Shenmue I & II Issues & Bugs Thread: Shenmue Dojo Part 1

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This is the thread for reporting bugs and issues found by the community. Please take in consideration that since a Day 1 patch is expected to be released we have to start posting problems after the update is installed. If the patch is not available on Day 1 bugs of the current version can be posted always informing that it has been found in the pre patched version.

I have been working in the QA business since 2013, currently testing apps but worked on game testing until end 2017, I have worked during 4 seasons at EA Certification checking that titles complied with Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and PC publisher requirements. Also I have worked for one year as a Technical Game Analyst at Gameloft, testing but also assigning categories and what time should fixes bugs to the dev team. And some months on King testing mobile games. I am here to bring my experience to try to help Shenmue I & II to be at their best and to help Sega and D3T to understand what we have found in an efficient and easy manner.

There is one critical point when reporting issues in the QA business, you have to give concrete explanations and be as clear as possible, just think that the people reading the issue does not nothing about and how to find it and determine what is causing it and how to fix it.

Critical information present when reporting bugs:

Current Version:
PS4: 1.0.1
Xbox One: 1.0.3
Steam: 1.03 (previous 1.02)

Title: What is happening. Short clear description

Platform: In which platform does it happens. Cross information between platforms to determine is a hardware specific issue or it happens in all of them (when possible)

Title Version: The game version where the issue were found. Read updated info above. This is one of the most important points for the team to check if they know it already or if it is a new one.

Category: What feature is affected by the issue. Functionality, settings, audio, video, gameplay, cutscene, save data, control.

Status: Is the issue occurring in the latest build of the game? If it is not fixed mark as Not Fixed (and version of the title if possible). When it is fixed update to Fixed (and version when it was fixed). UPDATE NEW STATUS ADDED: WNF for Will Not Fix when the reported behaviour is also present in the original Dreamcast or Xbox Version of the title. Also implementing Claim Fixed when the studio report a know behaviour as fixed, it will be in this status for two weeks and if nobody reports that is still present it will be closed as Fixed. If a Fixed behaviour is broken with a new update it will be classified as Reopen.

Priority: How severe is the impact of the bug in the user experience? Please understand that the final priority to fix or not a bug is up to SEGA/D3T, but in this case is a measure of how the user perceive it.

Reproduction Steps: How to get to reproduce the issue, this is critical for the game team to replicate it and determine what is causing it and how to fix it.

Observed Result: What is happening (similar to title)

Expected Result: What was suppose to happen instead of the bug.


Title: Bloom is automatically activated when the notebook is opened (What happen)
Platform: PS4/Xbox1/PC
Title Version: 1.X.X
Reproduction rate: X out of X tries (for example 5/10)
Category: Settings
Status: Not Fixed (update with future patch results)
Priority: Severe

Reproduction Steps:

1- Boot the title > Go to settings > Turn Bloom Effect off
2- Start a new game > Observe that the Bloom Effect is off
3- Open the notebook > Pause the Game > Go to Settings

Observed Result: Observe that the Bloom effect is turned on automatically
Expected Result: The settings selected by the user should no be changed by the title without asking.

PS4 Bug List
PS001 Little to no footstep sound (Not Fixed)
PS002 Blank air screen during kitchen flashback scene & during waking up of the 2nd day (Not Fixed)
PS003 Graphics clipping in Hazuki Residence (Not Fixed)
PS004 Drawer opening sound effects sometimes did not play (Not Fixed)
PS005 Ryo falling from sky down to earth after Pit Blow cutscene (Not Fixed)
PS006 Up not working on Excite QTE (Not Fixed)
PS007 Kelly and Pochi thumbnails are swapped in the collection menu (Not Fixed)
PS008 Glitches in both Iwao and Ryo's hands during the flashback seen about eating carrots (Not Fixed)
PS009 Pressing X on people names on the front of their house does nothing / Can't read Iwao's letter (Not Fixed)
PS010 Mysterious key not triggering unlock sequence (Not Fixed)
PS011 1st person bug (Not Fixed) (DUPLICATE)
PS013 Cutscenes in Hazuki Dojo lock to box with sword inside (Not Fixed) (Duplicate)
PS014 Ryo randomly attempts to quit playing Slots (Not Fixed)
PS015 Corrupted save on bed (Not Fixed)
PS016 QTE prompts don’t flash/blink & are now static (Not Fixed)
PS017 Swapped X and O buttons (Not Fixed)
PS018 Shenmue soft-locks on clear file save menu if the controller was auto-turned off (Not Fixed)
PS019 Ryo can't run (Not Fixed)

PS020 Sword in wall trigger event not firing (Not Fixed)
PS021 Video glitch helping old lady found house (Not Fixed)

PS022 Music and Audio (Fixed) (Disabling boost mode on PS4 Pro)
PS023 Fangmei's final goodbye scene and having done her birthday quest is not triggered (Not Fixed)
PS024 The "Nomad" Trophy doesn't pop if you have done the Fangmei's birthday quest (Not Fixed)
PS025 Hang-On Tape (Not Fixed) (DUPLICATE)
PS026 Nozomi Photo at harbor (Not Fixed)
PS027 No audio in Stage 4 of Space Harrier (Not Fixed)
PS028 Fork Lift Race Prizes (Not Fixed)
PS029 Nozomi Photo at harbor but bought into shenmue 2 via save (Not Fixed)
PS030 Arm Wrestling Music (Not Fixed)
PS031 Game crashes after first Heartbeats QTE (Not Fixed)

PS032 Game crashes after playing Space Harrier and leaving the arcade (Not Fixed)
PS033 Compass moves during cutscenes (Not Fixed)
PS034 Prophecy at end of Shenmue 1. No Voice over (Not Fixed)

PS035 Icon for X button stuck showing watch icon (Not Fixed)
PS036 Extra 'B' button prompt appears next to the real prompts on Excite QTE 2 game (RELATED TO PS006) (Not Fixed)

PS037 Moves advanced whilst training (Not Fixed)
PS038 Shenmue 2 Darts Broken (Not Fixed)

PS039 Hang-On screen size (Not Fixed)
PS040 Music bug before Heartbeats entrance QTE (Not Fixed)
PS041 I can’t seem to save/assign a favorite move to the left trigger (Fixed) (Assigning only works on Real Battles)
PS042 Shenmue 1 Cannot Exit Space Harrier in Arcade when Playing past Curfew (Not Fixed)

PS043 Fuku -San's confession cutscene not playing (Not Fixed)
PS044 Shenmue II crashes after cutscene in Dancing Dragon Bldg when you're chased by Dou Niu (Not Fixed) (Duplicated)
PS045 No button prompt for feeding kitty after selecting food (Not Fixed)
PS046 Weird sound after work (Not Fixed)
PS047 On Guizang's Swallow Dive tutorial, kick has no sound (Not Fixed)
PS049 When saving the game, no preview is generated (Always says "Creating new Game Save") (Not Fixed)
PS050 Shenmue 2 Chasing Wong QTE X/O Flashing back and forth /Shenmue 1 QTE arcade games X/O Flashing (Not Fixed)
PS051Bloom is automatically activated when the notebook is opened (Not Fixed)
PS052 Chai Cutscene - Warehouse #8 - Camera is fixed behind the wall next to Chai (Not Fixed)
PS053 Inconsistent subtitles about Yuan (He/She, Him/Her) (Not Fixed)
PS054 cutscenes viewpoint looking into ground (Not Fixed)
PS055 Inverted Camera Settings are Applied Inconsistently (Not Fixed)
PS056 Pixelated Textures in the Basement (
Not Fixed)

PS057 Capsule toy 3D models are missing (Not Fixed)
PS059 Save screen freezes upon completing Shenmue 1 and the credits ending (Not Fixed)
PS060 Cannot kick enemies while applying hammerlock during free battle (Shenmue I only) (Not Fixed)
PS061 Practicing of moves in the parking lot is way too hard to trigger/Often does not work (Not Fixed)
PS062 Often can't talk to people in the streets twice in a row (Not Fixed)
PS063 Music selection menu very unstable and fragile to fast selection movements (Not Fixed)
PS064 Shenmue 2 is way too dark (Not Fixed)
PS065 Freezeframe/combo QTEs not showing correct button inputs (Not Fixed)
PS066 Watch icon stays on X button for entire play session (Not Fixed)
PS067 In the cutscene, where Ryo leaves Dobuita, the music is way too quiet (Not Fixed)

PS068 Prophecy narrating voice missing in final cutscene on boat (Not Fixed)
PS069 No button on the screen indicating, when to actively continue a conversation (Not Fixed)
PS070 Flags at Yamanose Shrine broken (Not Fixed)
PS071 Ryos mouth opening is not lined up with his mouth texture (Not Fixed)

PS072 Sounds not playing correctly when buying stuff (Not Fixed)
PS073 Action Button showing on non interactable objects (Not Fixed)

PS075 Polygons on Ryos arm glitch out on sparring cutscene with fuku san (Not Fixed)(Not Fixed)
PS076 Logo on the title screen not rotating after watching intro (Not Fixed)
PS077 QTEs do not make any sounds (Not Fixed)
PS078 Shenmue II English battle voices (Not Fixed)
PS079 Shenmue II English gambling voices (Not Fixed)
PS080 No actual modern nor classic control setup ()Not Fixed
PS081 No translation subtitles when moving the camera to shops while you walk/run (Fixed) > Forum solution
PS082 After Burner has no music and can only be controlled with the right analog stick ()Not Fixed

PS083 During Lucky Hit part-time job right analog stick is used for looking around ()Not Fixed

Xbox Bug List
XB001 Initial Kitten Intro Scene Blank (Not Fixed)
XB002 Sakuragaoka Movie Blank (Not Fixed)
XB003 Gameplay unpauses when controller shuts off (Not Fixed)
XB004 Sunset sequense don't start (Not Fixed)
XB005 Lapis fortune teller disappears (Not Fixed)
XB006 Only one control method in Space Harrier (Not Fixed)
XB007 Cutscene immediately after finding Phoenix mirror camera issue (Not Fixed)
XB008 Capsule toy 3D models are missing (Not Fixed)
XB009 Move explanation not accessible (Not Fixed)

XB010 Move list unnecessary sound effect (Not Fixed)
XB011 German - Wrong name for Mud Spider (Not Fixed)
XB012 Learned move sound effect (Not Fixed)

XB013 Training method sound effect (Not Fixed)
XB014 No analog controls in Hang-On / Space Harrier (Not Fixed)
XB015 Wrong music in Guilin (Not Fixed)
XB016 German - Santa uses English name for Mary's Patches (Not Fixed)
XB017 Can't create a Cleared File to load in Shenmue II (Not Fixed)

XB018 Forklift controls swapped (Not Fixed)
XB019 Excite QTE 2 Arrow Icons (Not Fixed)
XB020 Training progression bars (Not Fixed)
XB021 No prize for Space Harrier (Not Fixed)
XB022 "Shenmue Mode" does not work at all in Shenmue 2 (Not Fixed)

XB023 No shift siren when playing cassettes (Not Fixed)
XB024 Subtitle timing on closing poem (Not Fixed)
XB025 70 Man Battle darkening overlay (Not Fixed)
XB026 70 Man Battle pop-ups (Not Fixed)
XB027 No notebook in menu in Shenmue I (Not Fixed)
XB028 Hang-On screen size (Not Fixed)
XB029 Drink sound effect on infinate loop after Ryo drinks can (Not Fixed)
XB030 Nozomi motorcycle scene sound/subtitles (Not Fixed)
XB031 Losing 70 Man Battle and Weather option (Not Fixed)
XB032 UI Display Area (Not Fixed)
XB033 Ryo's battle voice early in the story (Not Fixed)
XB034 Duplicate record in jukeboxes (Not Fixed)
XB035 All sound vanishes after returning to game after powering down console (Not Fixed)
XB036 Capsule Toy Machines in Harbor Lounge (Not Fixed)
XB037 Npc Falls out of the Sky (Not Fixed)

XB038 Throw moves (ex: Shoulder Buster) not showing training progress each day (Not Fixed)
XB039 When starting the first kitten cutscene Ryo walks with his eyes closed (Not Fixed)
XB040 Shenmue II English battle voices (Not Fixed)
XB041 Shenmue II English gambling voices (Not Fixed)
XB042 Predictive Explosion lesson visibility
XB043 No actual modern nor classic control setup

Steam List
PC001 2560x1080 resolution results in broken rendering (Claim Fixed)
PC002 Modifier keys are ignored (Not Fixed)
PC003 No Sound in Steam version (Fixed) (DUPLICATE) > Fix description
PC004 Move explanation not accessible (Not Fixed)
PC005 Move list unnecessary sound effect (Not Fixed)
PC006 German - Wrong name for Mud Spider (Not Fixed)
PC007 Learned move sound effect (Not Fixed)
PC008 Training method sound effect (Not Fixed)
PC009 No analog controls in Hang-On / Space Harrier (Claim Fixed)

PC011 Cutscenes viewpoint looking into ground (Claim Fixed)

PC012 Midi music rendering issues (Claim Fixed) (DUPLICATED)
PC013 Broken Conversation/dialogue interface (Not Fixed)
PC014 QTE title infrequently ignoring button presses (Not Fixed)
PC015 Complete Game saved not saved (Not Fixed)
PC016 Chinese subtitles are too small (Not Fixed)
PC017 Forced inverted controls in Space Harrier (Claim Fixed) > Settings can be changed while paused
PC018 Shenmue 2/ Game crashes back to Windows 10 after skipping cutscenes (Not Fixed)
PC019 Excite QTE 2 Arrow Icons (Not Fixed)

PC020 Training progression bars (Not Fixed)
PC021 Leave Catching Minigame (Not Fixed)
PC022 No notebook in menu in Shenmue I (Not Fixed)
PC023 Hang-On screen size (Not Fixed)
PC024 Shenmue 2 music sounds wrong. Improved in 1.01 (Claim Fixed)
PC025 Shenmue 2 doesnt let me take screenshots with RB/R1 anymore (Not Fixed)
PC026 UI Display Area (Not Fixed)
PC027 Ryo's battle voice early in the story (Not Fixed)
PC028 Duplicate record in jukeboxes (Not Fixed)
PC029 Stuttery audio in the Credits of both games (Claim Fixed)
PC030 The money indicator gets stuck in the HUD (Not Fixed)

PC031 cutscenes viewpoint looking into ground (Claim Fixed)
PC032 Weird sound playing over and over on a cutscene (Not Fixed)
PC033 Opening notebook causes low FPS until settings are changed (Not Fixed)
PC034 Moves animation changes halfway before it reaches orange in the move list (Not Fixed)

PC035 70 Man Battle option on the menu dissapears after loading a save and exiting back to the menu (Not Fixed)
PC036 Moves reverting to basic form (Not Fixed)
PC037 Shozo Mizuki (homeless harbor guy) Move Teaching Cutscene doesnt trigger (Not Fixed)

PC038 Shenmue II English battle voices (Not Fixed)
PC039 Shenmue II English gambling voices (Not Fixed)

WNF (Will Not Fix) Behaviour present on original version (DC or Xbox)
PS058 Nozomi constantly asks Ryo what happened after last cutscene with Jimmy (WNF)
PS048 In 70 man battle, no counter for remaining enemies is displayed (WNF)

PS012 Skybox moves along with Ryo (Shenmue I) (WNF)
PC010 Wrong music in Guilin (WNF)
PS074 Action Button not showing when using items from the inventory (WNF)
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