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    110 Industries have been teasing Shenmue IV a lot lately

    110 110 Industries is a London based publisher. The Japanese company Soleil is the developer of this game. https://soleilgamestudios.com/en/
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    An annoucement about shenmue is coming ?

    I'd love to see a Shenmue 3: Directors Cut, with everything Yu wanted to put in the third game (but couldn't because of limited resources and funds.) This would be preferable to me before he moves to the development of the fourth game.
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    Shibuya Productions is producer for DONTNOD’s ‘Twin Mirror’ game.

    It looks like Cedric is taking on some big projects while we wait for Shenmue 4. https://www.gamersyde.com/video_twin_mirror_teaser-44970_en.html
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    It seems that there is a lot of disappointment, even animosity towards Shenmue 3. One thing I'm wondering though, is how a game like Remothered Broken Porcelain can achieve the quality of visuals that it has, with only a team of 25-30, yet Shenmue 3 had almost 130 staff working on the game for...
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    Shenmue IV Will Happen - Here's Why!

    Do you guys think that there needs to be another Kickstarter to get Shenmue 4 underway?
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    Random Shenmue IV Thoughts.

    If we do see a Shenmue 4, it'll need pull in significantly better reviews than Shenmue 3. The 68 score on Metacritic is just abysmal. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/shenmue-iii
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    67 reviews now on MC. What is the newest?
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    Is this on Metacritic?
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    That's awesome to hear! I really hope that we have some trickle in to push us back over that 70 mark.
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    63 reviews now on Metacritic. What is the newest review?
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    The Shenmue 3 Review Thread

    Nooooo Shenmue 3 just dropped to 69 on Metacritic.
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    Where U think the source of Haters originated from???

    The majority of people who despise Shenmue hate it for the simple fact that they don't quite 'get' the cult status. And of course the best way to irk and troll the Shenmue cult is to berate their beloved. It's like that Rocky Horror Picture Show cult following. I don't get it. If they made...
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    The Shenmue 3 Review Thread

    To me, it is. Hence why I'm still here after all these years.
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    The Shenmue 3 Review Thread

    Regarding this whole review topic in general, I find reviews of Shenmue to be a non-issue. Take a look at the original Shenmue 1 and 2 reviews, or even the HD remakes, how can anyone possibly score this game less than 100%. It's flawless. And yet there are those who have. For example, Shenmue...