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    Should S3 be remade for the DC?

    Also, there was an evident lack of time and resources. You could see they were spending lots of months on making the graphics appealing. With the old engine it wasn't as clear the differences between models and textures (remember Shenmue 2?), YS could've filled the game with crazy details, try a...
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    Should S3 be remade for the DC?

    PS4 is fine, you can't act like there's no Shenmue I&II for the actual gen. I bought 4 Shenmue 3s but if they had gone with the AM2 for the DC and a port for PS4 I'd have bought 8 copies at least between both versions. Just dreaming but, hey, I think they could've done that with 7 mil. It's...
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    Should S3 be remade for the DC?

    Shenmue 3 with DC graphics was doable and, in fact, cheaper than trying to scope ps4 graphics
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    Should S3 be remade for the DC?

    I know this doesn't really depends on us but what would you think of a DC third part without "so intentional" lame dialogues, the old combat, no newcomers interface (I liked the old rumors, like lifting boxes making you better in arm wrestling), SEGA arcades and more time spent in detail and...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    For me Shenmue IV is a reality. Combine the spam of Mario&Sonic Olympic Games (I know YS has a charge as a consultor in SEGA but it is a symbolic one, the spam feels really akward) and the trip to Shanghai (I feel there has been a resonable profit from III). I am completely sure that SEGA is...
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    How far is the 3rd entry from I&II?

    The major opinion is that 3 is not as good as the first ones. The truth is that even being something to finally experience the budget couldn't be at the level of the ambitious idea of YS. In a TOP favorite videogames of all time, where would go I & II and which number would 3 be?
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    Shenmue 3 Marketing Analysis Thread

    only reading it because the pleasure of understanding how marketing works :D
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    How many copies are you buying at launch?

    1 PS4 physical copy and 1 PS4 digital copy
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    Is SIII appealing to the eye?

    Yeah, that's one of the few characters I was thinking that are in place. Not implying that everyone has to look like a chinese redneck thou
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    Is SIII appealing to the eye?

    First of all, this is more a design choices post rather than one about graphics. --- I started considering that the "graphical problem" is not the reason casuals say the game doesn't appeal to the eye (the game looks at least from the ps3 era which is good for me)... I have to say tho that...
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    Kickstarter Project Update #103: A message from Ys Net, Epic Games & Deep Silver

    ¿Quién es de España? Compatriotas, venid a mí xD
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    More Shenmue 3 footage

    That's great but does that mean the combat system is almost done? From what we have seen seems entertaining but... man.. it was so fucking good in the first two games. Gotta admit that I may be blinded because of the animations and collisions (+ personal issue with the camera) , maybe it...
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    Kickstarter Update #100 - Shenmue III delayed until November 19th

    I'm not mad at all. It's not a year of delay like the past two times. Also, the game itself is done, that means that the polishing will go to textures, models, fighting system, content... It can provide a big improvement!
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    Shenmue III will be in Weekly Famitsu [Thurs, 11th April]

    You're the mvp. I'm glad the famitsu interviewer got more info than the usual. Also, turtle races? De puta madre jajaja
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    Which Shenmue II characters should appear in the game?

    You'll be playing Shenmue 4. Ryo is beaten when confronting Lan Di. Cool Z and Tom appear and finish Ryo's revenge in an ultimate scene of friendship while Iwao's word about friends sound at the background xD