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What TV shows are you watching?

not a tv show but i enjoy watching the why files on youtube. its a bit like the tv show ancient aliens but better (i love all that alien / conspiracy stuff :geek:), the host talks about different conspiracy theories, alien / ufo events etc but what makes it better.. is at the end of each episode, he goes over the facts and debunks the stuff which is clearly not real. its quite entertaining.

Now watching season 3 of Warrior. It's a good continuation of season 2 and I like how Leary is being portrayed more sympathetically compared to the last two. I love how the world is expanding and how it is all connected.
i'm working my way through the stargate atlantis series via streaming. i'm on season 2.

even though i'm a stargate fan, i only caught a few episodes when it originally aired back in 2004.

its an old show but it holds up quite well like SG1. i'm enjoying it quite a lot.
Awaiting greenlight for Warrior S4 to enjoy the final stand off between Ah Sahm and Li Yong.
Doesn't Young Jun resemble a lot to Goro? I can't unsee.

And more subjetive but am I the only one struck by the way that Andrew Koji certainly evokes Bruce Lee body language and gestures but also young David Carradine (in Death Race 2000 i.e) at the same time? Serious/menacing face, Lee; smile, Carradine.

After this series are done hopefully we'll get Banshee comeback 🤞
I got a free trial with amazon prime and The Boys is a class TV show. Homelander is such a c-word and hes awesome (asides from some questionable things he did with that ceo lady)