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What TV shows are you watching?

The last couple of The Mandalorian episodes.
glad to see Ahmed Best redeem himself in a much cooler role as the jedi who saved Grogu, and it was cool to see Zeb have a cameo. He looked better in live action than I anticipated. Glad to see another Rebels reference this season.
The Bad Batch also has quite an ending. I wouldn't mind if
Tech stays dead forever
. At some point I feel the series will end when
maybe everyone but Omega dies

Netflix's Beef. One of the best series I've watched recently. Kind of unpredictable with very relatable characters and story. Comedy, drama, thriller and rinse back. Steven Yeun might be one the greatest actors of this generation. Watch Burning and Minari if you don't believe me.
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I started The 100. Epic. Cool world. I'm a few seasons in, still some excellent plotting.
just finished netflix Beef, its very good. i thought it had just the right level of wackiness. i also thought the ending was pretty good as well. i would give it a solid 9/10

the only thing that really annoys me about modern tv series and some movies is guns and shooting action scenes. it seems none of the handguns seem to have any blowback/slide movement. it's almost like they just cgi the gun effects now.. i know it's not a big deal but it just looks super fake and takes me out of the show / movie.
I'm currently watching Dr. Who, Dexter, 9-1-1, Law and Order: SVU, A Small Light, and I think that might be it at the moment. I also may just be getting old and forgetful.
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- I recently finished Florida Man. Unsubstantial series based on a meme, it worked really well for me. Special mention to Moss character, imo very well portrayed an spoiled mob-son.

I'm wasting time with:
- Rabbit Hole. I've been willing to quit since episode 3, but its like tobacco. Its a perfect series for those superlovers of plot twists. Its like bam, bam, bam... plot twist. Every episode. Everyone is a schrodinger cat, undeads. Nothing is what it seems to be sounds intriguing at first but ends tiresome, annoying yet addictive to watch how much they're gonna twist.

- Waco: The Aftermath. I was greatly surprised by the previous season and wasn't expecting a continuation with the trials and Oklahoma bombing. The whole cast is commited to their roles, being the heroes of the moment or the most despicable and unpleasant ones. I appreciate the way it tries to reach to every loose end that existed around both cases, doesn't lean to a party as the pure victim or criminal.

- From, Season 2. Just great, so far fixing what was wrong imo at the first season finale and most important, coming back.. because I thought it was cancelled.
Sooooo, being a fairly big Heavy Metal fan (I liked it when it was young 'cause of "teh 8008$," but as I matured, liked it for it's great storytelling, lovely animation and the soundtrack), I just randomly looked it up again last Wednesday, due to someone on Twitter mentioning Taarna and reminisced by reading the synopsis of each segment of the film. I keep reading the wikipedia article... and see that they rebooted it (in sorts) with a new show on Netflix called Love, Death & Robots!

I stopped following the HM reboot talks like 7 years ago, so I was completely out of loop. My sister came by to babysit on Thursday and she logged into her Netflix, so we have it (I won't give that travesty of a company a penny) and all 35 episodes were watched by Saturday morning lol.

PHENOMENAL show, it has penetrated my top 10 favourite shows ever and you know what? It may even be #5:

5. Love Death and Robots
4. Sopranos
3. Simpsons
2. Fawlty Towers
1. Thunderbirds

Yup, it's there. Anthology-style storytelling is awesome.
Thank you, Nigel!

Or, in the style of Keith Moon:

I just love Thunderbirds to death, it was so well-made for a 60s show with Marionettes, Fawlty Towers (I feel) is the greatest-written sitcom of all-time, I watched so much of the Simpsons when I was young (It was on 5-6 times during the week and a further 4-5 times on weekends and I watched it EVERY day, for a good 9 years or so. I did the math and it was something like 750 episodes I watched a year, for those 9 years or something lol), the Sopranos is the best study on human behaviour in dramatised form of the past 30 years (another incredibly, intelligently-written show) and LD&R has it all: great story telling, great action, phenomenal animation, humour, it is a perfect extension of Heavy Metal itself.

I have probably half of the Thunderbirds episodes memorised (I'm talking EVERY line of dialogue, sound effects, music cues, etc.), the entire series of Fawlty Towers memorised, dozens of Simpsons episodes, but none of anything else. I spent copious amounts of time in front of the television as a kid lol.
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