have that show pretty high on my list and am definitely looking forward to getting around to it eventually. One show I'm intrigued with is Alice In Borderland and am contemplating binging season one before season two.
i saw the last episode of plebs on itvx. it's a tv movie.

great ending to the show.

if your interested in watching it, i recommend not watching the trailer as it spoils the story.
A lot of season 2 of The Bad Batch has felt like filler so far, but I'm glad this week we got two more episodes and getting more story that contributes to the overall picture of the Star Wars mythos.

But last week, I'm glad that we go to
"see Gungi survive Order 66 and is back home with his fellow Wookies"
the last of us (tv show). i would rate it 8.5/10

the tv show is quite truthful to the game, it's kinda strange hearing dialogue i recognise from a game lol. i know season 1 will probably stick close to the story of the first game but it would be nice if the show went it's own way for season 2.

anyway, it's better than the walking dead +spin-offs , they start off great but they just dragged those shows out and spoiled them. i can't bring myself to watch the last 2 seasons of the walking dead even though i've got access to them on disney+. ( hopefully TLOU tv show will be short and sweet and not dragged out for $$$)
TLOU is easily the best live videogame adaptation to date. For those on the fence, just watch episode 3 as it will show you its quality. It's basically a standalone episode and diverges heavily from its source material. It's all the better for it, as to me it beats anything shown in the games, story wise.
TLOU is easily the best live videogame adaptation to date. For those on the fence, just watch episode 3 as it will show you its quality. It's basically a standalone episode and diverges heavily from its source material. It's all the better for it, as to me it beats anything shown in the games, story wise.

apparently there is a 2hour long version of episode 3 episode. maybe they will release it one day.

episode 3 was an interesting mini story within a bigger story, kinda unique. i don't think i've seen that in a show before.
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seems like all the good shows are starting up at the same time.. but the one episode a week is killing me lol

im watching picard season 3, new episodes of south park and the last of us.

disneyplus is doing really well with all their star wars tv series. ..totally makes up for the mediocre episode 7/8/9.

i will watch season 3 of the Mandalorian but i stopped partway through season 2, so ill probably have to rewatch season 1+2 again to get into it.
i saw the last episode of the last of us.

i dont really understand how people are giving this show a 10/10. dont get me wrong, its good.. to me its a solid 8/10 show and it keeps true to the game but it never blew my mind and im not desperate for season 2.

im not going to spoil anything of the show but i think the whole season was very light on action and suspense. compared to the game i think there could of been more encounters with zombies etc.

the only thing i did flinch at was joe unnecessarily killing people.. he seemed much nicer in the game lol
I just finished watching The Last of Us too. Excellent show overall, and hands down the best video game adaptation ever. As faithful it is to the game, the liberties the series has taken have been pretty good, especially with what they did to flesh out the character of Bill.

It’s a very restrained adaptation too, and I think tastefully so. It reminds me of the 2014 Godzilla film in that the show never blows its load too quickly. That being said, like that Godzilla film, I could’ve used seeing a tiny bit more action, but what’s there is very impactful.

The characterization of Joel and Ellie was great too. Ellie was pretty spot on, but I was more surprised at how Joel was handled and how he differed from the game. I’m guessing it’s because you play as Joel the whole time and killing enemies and stuff, you automatically know he’s a killing machine. The game cutscenes and narrative somewhat hint at the type of “bad” man he is, but I never felt that it was fully fleshed out. It’s like one moment you’re brutally killing enemies and then the next, you’re having a calm and at times pleasant conversation. The show’s portrayal of Joel was much more interesting I found. In the first half of the season, he’s played pretty straight, like nothing you wouldn’t expect. But it’s really like, the last three episodes that you kind of see just how emotionally broken and shutoff he is. At times, particularly in the season finale, he almost seems like an abused kid who’s learning how to interact with people again. Then he goes into full-on Terminator mode and you really feel just how disturbed and pitiful he is, again like an abused animal. Incredible stuff.
Finished Last of Us last night also. Overall relatively happy with the adaptation and watched it with my fiancée who has never played the games.

Like others said it was largely very good, but the world didn’t feel nearly as dangerous with either the infected or hunters because those encounters were pretty limited. I thought new additions like Kathleen added very little to overall story and I thought that performance in particular was very weak.

Really curious about how an adaptation of a second game will work.
I also felt The Last of Us was a bit rushed. Not like in terms of production quality, but the narrative. I guess I’m so used to The Walking Dead’s infuriatingly slow pace, but I think The Last of Us could’ve benefited from splitting certain episodes into two parts. The budding relationship between Joel and Ellie just kind of happened, so that by the time the finale rolls around, Joel’s mentality seems just slightly undeserved.